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Rescue News

"Those without wealth may one day prosper, but those without kindness are utterly and incurably poor" ~Unknown


Baxter's Soft Place
Golden, CO

As the writer for The Foundation, I’ve written many stories on animal cruelty. But dog fighting? I wasn’t sure I could do it. Can you think of anything as heinous as this blood “sport”?

When I began a conversation with Alyce Urice about Baxter, her voice was soothing, but her words spoke of a cruelty so horrific, I burst into tears and asked to call her back the next day.

I steeled myself for the call, but I needn’t have worried. Alyce’s kindness was obvious as she opened her story in a very unusual way, with her own life-threatening illness.


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A Fighting Chance
Harrisonburg, VA

A constant companion, your dog loves you without question, without hesitation. It’s a love so unconditional we sometimes forget that canines come with their own primitive genetic code. Usually dormant, you may never see every part of your dog’s primal nature unless you unwittingly create the perfect storm.


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A New Leash On Life
Yadkinville, North Carolina


Laura wasn’t sure what it was. She just saw something dark on the side of the road. At first she thought it might have been a bag of trash or a log. Curiosity got the best of her and she pulled her car over to the side of the road and got out.




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A Tribute to Shady

It was an incredible picture, a poignant reminder that abuse literally comes in many different forms. Shady, the 10-year-old Pitbull that touched so many of our readers, bore her abuse in the form of an 18.4-pound sized tumor.

Tragically, the story began with a teen-aged friendship between two women. Now, years later, it ended with one who plunged into drug abuse, veering sharply away from deeply held convictions.

For Melanie Gudgeon, watching her girlhood friend, Keri, the vibrant person she once knew, descend into squander was chilling. Gone was the dedication to responsible animal ownership, gone was the passion for spaying and neutering pets, and gone was the truthful person Melanie had once known.

On the increasingly rare occasions that Melanie visited Keri, Shady always gave her big dog hugs. She clearly wanted attention and love. For Shady, though, tender words or hugs from her owner were rare.

Keri left Shady alone in the house day after day, with no way to exercise or pass her time. So Shady invented a game. She would carry a ball to the top of the steps and let it bounce then she would scramble down the stairs to catch it. Over and over again, Shady would entertain herself until her owner came home to love her.

Sadly, that was the last thing Keri could give. Even as her owner sunk deeper into drug addiction Shady never waivered. When police finally raided Keri's house, Shady stood in front of Keri to protect her, the steadily growing tumor hanging on her side.

After Keri spent six months in jail for drugs, she lost her house and the remaining tatters of her life, which included Melanie.

That's when Keri agreed to let Melanie take the dog. "It was the last straw in our relationship," Melanie said. Shady had never been spayed, she was behind in getting her vaccinations by four years, and the tumor was growing rapidly.

According to Keri, a 2008 biopsy of the tumor proved inconclusive and the vet told her to leave the tumor alone. If it was removed, it could possibly grow back faster. But it wasn't true. The tumor did need to be removed.

Melanie and her family were facing extremely hard times. Her husband's work as a contractor had fallen off and they were on food stamps. "We are eligible for much more, but we don't want to take it," she said.

Still, they never gave it a second thought when they took in Shady. The Gudgeons were delighted to find that Shady had a wonderfully sweet personality. In the three short months that the family had Shady, they discovered she loved car rides, even with all the vet visits she had to make.

She also loved to sniff around the Gudgeons yard, digging for gophers, which they encouraged. "We can't grow a vegetable garden because of the gophers and squirrels here," Melanie told us. So they let her dig to her heart's content.

A good rat catcher, unfortunately, Shady had never met a skunk. Just three nights after living with the Gudgeons, Shady got a royal introduction. It was then she decided to stick to gophers.

But Shady was also stubborn. Melanie laughed when she told us about taking Shady for walks. When it was time to come home, Shady would sit right down on the sidewalk and look in the opposite direction.

For a 10-year-old dog, she had a lot of energy. Doug, Melanie's husband, would take Shady to place at the end of their neighborhood and just let her run. She loved it, even with this huge tumor on her side.

Melanie went to work immediately to get financial aid to have the tumor removed, and she got it. Unfortunately, the surgery proved unsuccessful because the vet was concerned that she would lose Shady on the table.

When Melanie found The Mosby Foundation, we were horrified at the condition of this dog. By now, the tumor was literally the size of a basketball. We were also deeply touched with Melanie's commitment to give Shady the life she so richly deserved.

With your help, we raised a significant sum of money to get Shady's tumor removed. Although the surgeon was confident that Shady would bounce back from the tumor's removal, she didn't.

The clinic was stumped and the Gudgeons were grief-stricken. They brought their girl home, hoping it would rouse the fight in her. But after two days, the answer was in her eyes. "She just wasn't there," Melanie said tearfully. The Gudgeons made the heartrending decision to put Shady down.

Like every dog in the world, Shady was born happy, but it wasn't until the last three months of her life that she experienced a happy, loving life. No, it wasn't enough time, not by a long shot.

But if the Gudgeons hadn't stepped in to embrace her, Shady never would have had that time at all. There would be no back yard riddled with gopher holes, dog rides with her tongue hanging out, and certainly no loving home to shelter her.

Here at The Mosby Foundation, we were devastated by Shady's death. Like Melanie, we wanted to give her the life she never had. We're left grieving because we know what Shady is missing.

Shady, however, is too busy digging gopher holes and running free over the Rainbow Bridge.


Bianca - New Jersey

This young Shepherd mix had spent her entire life on a chain, producing litter after litter of puppies, even though her family could not afford to feed themselves. Bianca and the other dogs (and one poor horse) survived as best they could, and Bianca turned out to be one of the lucky ones - her family didn't care so much for her and allowed a rescuer to take her and 5 puppies to find a better home through rescue. While she flourished in her foster home, Bianca was soon diagnosed with heartworm infection and 2 congenital heart disorders. With generous help from many loyal donors, The Mosby Foundation was able to make a generous contribution toward Bianca's heart surgery and heartworm treatment.


Cinco & Mayo - Amelia, OH

These two elderly Cocker Spaniels were found as strays in a rural area and were taken in by a shelter. The dogs were both thin and had ear infections and eye infections, but they both had wonderful happy personalities and the shelter approached numerous rescue groups to find them a home. Homestretch Hounds stepped up to foster Cinco & Mayo, and The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward their veterinary care.


Bami - Lexington, VA

This 5 year old Labrador Retriever mix ended up in a shelter and was found to have a very large tumor growing on her chest. The shelter director started raising funds for surgery, and with a contribution from The Mosby Foundation, Bami was able to have her surgery. Bami will soon be completely healed and ready to find her forever home.  


Spotty - Hoover, AL

A dedicated rescuer was able to convince Spotty's former owner to release him to her, and she immediately took him to the veterinarian, who diagnosed demodectic mange. The rescuer reached out for help, and The Mosby Foundation responded with a contribution toward the cost of treating Spotty's mange. We wish him a full recovery and a forever home soon.


Charlie - Santa Fe, NM

Charlie, an 8 year old Australian Shepherd mix, had led a pretty charmed life until December 2011. Charlie was a beloved "shop dog" at the store where his human worked as a store manager - he went to work every day with a wagging tail and entertained the customers with his repertoire of circus tricks. Then, just in time for Christmas, Charlie's owner lost her job, and Charlie was diagnosed with lung cancer. Charlie had surgery to remove the tumor, but it turned out to be malignant, so he needed follow-up chemotherapy. Charlie's owner turned to the internet for help, and she soon found The Mosby Foundation. With help from all the loyal Mosby donors who responded to Charlie's special plea, he was able to complete his chemotherapy treatments and he is successfully in remission. We wish Charlie a long and happy remission!


Georgia - Severn, MD

This 5 year old Boxer had a rough start in life, cycling through 4 homes by the age of 8 months. Then she hit the jackpot, finding a family who loved her as a child and sibling. She was a happy and healthy dog until around Thanksgiving time, when she started collapsing during exercise. Georgia's local veterinarian diagnosed severe anemia and a heart murmur. The first attempts at treatment did not go well, with Georgia's blood count dropping to a life-threatening 7% over the next 2 weeks. She was treated with prednisone to stabilize her red blood cell count, but she never really responded to the medication. By the end of December, Georgia was barely hanging on, and her family made the trip to Virginia Tech's teaching hospital, where she received a blood transfusion and ultrasound exams of her heart and abdomen. While the transfusion bought Georgia some time, the doctors still hadn't found the cause of her anemia, and they recommended a bone marrow biopsy next. Having overextended the family finances with her emergency care, Georgia's family sought assistance, and The Mosby Foundation was able to make a substantial contribution toward her continuing care thanks to a special fund drive and many generous donors.


Kobe - Fairview Park, OH

A 6 month old Pit Bull Terrier mix, Kobe was found in a city park unable to walk on one of her back legs. The woman who found her took Kobe to a veterinarian, where Kobe was diagnosed with a broken hip. Kobe's rescuer reached out to The Mosby Foundation for help, and along with other groups, we helped offset the cost of surgery to remove the fractured piece of Kobe's hip.


Harper - Tempe, AZ

This sweet 6 year old German Shepherd developed a progressive weakness in his back legs. Initially misdiagnosed as hip dysplasia, Harper's family consulted a veterinary neurologist, who diagnosed Harper with a fungal infection and multiple herniated discs in his spine. The neurologist advised long-term treatment with expensive antifungal medications and spinal fusion surgery. While Harper's long-term prognosis remains guarded, his family wished to do all they could and sought help from The Mosby Foundation. We made a contribution toward Harper's veterinary care, and we wish him a successful outcome.


Buster - Upper Marlboro, MD

Buster's family contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when the 10 year old Miniature Schnauzer developed cataracts as a result of diabetes. Buster's veterinarian believed he would have a very good prognosis for regaining his sight after surgical removal of the cataracts. The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward Buster's cataract surgery, and we wish him a lifetime of clear vision!


Kirby - Reno, NV

Kirby's owner admits she may have missed a dose of heartworm prevention while she was concentrating on managing her other dog's illnesses. She thinks the 11 year old male Basset Hound contracted the disease while she was volunteering with clean-up efforts after the tornado in Joplin, Missouri, where canine heartworm disease is prevalent. Kirby's owner took care of his first heartworm treatment, but the second and third treatments were beyond her financial means, and she called us for help. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward Kirby's heartworm treatment, and we all hope everyone remembers to give their canine companions heartworm prevention as directed by their veterinarian - missing even one dose can be costly and potentially deadly.


Charlie - Elkton, VA

Poor little Charlie, a 3 year old Beagle/Dachshund mix, thought he was getting a great treat when he swallowed a rock. Instead, he ended up taking a trip to the veterinarian for emergency surgery to remove the rock when it lodged in his intestines, causing a dangerous bowel obstruction. Charlie's family sought help from The Mosby Foundation, and we made a contribution toward the cost of Charlie's emergency surgery. We wish him a full recovery - and please, no more eating rocks!


Ralph - Edgewater, FL

After being diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus in August of 2011, this 9 year old Schnauzer had developed mature diabetic cataracts by March 2012. Wishing Ralph the opportunity to see more than shadows, Ralph's owner started investigating cataract surgery and began raising funds. She applied to many organizations, and along with others, The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward Ralph's surgery fee.


Ivy - San Antonio, TX

This 3 month old Catahoula Hound puppy was rescued form a busy street where she was found wandering in traffic. Three days later she was acting sick, and the veterinarian confirmed that she was suffering from parvovirus infection. Ivy's rescuer sought financial assistance, and The Mosby Foundation made a contribution for her hospital care.


Hunney - Wendell, NC

Hunney's family received an unwelcome surprise when they took the 4 year old Golden Retriever to be spayed. As part of the spay visit, Hunney had a heartworm test, which revealed that she was infected with heartworms - even though she had only missed 2 months of prevention. Hunney's family sought assistance from The Mosby Foundation for her heartworm treatment, and we agreed to pay a portion of her treatment cost. Hunney's family now known just how important it is to give that heartworm preventive every single month!


Capone - Nashua, NH

A beloved 7 year old Labrador Retriever, Capone developed severe weakness in his back legs. After consultation with a veterinary neurologist, Capone was tentatively diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease, and this was soon confirmed with an MRI scan. The neurologist was amazed that Capone was able to walk at all, after seeing a huge herniated disc in his neck. Capone's human asked us for help, and The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward Capone's surgery fee.



Skipper - Richwoods, MO

A 9 year old Poodle, Skipper had developed severe dental disease, and a tumor was growing in his groin. Skipper was living with his owners in a homeless shelter and they were unable to afford the surgery to remove the tumor and take care of his teeth. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward his surgery fee, and we wish Skipper a speedy recovery.


Romeo – Las Vegas, NV

An older Maltese, Romeo and his sister Juliet had been faithful companions for many years. Now slowing a little with age, Romeo had developed heart disease and dental disease. As a student, Romeo’s owner was unable to afford the extensive veterinary care that her faithful little dog needed. She turned to the internet and found The Mosby Foundation – we made a contribution toward Romeo’s treatment costs, and we wish him many more happy years.


Betty – Portland, OR

This poor young blind Beagle was taken into a shelter as a stray and was soon to be euthanized, when Cascade Beagle Rescue stepped in and took her into foster care. The Rescue had her evaluated by a veterinary eye specialist, who determined that she would be a great candidate for surgery to restore her vision. The Rescue immediately sent out pleas for financial assistance, and The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward Betty’s surgery fee.


Savannah– Crimora, VA

A 7 month old Pit Bull - Hound mix, Savannah fractured her femur in an unknown accident. She needed surgery to repair the fracture, so she could heal and get back to the business of puppyhood! The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward her orthopedic surgery fee, and our spay-neuter fund paid for her to be spayed at the time of her second surgery to remove the pin that had been placed to fix the fracture. We wish Savannah a long, happy and accident-free life!


Peppy – Simpsonville, SC

An 11 year old Poodle, little Peppy needed surgery to remove a tumor from his neck and he needed to have his teeth cleaned. Peppy’s family had recently treated their Labrador Retriever for Heartworm infection, and they were also paying off human medical bills, so Peppy’s surgery fee was just out of reach. The family contacted The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a contribution toward his veterinary care.



Willa – North Liberty, IA

This 5 year old Bassett Hound also developed disc disease in her back. Willa’s veterinarian felt that she would recover with medical treatment, but she would need repeated laser and acupuncture treatments. Willa’s owner called us for help, and we made a contribution toward Willa’s continuing medical care.


Miley – Wyoming, MI

Miley’s family took her to their veterinarian when the 4 year-old Golden Retriever developed a mass under one of her nipples. The doctor did not believe the tumor to be malignant, but it needed to be removed to control recurrent infections and skin ulceration. Facing the terrible thought of having to euthanize their beloved pet if they could not find financial assistance, the family turned to The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a contribution toward Miley’s surgery fee.


Bella – Lexington, KY

A 1-1/2 year old Labrador retriever mix, Bella developed a life-threatening acute kidney failure. She was hospitalized and diagnosed with Addison’s disease, which is a serious hormone imbalance that can be life-threatening if left untreated. Bella needs an injection of a specific hormone every 25 days to prevent another crisis. Bella’s owner contacted us for help, and The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward Bella’s medical treatment.




Yoda – Roanoke, VA

Yoda’s owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when the 5 year old Dachshund was diagnosed with a “slipped disc” in his back and needed surgery to prevent permanent paralysis. We made a donation toward Yoda’s surgery fee, and we wish him a speedy recovery!




Newton – Charlottesville, VA

This 8 year old Miniature Poodle mix needed treatment for severe dental disease. His owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a contribution toward his dental care.






Samantha – Cincinnati, OH

A 4 year old Labrador retriever, Samantha was found wandering along a busy road with no identification. She was taken in by a rescue group and was found to have a softball-size mass on her neck. The rescue group had the mass surgically removed and biopsied, and it turned out to be a potentially aggressive form of cancer. While Samantha’s veterinarians feel confident the tumor has not spread, she still needs to undergo radiation treatments to kill any cancer cells remaining at the surgery site and prevent recurrence of the tumor. Along with other groups, The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the cost of Samantha’s follow-up care, and we wish her a successful course of treatment and a very special forever home soon.


Ginger – Providence, RI

A 5 year old Pit Bull Mix, Ginger was diagnosed with Addison’s disease and needs chronic medication and frequent blood testing to manage her condition. A full-time student who will graduate in spring of 2012, Ginger’s owner requested financial assistance to continue to obtain Ginger’s medication until she is working full-time. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward Ginger’s medication costs.


Mollie Jean – Lakehead, CA

Pulled from a pound where she would have a poor chance of adoption, this Staffordshire-Jack Russell Terrier mix tested positive for heartworm infection. The rescue that took her in sent out pleas for help, and The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward her treatment. We wish Mollie Jean an uneventful recovery and a forever home soon!





Mercy – Royston, GA

The Mosby Foundation received a plea for assistance, when this young mixed breed puppy was mistakenly let out the door by an elderly neighbor. Poor Mercy ran into the road and was hit by a car, which shattered her right rear leg. Mercy’s owner came right home and took her to a veterinarian, who advised amputation of the leg due to the severe bone damage and bleeding. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward Mercy’s emergency care, and we are happy to report that she now has a securely fenced yard for her life as a “tripod”!


Duke – Cordova, TN

This 4 year old Black Labrador Retriever mix developed a severe accumulation of fluid around his lungs. Duke’s family veterinarian removed some of the fluid, but was unable to identify a cause, so Duke was referred to a specialist for further evaluation. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward Duke’s evaluation, but unfortunately, the cause of his disease was never identified, and he was humanely euthanized. All of us at The Mosby Foundation send our sympathy to Duke’s owner – we are sure Duke is patiently waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


Panda – Greensboro, NC

Panda’s family rescued this 7 year old Chihuahua from an irresponsible back-yard breeder after finding her on Craig’s List. Panda had been terribly neglected and after 6 months of TLC in her new home, she had overcome most of her health challenges, but she still had severe dental disease and needed to have several infected teeth removed. Panda’s family sought financial help from The Mosby Foundation, and we helped to pay for Panda’s dental care, so she can fully enjoy her new life with a loving family.



Belle – Dayton, VA

Adopted from a shelter 9 years ago, because the little mixed breed was thought to be part Basenji (the “barkless” dog), Belle turned out to also be part something that can bark! Her usual routine was to go outside and bark when she was ready to come in. Unfortunately, one day in February, Belle decided to wander across the street instead, and she was hit by a rapidly moving vehicle. Badly injured, Belle’s family took her to their regular veterinarian and then to the local emergency clinic to have her injuries treated. Along with bad skin wounds, Belle had a dislocated hip, and she needed to have surgery to remove the ball part of her femur bone to allow her to walk with just a little bit of a limp. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the cost of Belle’s “FHO” surgery, and we wish her a speedy recovery and many more healthy years with her devoted family.



Dexter – Hedgesville, WV

Dexter, a 2 year old Doberman Pinscher, fractured his pelvis when he was hit by a vehicle. His family veterinarian advised referral to a specialist for surgical correction, where the surgeons found Dexter had more extensive injuries than originally thought, and he had a blood disorder called Von Willebrand’s Disease, which meant he would need to have a transfusion during surgery to make sure his blood would clot properly. Dexter’s owner, a single father of 4, sought help from The Mosby Foundation, and we made a contribution toward Dexter’s surgery fee.



Brownie’s Long Shot
Lofton, VA

It was an ordinary day for the Harveys. Daughter, Samantha, was getting ready for school, her dad was home from working the night shift, and her mother, Jill, was getting ready for work. As part of their routine, Samantha let Brownie, their German Shepherd/Chow mix, go outside.





Molly’s Good Samaritans
High Point, NC.

High Point NC….Blair was on his way home from a business meeting, driving busy highway I-85 when he saw a black dog wandering the median strip close to the fast lane. Concerned, he circled back to the dog’s location, and there she was, eating grass. Not wanting to spook her, Blair called to her gently. To his surprise, she wagged her tail and came right to him. Wearing a faded collar but no identification, it was apparent she had been wandering the area for a long time.



Daisy – Chesapeake City, MD

An adorable 6 month old Brussels Griffon/Yorkshire Terrier mix, little Daisy tried to jump over the baby gate and broke her front leg. Despite appropriate care with bandaging and exercise restriction, after 2 months, Daisy’s veterinarian determined that the leg was not healing properly and she would need to go to an orthopedic surgeon to have a steel plate placed over the fracture so the leg would heal straight. A single mom to 3 children, Daisy’s owner sought help from The Mosby Foundation to get Daisy the surgery she needed. With generous assistance from many donors, we were able to make a substantial contribution toward Daisy’s surgery fee. As of early November, little Daisy was healing well and her surgeon was thrilled with her progress. With continued healing time and physical therapy, this little pooch should make a complete recovery.


Jefferson – Tampa, FL

Estimated to be about 5 years old, poor Jefferson was found as a stray and taken in by SouthEast Beagle Rescue. After examining Jefferson, the veterinarian found his front legs badly deformed – essentially, Jefferson was walking on his wrist joints. With assistance from The Mosby Foundation and others, Jefferson had surgery in October to fuse both wrist joints with steel bone plates, so he could walk on his feet again. Look for Jefferson’s video on our website – even shortly after surgery you can see that happy Beagle smile and wagging tail! Thanks to everyone who made a special contribution for a special little dog!


Maggie May – Roseville, MN

We were contacted for help when this beloved 10 year old Boxer developed cancer. Unfortunately, Maggie May did not qualify for a chemotherapy study at the University of Minnesota, and Maggie’s owner needed to fund the entire cost of treatment for her lymphoma. Having scrimped and saved everywhere else that she could, Maggie’s owner started the chemotherapy treatment with the hope that financial help would come from somewhere for the needed 17 weeks of treatment. After only 1 treatment, Maggie’s owner saw exciting improvements in her condition. With assistance from The Mosby Foundation, Maggie May’s owner was able to get her through the first month of cancer care. We wish Maggie May a lengthy remission.


Susan – Hillsboro, OH

This lovely young Bloodhound was transported from a high kill shelter in Georgia to a rescue group in Ohio. Unfortunately, Susan was positive for heartworm infection, and the rescue group was unable to raise enough funds to have her treated. With financial assistance from The Mosby Foundation, Susan was treated and is awaiting her forever home.






Governor – Limerick, ME

When New England Lab Rescue found Governor in an upstate New York shelter, the 18 month old yellow Labrador Retriever had been badly injured. Although his body tried to heal, poor Governor would never walk normally. After consultation with an orthopedic surgeon, plans were made to replace both of his hip joints. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward Governor’s surgery fee, and we wish him a happy and pain –free life!





Charlie – Beatrice, NE

Only 4 months old, little Charlie, a Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mix, suffered a broken leg when the family’s larger dog played too roughly. The family was able to borrow a portion of the veterinary fee, but they needed help to cover the entire cost of the puppy’s emergency care. The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward Charlie’s surgery, and we are happy to report that the veterinarian is very pleased with Charlie’s recovery so far.


Tuffy – Lubbock, TX

A Good Samaritan couple rescued this young male Yorkshire Terrier after he was hit by a car on a busy street. They rushed Tuffy to their veterinarian, who found multiple fractures in his right rear leg. When the Good Samaritans learned that the local animal services would have Tuffy euthanized, they elected to keep him and have the surgery performed to amputate the crushed leg. After learning Tuffy’s story, The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward his care, and we are thrilled that he has found a loving forever home.


Bella - Goosecreek, SC

Adopted from an SPCA at 3 months old, Bella developed a limp in her right front leg about a month later. The limping persisted and by the time she was 7 months old, the Staffordshire Terrier mix had developed a noticeable deformity of the right front leg. After evaluation by an orthopedic specialist, Bella’s family contacted The Mosby Foundation for financial assistance, and we made a contribution toward her surgery fee. While Bella will always have some arthritis in her elbow, she should be far more comfortable after she heals from surgery.


Kimba – Laurel, MT

Kimba’s owner was devastated when the 9 year old Rottweiler-mix was diagnosed with bone cancer. For the best chance at survival, Kimba would need to have the affected leg amputated and then would need follow-up chemotherapy to extend her life. The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward Kimba’s cancer care, and we wish her a long and happy remission.





Apache – Hendersonville, TN

This young adult German Shepherd was left behind when his family moved away. He landed in a rescue, where he received basic veterinary care, but it was soon apparent that he had torn the cruciate ligaments in his right knee, and now he could hardly bear any weight on that leg. The rescue group raised the funds to have the cruciate surgery performed and then reached out to The Mosby Foundation for help with the cost of post-operative physical therapy. We made a donation toward Apache’s physical therapy, and we wish him a speedy and thorough recovery.


Kristl – Marengo, OH

Poor Kristl injured her left front leg in an unknown accident, which damaged the nerves and caused her to drag the leg. After a week of waiting to see if she would regain feeling in her paw, it was clear this adorable American Eskimo Dog would need to have the leg amputated to prevent her from developing life-threatening infection by dragging the damaged leg. Kristl’s family turned to The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a contribution toward her surgery fee. Her prognosis is excellent for life as a “tripod”.


Sam – Lexington, MS

A young male Boxer mix, Sam was found in a shelter by a rescue volunteer. He was severely underweight, and had a severe pneumonia. The rescue group had him treated for the pneumonia and once it was clear he would recover, they began seeking assistance to pay for heartworm treatment, since poor Sam was also positive for heartworm infection. The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward Sam’s treatment costs, and we wish him an uneventful recovery and a forever home soon!


Bruiser – Fredericksburg, VA

Bruiser’s owner knew something was wrong when the tiny Chihuahua-Dachshund mix didn’t get up to greet her when she came home. She took him to the veterinarian, who diagnosed a severely luxating patella (or dislocating kneecap). The veterinarian advised surgical repair as soon as possible, since Bruiser was so painful. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward his surgery fee, and we wish Bruiser a long and pain-free life.


Winston – Bluffton, SC

We were contacted by a rescue group for financial assistance to remove a large tumor from this elderly Chihuahua-mix’s leg. The veterinarian would need to amputate the leg in order to remove the tumor, and he also had another tumor on his eyelid to be removed. The Mosby Foundation made a donation for Winston’s surgery, and we wish him a quick recovery and a forever home soon.



Puppies – Strasburg, VA

Three tiny puppies were found living in incredible filth and rescued right before Halloween – christened Bela, Boris and Elvira, the three were taken into Hair of the Dog rescue just before the late October snowstorm. Needing a lot of initial veterinary care, The Mosby Foundation made a donation towards the medical care for these 3 adorable pups. One puppy has found a wonderful forever home while the other two are still available as of this writing. We wish them all loving forever homes soon!




What Makes Ike So Amazing
Lexington, VA

“I really don’t need two Pitbull puppies,” the woman said, handing over Ike and Mike to the Rockbridge SPCA. “I’ve got a young child and it’s just too much.” She said it like she was asking for a return on a grocery item.

But the shelter staff was very professional and took the two puppies. It was immediately evident that Ike was much smaller than his brother, Mike, weighing in at only 5 pounds, while his brother weighed a healthy 12 pounds. It didn’t take long to find out why. The little guy couldn’t keep his food down.

But Ike didn’t seem to let that bother him. In spite of his life-threatening condition, Ike was happy. He loved every moment of his life and it was obvious he loved everybody around him.  






Update: 09/09/2011

Ikey had his surgery this week and is doing great.
We will be posting new pictures as we get them.



Against All Odds
Corona, CA.


Tyson is a just big “goofball,” according to Leslie, his owner. He loves to play, romp and give hugs, which is saying something since he’s a Rottweiler. Not even two years old, his family and his feline playmates, adore him. The cats are known to play with him even when he’s asleep, which doesn’t bother Tyson one bit.




Parvo Puppies – Fort Worth, TX


An animal control officer captured a female Boxer who had been abandoned and on her own for about 6 months. He also took in her 5 puppies, and all were transferred into foster homes. Unfortunately, the puppies soon became sick with parvovirus and 3 of the puppies died. With financial assistance from The Mosby Foundation, the foster parents were able to save the last two puppies, and the mama dog never got sick. We hope these three pooches soon find loving forever homes.



Poppy – Long Beach, CA


Poppy’s owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for assistance when the 3-year old Staffordshire Terrier mix needed surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament in her knee. We made a contribution toward her surgery fee, and we wish Poppy many pain-free years on four good legs!









Misty – Desert Hot Springs, CA


A very special 11-year old Siberian Husky, Misty, is a service animal for her disabled owner. She needed surgery to remove a tumor from her front paw. Along with several other organizations, The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the surgery fee. We wish Misty a speedy recovery so she can get back to her very valuable work.










Bam – Brunswick, OH


Bam’s family contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when the 2-year old Jack Russell Terrier started having seizures. We made a contribution toward his initial veterinary evaluation. With daily medication, Bam should live a relatively normal life.










Gunther – Rockford, IL


An animal rescue group contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when a 4-month old St. Bernard mix puppy in their care was diagnosed with Demodectic Mange. We made a donation toward the cost of Gunther’s treatment and we hope all his hair is growing back in by now!











Kee – Rowlett, TX


After completing treatment for heartworm disease, the veterinarian advised neutering for Kee, a 3-1/2 year old Pit Bull Terrier, to prevent problems with an enlarged testicle. After funding the heartworm treatment and the family’s own medical expenses, Kee’s owners needed financial help for the surgery expenses. The Mosby Foundation contributed toward his neuter surgery. We expect Kee to continue to be a great ambassador for his breed, as he is friendly to everyone he meets, and his best buddy is the family feline “Bob Cat”.








Theodore – Chesapeake, VA


Rescued from a shelter in Durham, NC, this sweet 3 year-old Shar-Pei was terribly neglected and came into the rescue with multiple health issues. Theo’s right eye had been removed and his left eye was severely affected with painful entropion, where the eyelid rolls in and scratches the surface of the eye. He also had a hernia, an ear infection, heartworms, and needed to be neutered before he could be adopted. With financial assistance from The Mosby Foundation and others, Theo has had all his medical problems treated and he will make a wonderful addition to a home in need of a good Shar-Pei!










Cookie – Christiansburg, VA


This 10-year old Yorkshire Terrier developed a draining wound under her eye due to an infected tooth. With financial assistance from The Mosby Foundation, Cookie’s infected tooth was extracted and she is now feeling much better!












Ling Ling – Richmond, VA


A sweet 5-year old Beagle-Bassett mix, Ling Ling had been in foster care and successfully treated for several health problems. She suddenly began experiencing pain and was diagnosed with a bulging disc in her spine. The rescue group needed financial assistance to get Ling Ling the surgery she needed to be pain-free. The Mosby Foundation donated toward Ling Ling’s surgery fee. We wish her an uneventful recovery and a forever home soon.





Chaz – Muncie, IN


This elderly Corgi Husky mix was found abandoned along the road. He was taken into foster care and soon diagnosed with Heartworm Disease. With a donation from The Mosby Foundation, Chaz was treated for the heartworm infection and we wish this sweet old fellow a loving forever home for his senior years.












Sweet Molly Malone – Dallas, TX


A Good Samaritan picked up a starving and neglected dog roaming the streets in a bad part of town. She took the pooch straight to her vet, who found a microchip. The previous owner was then contacted. Unfortunately, the former owner no longer wanted the dog, who had run away a year before! The Good Samaritan took the dog home and named her Sweet Molly Malone. She was treated for various parasites and also needed treatment for heartworm infection. However, the veterinarian wisely waited for Molly Malone to gain weight before treating her for heartworms. With assistance from many generous donors, The Mosby Foundation was able to help Sweet Molly Malone get her treatment. She is now recovering and enjoying her forever home.



Princess – Heiskell, TN


We were contacted by Princess’ owner when the 4-year old Pit Bull Terrier developed diabetes. With assistance from The Mosby Foundation, Princess was able to get her initial testing and insulin treatment, while her owner prepares for her life-long treatment.









Suki – Hanover, MN


An adorable little 8 month old Pug, Suki had a rough start in life. After cycling through 5 homes in just a few short weeks, Suki was taken in by a rescue group and is currently in a foster home. The rescue group had her evaluated and she was diagnosed with a liver shunt. The veterinary surgeon thought she was a good candidate for surgery. The rescue organization immediately started raising funds so little Suki could have a chance at a normal life. With help from The Mosby Foundation and others Suki had her surgery and is recovering very well.











Sasha – Bellevue, NE


A beautiful 10-month old red Siberian Husky, Sasha was adopted in June. Sasha’s new family knew that she had cataracts, and that she would eventually need surgery to maintain her vision. They had a plan to start saving for her future surgery. Then, just a few weeks after adoption, Sasha’s cataracts became inflamed and painful, and she needed her cataract surgery right away to make her comfortable and allow her to preserve her vision. The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward the cost of Sasha’s surgery.





Mollie – Lumberton, NC


Sweet Mollie needed surgery to remove bladder stones that had made it nearly impossible for her to urinate. The veterinarian could give Mollie’s owner only a few days to raise the funds for surgery, as Mollie was too sick to wait for long. With generous emergency donations from Mosby supporters, Mollie was able to have her surgery and she is now back with her family. Hopefully, her new prescription dog food will prevent any future problems!





Bubba – Moreno Valley, CA


Bubba’s owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when the 6-year old Border Collie mix needed to have two tumors removed. We made a contribution toward his surgery fee and we wish him a speedy recovery!











Jasmine – Willis, VA


A 4-year old female Rat Terrier, Jasmine got her front leg trapped in a fence and damaged it so badly that she needed to have the leg amputated. Her family contacted The Mosby Foundation for help and we made a contribution toward her surgery fee. We wish her a speedy recovery and a happy life as a “tripod”!










Trailer Park Dogs – Rome, GA


Seven dogs were abandoned by an irresponsible owner. The dogs traveled to a nearby trailer park, seeking food and shelter. One of the dogs was killed by a car, but the remaining six - two adults and four puppies - were captured and sent to a boarding kennel until they could be transferred to a foster home in Maryland. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the cost of boarding and transport.






Sebastian – Hemet, CA


Sebastian, a 12-year-old Dachshund, needed immediate dental surgery to treat a severe mouth infection and to extract several diseased teeth. His owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help and we made a contribution toward the cost of his dental care.












Baby – Westmont, IL


Baby’s family contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when the 10-year old Bichon Frise mix developed congestive heart failure. The family was struggling to afford all the testing needed to get her stabilized on medications. She also needed treatment for a sudden lameness that the veterinarian thought was an unrelated neurologic problem. We made a contribution toward Baby’s hospital fees.








The Prayer of St. Francis, This Year, Save One, Foster One, Rescue One Dog


Pilots N' Paws

“Basically, pilots are just looking for any excuse to fly,” Andre Bohy joked. “It’s a lot easier to tell my wife I’m flying to save dogs than to have lunch with a friend.” Donna, Andre’s wife, was so intrigued by her husband’s unusual flight trips that she decided to join him in his efforts.


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Mosby’s Mouths To Feed Teaches Wise Love

Staunton, VA


“We don’t have enough food coming in,” one of our volunteers said. We all knew it, but it sounded even more critical when she said it. And it was. That’s when we sat down and brainstormed ways to get the community involved in raising pet and people food. Everyone would benefit, but how could we get the community involved?




The Dog Who Wouldn’t Die
Detroit, MI

When Matt Oliveras was 16, a Rottweiler puppy just appeared on his doorstep. He was thrilled; his mother, Brenda, was not. As an in-home daycare provider, she had a strict rule of no pets. But Matt pleaded to keep the dog. Reluctantly, Brenda checked with all the mothers of the children in her charge. No one objected and Mia, as she was named, quickly became adored by all the children, not to mention by Brenda and Matt.


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Daisy – Staunton, VA 

This 8-month old “pocket” Beagle puppy needed to have four retained baby teeth extracted. Unfortunately, her disabled owners could not afford the full cost of the extractions.  With help from The Mosby Foundation, Daisy’s extra teeth were removed and she was spayed, using funds from our Petco spay/neuter grant.  Thanks Petco!


Boy – Battery Park, VA

Named by the owner’s three-year old son, Boy was rescued as a stray.  They took the Labrador-Dalmatian mix to the veterinarian, where they got mixed news.  He was infected with heartworms, but was otherwise healthy.  Boy’s family contacted The Mosby Foundation, and we made a contribution toward his heartworm treatment.


Cody – Bowie, MD
A neighbor took in this young adult male Akita when his owner threatened to shoot the dog because of his aggressiveness with children who came near him while he was eating.  The neighbor took Cody to the veterinarian for the first time in his life for vaccinations. That’s when it was learned that he tested positive for Lyme disease and Erlichiosis.  With help from The Mosby Foundation, Cody was treated with antibiotics.




Max – St. Clair, MI

Max’s family contacted us when the six-year old Beagle was hospitalized for lethargy and vomiting.  The veterinarian diagnosed Max with severe diabetes and was surprised that he wasn’t in a coma!  Max’s family needed help to keep him in the hospital until his blood sugar was regulated well enough for home treatment. The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward Max’s hospital care. The family is dedicated to making sure he eats right and gets his insulin shots every day. Max has a good prognosis for a long and happy life.







Penny – Covington, VA

No longer able to afford the care for the nine-year old Pug’s chronic dental disease, Penny’s family surrendered her back to the organization from which they adopted her.  Penny needed several teeth removed and she had a cyst in her mouth that needed to be evaluated.  The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the cost of Penny’s dental care. Happily, she has been reunited with her family. Penny’s prognosis is good as well. The cyst was diagnosed as a benign reaction, secondary to the dental infection.



Ralphie – Portland, OR

This little Chihuahua needed to have retained baby teeth extracted. He also was treated for persistent ear infections.  The owner was working hard to save up for his dental surgery, but with a donation from The Mosby Foundation, she was able to get his appointment scheduled sooner.  We wish Ralphie a speedy recovery!




Phipps – Santa Anna, CA

After contacting 21 different groups for financial assistance, Phipps’ owner finally found The Mosby Foundation. The 3-1/2 year old Labrador mix had torn his cranial cruciate ligament, and was unable to walk even short distances without becoming painfully lame.  Since Phipps is a big boy (98 lbs!), he needed a special orthopedic surgery to stabilize that wobbly knee.  The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward his surgery, and Phipps is expected to make a full recovery, walking pain-free again!


Night – Winchester, VA

Night, a nine-year old Norwegian Elkhound, is a certified therapy dog who has comforted cancer patients at Winchester Medical Center for many years.  In January, Night’s veterinarian found a tumor growing in her lower jaw, which was determined to be benign. However, it continued to grow causing Night pain. Her veterinarian advised surgery to remove the tumor, which would also involve removing a portion of Night’s lower jaw.  With assistance from many generous donors, The Mosby Foundation was able to offset the cost of her surgery.  We hope she will be getting back to her important work at the Medical Center soon!



Duke – McGaheysville, VA

This 4-month old Chihuahua was obtained from the breeder for free because he had a “cherry eye” that needed to be corrected.  With assistance from The Mosby Foundation, the woman who was caring for Duke arranged to have the surgery performed. She then found him a new home.  Unfortunately, the new home didn’t work out. But the veterinarian who performed Duke’s surgery was willing to adopt him for her son. He had fallen in love with Duke while he was hospitalized.  We know Duke will have a very pampered life now!


Zoey – Craigsville, VA

A young Pomeranian, Zoey, suffered a broken leg when she got underfoot and was stepped on.  Her owner called us for help and The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward the surgery fee.













Starlite – Charlottesville, VA

When Starlite’s owner came home one day, the 13 year old Papillon was unable to walk.  The veterinarian diagnosed her with a pinched nerve in her back and recommended acupuncture treatment to relieve Starlite’s pain.  The Mosby Foundation paid for 2 acupuncture treatments, and we hope she is mobile and pain-free again.




Tova – Redondo Beach, CA

A six-year old Rottweiler, Tova, tore the cranial cruciate ligament in her right knee and needed surgery.  Tova’s owner worked hard to round up the funds for surgery. With a donation from the Mosby Foundation, the surgery was scheduled sooner rather than later. We wish Tova a full recovery and hope she will spend many more years hiking with her human friend.






Peanut – Washington, IA

This little Terrier-Chihuahua mix ended up in a shelter after a car hit him.  The shelter asked us for help to offset the cost of care for her broken pelvis and ribs.  We made a contribution toward her care, and we hope she finds a loving forever home soon.



Conner – Dearborn, MI

We were contacted for assistance by the woman who is fostering this adorable Golden-Doodle puppy.  Conner had been diagnosed with a liver shunt and a fistula and would need at least two surgeries to correct these problems.  With assistance from many generous donors, The Mosby Foundation helped Conner get his surgeries.  We hope the shunt surgery is a success and that he will now live a long, happy and healthy life!



Boomer – Twenty Nine Palms, CA

This six-year old female Chow mix developed an abscessed tooth, which began draining under her eye.  Boomer needed to have the infected tooth removed, and her owner contacted us for assistance.  Along with others, The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward her dental care.


Rocky – Freeport, ME

Rocky, a young Labrador-German Shepherd mix, was adopted from a rescue group to be a companion for a teenage boy with psychiatric problems.  After almost a year, he started limping after running, and he occasionally yelped in pain.  A veterinary evaluation determined that Rocky had hip dysplasia, and that he was a good candidate for a surgical procedure called an FHO.   In this surgery, a portion of the diseased bone is removed, and a “false” joint of scar tissue forms, relieving the constant pain of bone grinding on bone.  With a contribution from Then Mosby Foundation, Rocky has had his surgery, and he has a good prognosis for a long pain-free life.




Searching For Kindness

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


“No one will help me.”
That’s what the email said. “It is now Monday night and my baby has not eaten since Friday, and she keeps throwing up bile. I can’t stand to see her like this. She has become skin and bones and big brown sad eyes when she looks at me.”


Alexis, Dabs Rousseau’s 15-year old Pitbull companion, got sick following Dabs' illness around New Year’s. Dabs had lost her job and did not have money for veterinary care. Still, she called her vet of many years and asked if she could work out a payment plan.


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The Dog Nobody Else Knows

Churchville, VA


Sherry Sheffer’s brain was going about a mile a minute as she listened to Donald Gordon. Donnie, as she calls him, had been a video customer of hers for eight years.


In the small town of Churchville, Virginia, population 3823, community runs deep. A neighbor is more than just a friendly wave, and an eight-year video customer is more than a dollar bill. He's a friend.

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Sara – Sugar Grove, NC


Found as an emaciated Beagle, Sara’s nails were grown all the way around to the pads of her feet. She was covered in bugs and had a goose sized calcified mass in her bladder and buckshot in her hind end. This little dog desperately needed medical attention. The woman that found her immediately started seeking help for the vetting and contacted The Mosby Foundation.  We were more than happy to help this sweet little dog and the wonderful woman who took her in.  Sara is recovering and will soon be available for adoption.



Jack – Yadkinville, NC


This poor boy was found lying beside a busy highway with a broken femoral head in the right leg, no collar, no tags, no micro chip and no owner. Another wonderful Good Samaritan picked him up and took him to the vet.  Upon diagnosis for his injuries, he was also found to have only one testicle with the other one undescended. This wonderful person asked us for help, and we gladly did so. In addition to contributing to  surgery for his injuries, we were able to contribute to the cost of  neutering at the same time.  Jack's rescuer  has four  other dogs and cannot keep Jack, but feels he is a wonderful boy and will make someone a great companion. Once he is fully recovered,  he will also be available for adoption.



Minnie – Waynesboro, VA


An eight-year old Jack Russell Terrier, Minnie needed surgery to remove a large fatty tumor on her chest.  The tumor was benign, but growing rapidly, and Minnie’s veterinarian advised removal as soon as possible.  Minnie’s owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a contribution toward the cost of surgery. 



Carrie – Rosewell, GA


A beautiful 10 month old Pit Bull had renal dysplasia and her owner desperately needed help getting the surgery needed for her. We were glad to help Carrie get the medical care she so badly needed and hope that she lives a long happy healthy life!












Munch – Poulsbo, WA


This Black Labrador earned his name after the former street dog was coaxed into his forever home – painfully thin when he was adopted, he “Munched” everything he could!  Munch’s owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help, when he needed surgery to remove a cancerous growth from a rear paw.  We made a contribution toward his surgery fee, and we wish Munch many cancer-free years ahead.





Dash – Wilsonville, OR


Dash, a longhaired Chihuahua, was given to his guardian by an elderly retired breeder. Dash had lived in filthy conditions. He smelled badly, had no socialization, was not potty trained, and had a cherry eye.  Dash’s new mom had just gotten out of a long term abusive relationship and was struggling financially. When Dash's eye started bleeding, she came to us needing help with his surgery, which we gladly helped to fund. But unfortunately, the eye was so badly damaged that he may need another surgery to have it repaired fully.  The vet has fallen in love with Dash and will do this at no further cost.


Lexie – Bellville, WI


This 11-year old Weimaraner was first diagnosed with mast cell cancer in 2009.  Since that time, she has undergone multiple surgeries to remove tumors and chemotherapy treatments to manage the cancer that was not removed with surgery.  In April 2010, Lexie’s doctors discovered that the cancer had metastasized to her lymph nodes, and more chemotherapy would be necessary.  The first drug that Lexie’s doctors tried made her very sick after only 2 doses. It was then decided to change her treatment to an experimental chemotherapy drug, which worked well for Lexie for several months.  Lexie was feeling good, and her family treasured every extra day that the chemotherapy kept Lexie’s cancer under control.   Unfortunately for Lexie’s family, the drug that worked so well for her was approved for veterinary use in the United States in 2011, and the price of the medication skyrocketed from $75/month to $540/month.  Already struggling to keep up with Lexie’s extensive veterinary bills, this news was heartbreaking for Lexie’s family.  While her family continues to seek options for funding her treatment in the longer term, The Mosby Foundation’s donation helped to offset the cost of her medication for the month of April.  We wish Lexie and her family many more happy months together.


Saddie – Augusta Springs, VA


Saddie’s owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when she needed surgery to repair an eyelid defect called entropion, where the eyelids roll into the eye and the eyelashes rub on the surface of the eye.  We made a contribution toward the surgery fee, so that Saddie could have this painful condition corrected.







Sully – Manchester, CT


A beautiful 12-year old Siberian Husky, Sully was not just a pretty face. He served his human companion as a trained Seizure Alert dog and provided comfort to the elderly in his role as a Therapy Dog.  In November 2010, Sully began having problems breathing, and initially the veterinarian thought he might have laryngeal paralysis and would benefit from a specialized surgery. With help from the generosity of many Mosby Foundation donors, we were able to help Sully get the specialized veterinary testing that he needed, and they determined that surgery would not be helpful for Sully.  Instead, Sully was treated with various medications to help ease his breathing and discomfort.  Unfortunately, Sully eventually contracted severe pneumonia, and after he failed to improve with treatment, Sully’s human companion made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize him in April.  All of us at The Mosby Foundation send our deepest condolences to Sully’s family.


Bear – Orofino, ID


The Humane Society that took in this Labrador-mix puppy discovered he had all the usual stray puppy problems, fleas, worms and malnutrition. They just didn’t expect to find a gunshot wound to his abdomen. He required two emergency surgeries to repair the damage to his intestines, liver and kidneys.  With financial help from The Mosby Foundation and a lot of TLC, little Bear is well on his way to recovery and will soon be ready to find his forever home.


Pumpkin – Silver Springs, FL


Pumpkin’s owner found this little Shi-Tzu mix when she was on her way to the shelter.  The little dog was very thin and appeared to have recently had a litter of puppies.  Her first veterinary visit also revealed that she was infected with heartworms.  Pumpkin’s new owner started all the preliminary medications and then sought help to pay for Pumpkin’s heartworm treatment.  After hearing how much comfort this little dog has brought to the owner’s elderly mother while she recovers from a stroke, we knew we had to help get Pumpkin the treatment she needed.  The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the cost of Pumpkin’s treatment, and she has an excellent prognosis for a complete recovery.


Julie - Chesapeake, VA


Little Julie,the Dalmatian puppy,  was born with a life-threatening disorder called a portal-systemic shunt.  This means that blood bypasses the liver and toxins do not get filtered properly.  The defect has stunted her growth:  at six months old she weighed only 21 lbs!  Adopt A Spot Dalmatian Rescue worked diligently to maintain her medications, monitoring tests and special diet, while she grew enough to be able to have the life-saving surgery that would correct this defect.  With generous donations from several individuals, The Mosby Foundation was able to provide the last bit of funding the Rescue needed to get Julie her life-saving surgery.  While she will always be a “mini” Dal, she now will have the chance to live a long life without constant medication.




She was all alone, badly injured, and very scared of people. But the little yellow lab mix captured hearts all across the U.S., beginning with Consuelo Perales in San Antonio, TX. Consuelo knew the little dog, had seen her in the past playing in a neighbor's yard with numerous neighborhoods children. Then, suddenly, the neighbors were gone and, for a while, so was the little dog. Then the dog was back, either lying forlornly in the yard of the now empty house or roaming the neighborhood, shying away from people but scrounging for food. She had been injured and was limping, putting almost no weight on one of her back legs. Consuelo started leaving bowls of food and water for her under the front gate of her fenced yard. Over several weeks of trying to entice her to eat and drink, Consuelo called the little dog Sunshine II, after a beloved dog she and her family had taken in as a stray and lost to old age years previously.

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When Kindness Gives Back

"I've always wanted a dog of my own," Tony Morgan said. "When I was a kid we adopted stray dogs. But I never got to pick out my own dog." Tony, a greenskeeper by day and law enforcement student by night, loves animals. His whole family does. That's why they took in abandoned dogs.

Tony loved these dogs. But he had this dream of choosing his very own canine companion. Four years ago he did just that, but it wasn't entirely his choice. His German Shepherd companion chose him. "He just kept following me around," Tony said.

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Tanner - Dayton, OH
A precious little 9 yr. old Maltese had chronic ear infections,  so severe that he was in danger of losing hearing in his left ear, but the vet felt he could save the hearing in the right ear.  Without surgery,  the infection could possibly go to his brain and cause permanent damage. Tanner's elderly owner has numerous health issues herself, but  had attempted to raise the money needed through yard sales.   The  money she raised, however,  was needed to pay for vet appointments  and medications for Tanner, leaving her without funds for his surgery. After being contacted, The Mosby Foundation was able  to help pay for little Tanner's surgery. The last update we heard was that  Tanner needed a second surgery to open up his ear a little more, but prognosis is very good and Tanner is beginning to enjoy life again.


Tyson - Culpeper, VA

Probably used as a bait dog, for a dog fighting operation, this heavily scarred, middle-aged pit Bull Terrier ended up in a shelter, where he was scheduled for euthanasia. He was rescued from the shelter and taken to a veterinarian, who found a large cancerous growth on his front leg. The rescue group got in touch with The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a contribution toward the surgery fee to amputate Tyson's affected leg.


Fritz – Winona, MO

This seven-month old German Shepherd sought refuge under a trailer in rural Missouri.  The woman who lived there found the pup with a badly injured and infected leg and called a local rescuer for help.  The rescuer put out a plea for help, and Fritz was taken in by Autumn Acres Animal Rescue.  He was immediately taken for a veterinary evaluation, where it was found that he had been shot in the hind leg and had a badly shattered bone with severe infection.  He needed to be treated for the infection before any plan could be made for managing the fractures, although it is likely the leg will need to be amputated.  The Mosby Foundation contributed toward the cost of his initial visit and antibiotics.  We hope that this sweet boy soon finds a fantastic forever home.


Sampson – Stillwater, OK

A lovely young Harlequin Great Dane, Sampson was rescued from an abandoned barn in the middle of a hot summer.  Sampson had horrible skin disease and was severely debilitated.  The rescuers took him to the OSU Veterinary College, where he was diagnosed with demodectic mange and 2 mast cell tumors.  Unable to afford the cost of chronic medication for his skin condition and surgery for the tumors, Sampson’s rescuers turned to The Mosby Foundation for help.  We made a donation toward the cost of his care, and we are thrilled to learn that a senior Veterinary student at OSU has adopted Sampson and will be able to manage his long-term care!


Prints – Irmo, SC

An easy-going Labrador Retriever, Prints lives in a home with several other dogs.  His mom brought home a new foster dog, Sadie, who seemed to be fitting into the household well.  All was fine until the day when Sadie viciously attacked poor Prints and left him with horrible injuries requiring extensive surgery and intensive care.  With financial assistance from many generous donors, The Mosby Foundation was able to assist with Prints’ recovery and relocating Sadie to a sanctuary where she will have her own house and yard away from other dogs.


Bear – Blacksburg, VA

This rescued sweet mixed breed dog was nearly hit by a car on a busy highway in Blacksburg, VA. The rescuer noticed he had a terrible skin condition and took him immediately to a veterinary hospital. A dermatologist saw Bear and diagnosed him with pemphigus (an autoimmune disorder). The hospital contacted The Mosby Foundation for financial assistance, which we gladly provided. We have recently found out that sweet Bear is being treated and responding very nicely.


Bentley – Crossville, TN We were contacted for help when Bentley, a two-year old English Mastiff, sustained a fractured femur when she was hit by a car.  Because she is such a large dog, Bentley's regular veterinarian was unable to perform the surgery, and referred Bentley’s owners to a specialty hospital. Bentley's family sold whatever they could to cover the surgery cost; however, they were still short of the needed funds.  We made a contribution toward the cost and the surgery was done.  She has a good prognosis for a full recovery.


T-Bone – Corrington, TN A senior Chihuahua mix, T-Bone has been a well-regulated diabetic for several years, so it was a surprise when suddenly he began having seizures.  After several emergency visits, T-Bone was diagnosed with epilepsy and had to start taking Phenobarbital to control the seizures.  Then the company that made his insulin stopped producing it, and he needed to be changed to a new type of insulin, and that meant several visits to his veterinarian to get his new insulin dose regulated.  Then he developed severe skin allergies and needed to see a dermatology specialist, and at this point, T-Bone’s  family began seeking help.  The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the cost of his hospital care.  We hope that with his family’s dedication, all his problems will be well-managed for many more years.


Rex – Harrisonburg, VA Young Rex thought the baby’s bottle and pacifier looked like great chew toys.  Unfortunately, the five-month old Boxer puppy swallowed them both and needed emergency surgery to remove the foreign objects.  Rex’s owner sought help from The Mosby Foundation, and we made a contribution toward the cost of his surgery.





Sophie – New York, NY Sophie’s owner contacted us for assistance while the seven-year old Pit Bull Terrier was receiving chemotherapy for lymphoma.  The owner had received a grant for the treatment, but then had unexpected additional expenses when Sophie had a bad reaction to one of the medications, which resulted in emergency hospitalization and intensive care.  The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward the cost of the additional care, and Sophie is continuing to receive treatment for her cancer.




The Real Reason Johnny Wags His Tail
Springfield, LA

It was a hot July night in Louisiana, which wasn't unusual. But as Kevlin Sibley pulled into his driveway around 11 p.m. on a Saturday night, his eyes had to adjust to the horrific act in front of him.

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Of L

Verona, VA

What happens when there is a huge need, a huge solution, but no way to bridge the gap? The answer: a community that makes a way where none is apparent. That’s what happened in Verona, Virginia. The good heartedness of a small community was simply too big to ignore.

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The Golden Giver
Osborne, Kansas

Time for me! Armani, a four-year old Golden Retriever, knows exactly what time it is. She jumps up on the couch and rolls on her back. Sherri Bertrand’s 10-year old son knows exactly what to do. Immediately, he starts to rub Armani’s soft underbelly. 

There’s a lot of giggling and hugging as the dog indulges in a young boy’s love. And well she should! Armani is a certified therapy dog. Her entire day is spent in Sherri’s classroom loving seven, eight and nine year old special education students. And the kids love her right back.

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The Ridgeback And The Rattler
Los Angeles, CA

It's a big decision for a family to get a dog. And that was certainly true for Danish born Lone (pronounced Low-na) Mohapi and her husband, Ben. With two young kids, they needed to make sure they had the right dog. After a lot of searching, they found Laika, (pronounced Like-ah), a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

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Benji, Sewn Together With Love
Stuarts Draft, Virginia

It was an ordinary January morning for Selda King and her five-year old Pomeranian. She let her beloved Benji outside to make his routine rounds. "He never goes far and I can usually see him," Selda told us.

But when Benji came back, he didn't want his treat and he hid under the dining room table. When Selda tried to retrieve him, he snapped at her. Alarmed, she knew something was very wrong.

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Cuddles – Ft. Defiance, VA This 10-month old Pug-Chihuahua mix needed surgery to correct a painfully deformed hip joint.  Her owner turned to The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a donation toward her surgery.



Bailey – Jonestown, TX Suffering from congestive heart failure, this 10-year old Chihuahua ended up in an emergency veterinary hospital in severe distress.  Bailey could only breathe in a special oxygen cage, and she would need medication and a lot of luck to be able to go home.  Bailey’s owners contacted The Mosby Foundation for help. With generous discounts from the attending veterinarian and donated medications, we were able to offset the cost of Bailey’s care. Now she can spend what time she has left at home with her family.


Biscuit – West Augusta, VA While Biscuit’s owner was out of town, his pet-sitter accidentally let him outside.  The hound mix ended up getting hit by a car and was left in the road unable to hobble home.  A Mosby Foundation volunteer took poor Biscuit to a veterinarian. There he was diagnosed with a broken pelvis, which should heal with time, though he may have a permanent limp and arthritis.  Another volunteer offered to board Biscuit until his owner was located.  We finally found Biscuit’s owner, who was thankful we had rescued his dog.  The Mosby Foundation paid Biscuit’s veterinary and boarding fees, and we are helping Biscuit’s owner get all of his dogs spayed and neutered.


Missy – Crozet, VA Shortly after adopting this little Jack Russell Terrier mix from a local shelter, Missy’s new owner discovered that she had severe dental disease. The little dog would need extensive dental surgery to relieve her pain.  Missy’s owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a contribution toward the cost of her dental procedure.


Carbine – Millersville, MD A 7-year old Pug, Carbine already had a long medical history, including multiple bladder surgeries and tumor removals.  When he developed his third episode of mast cell cancer, Carbine’s oncologist advised surgery and chemotherapy.  After financially overextending themselves with Carbine’s previous surgeries, his family asked The Mosby Foundation for help with the chemotherapy treatments.  We agreed to pay for his first month of chemotherapy, giving his family a chance to catch up with their other outstanding debts.  We all wish Carbine well as he undergoes his chemotherapy treatments for the next several months.


Caribell – Montgomery, AL A sweet, but very skittish, German Shepherd, Caribell was surrendered to the shelter for “behavior issues.”  Though showing no signs of aggression in the shelter environment, she was very fearful and mistrusting of the shelter workers.  Despite Caribell’s fearfulness, with gentle handling a local rescuer saw steady signs of improvement.  She arranged to transfer Caribell to a private boarding facility pending placement with a foster home for German Shepherd Rescue.  The Mosby Foundation agreed to make a donation toward her boarding fee. We hope that she soon finds a loving and gentle forever home.


Lexie – Woodstock, VA This Labrador mix puppy jumped off the porch and shattered her leg.  The fractures were so severe that the only reasonable option was to amputate the leg.  Lexie’s owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a contribution toward her surgery costs.  We all wish Lexie a long and happy life on 3 good legs.


Puppy Mill Dogs – MO Thanks to everyone who generously contributed to the care of these poor dogs, and particularly to the dedicated animal lovers at the Humane Society of Inverness, Florida, who rescued 85 dogs from the torture of the puppy mills.  You all made a difference with your prayers and your donations.




Karl – Laurel, MD This middle-aged German Shepherd was found by an animal control officer in Baltimore – he was emaciated and weak and unable to stand.  He was taken in by German Shepherd Rescue and has been slowly improving in his foster home.  As he gained weight, his unsteadiness did not improve, and an MRI showed he needed immediate surgery for two bulging disks in his spine.  Without surgery, Karl’s weakness would eventually progress to complete paralysis of the back legs.  The Mosby Foundation made a donation to help offset Karl’s extensive surgery fees.  He had his surgery in February, and he is now back in his foster home on the long road to recovery.


Mocha – Santa Fe, NM A local rescue stepped in when this 2 year-old Chocolate Labrador was taken to an emergency clinic with a terrible skin wound from a barbed wire fence.  Unable to afford the cost of the surgery, and knowing that their only other option was euthanasia, Mocha’s owners allowed the rescue group to take over her care.  The rescue group had the wound treated and Mocha is now in foster care.  The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward her surgery fee, and we wish Mocha a speedy recovery and a forever home!


Jewel – Baltimore, MD A young Dalmatian Mix, Jewel was saved from a shelter by a local rescue group.  Once out of the shelter, it was clear that she had a serious injury to her left rear leg.  A veterinary exam and x-rays showed that Jewel had a healing fracture of her pelvis and a dislocated hip.  Since the injury was at least 2 weeks old by this time, the veterinarian was unable to replace the hip without surgery.  The hip needed to be repaired to give Jewel a chance at an active and pain-free life.  The rescue approached us for help and The Mosby Foundation paid a portion of Jewel’s surgery fee.


Bubba – Virginia Beach, VA This handsome Shar-Pei escaped from his foster home and was hit by a car.  He was seriously injured, suffering multiple skin wounds and a dislocated hip.  The rescue group asked for assistance, and The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward his surgery fee.  We wish this sweet boy a speedy recovery!




Gidget – SC This 4 month-old puppy was scheduled to go to a rescue group in New Hampshire when she developed a horrible cough.  The veterinarian discovered that the problem was not a bad case of kennel cough, but actually a severe heart defect.  Unable to afford the expense of heart surgery, the puppy-sitter elected to adopt her. Knowing the puppy would only survive a few short months without surgery, she wanted to give Gidget all the love and attention she could for those few months.  Once we heard about Gidget’s fate, The Mosby Foundation stepped in and helped Gidget get the heart surgery she so desperately needed, and she now has a good prognosis for a long and happy life.


Chloe – Princess Anne, MD Rescued from a high kill shelter, this little mixed breed puppy was to be transferred to a rescue in New Jersey when she became very ill.  After a week of hospital care for dehydration and severe intestinal parasite infection, she is a happy puppy again.  The Mosby Foundation covered the cost of her veterinary care, and we hope she finds a wonderful forever home.


Purdie – Palmdale, CA A middle-aged Dalmatian, Purdie developed a severe immune-mediated skin disease.  Purdie’s family was in the midst of foreclosure on their home and could not afford the extensive testing and medication needed to put Purdie’s disease into remission.  Along with other organizations, The Mosby Foundation contributed to Purdie’s initial care.


Zeke – Greeley, CO This 7 month-old Labrador puppy was suffering from severe hip dysplasia and needed immediate surgery to have a chance to be a normal happy and active Lab.  Thanks to all the contributions provided to The Mosby Foundation, Zeke was able to have his surgery. He should be pain-free in time for the summer camping, swimming and playing season!


Artie – Mt. Jackson, VA

This 4-year old Rottweiler needed a total hip replacement to relieve his constant pain from severe hip dysplasia.  Artie’s owner turned to The Mosby Foundation for help and we made a donation toward the cost of his surgery.  Despite minor complications during surgery, Artie recovered well and has an excellent prognosis for many years of pain-free living.




Miller – Ridgeland, SC A rescue group took in this young Mastiff after a call from a security firm, which had found the young dog abandoned in a foreclosed home.  Emaciated and ill, Miller needed extensive veterinary care, including treatment for heartworm infection.  The Mosby Foundation made a contribution to his veterinary costs and Miller is recovering well in foster care.


Foxie – Randolph, WI After suffering job losses and foreclosure on their home, Foxie’s family discovered that this senior Siberian Husky needed surgery to remove an overactive parathyroid gland.  Obtaining a diagnosis for Foxie had exhausted the family’s available funds and they turned to The Mosby Foundation.  With our financial help and assistance from another organization, Foxie’s veterinarian was able to perform her necessary surgery.  She now has an excellent long-term prognosis.


Indy – Dacula, GA Hit by a car on 4th of July weekend, Indy sustained multiple injuries. A local rescue organization immediately took her to a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.  The Mosby Foundation responded to a call for help, and with our donation and many others, Indy has had her fractured femur repaired and her other injuries treated.  This sweet German Shepherd is currently recovering in foster care and will soon be looking for a forever home.


Dixie – Beaufort, SC

Dixie’s owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when the three-year old Pit Bull Terrier mix developed a painful hematoma on her ear.  With our financial assistance, Dixie had the surgery she needed.





Yogi – Ridgefield, CT

Poor little Yogi had spent the first 12 years of his life tied on a short leash in the family kitchen.  Recently rescued by a caring neighbor, Yogi was taken to a veterinarian who discovered many serious health problems, including heart and kidney disease.  Unable to afford the extensive evaluation needed to assess and manage Yogi’s problems, the rescuer turned to The Mosby Foundation for assistance.  Through the generous contributions of many Mosby supporters, we funded the initial evaluations needed to get poor Yogi a chance at a happy life.


Honey Bear – Palm Coast, FL

A four-year old Chihuahua, Honey Bear was rescued from a shelter after her previous owner dropped her off for euthanasia.  An irresponsible backyard breeder, the previous owner had kept Honey Bear confined to a small crate. There she nursed her last litter of puppies while suffering with two badly broken front legs.  By the time the rescue group was able to save her, the two fractures had started to heal. Honey Bear was crippled and in constant pain.  Thanks to a special fund drive and the generosity of Mosby contributors, Honey Bear will soon be able to have the surgery needed to repair her crippled legs.


Golda – Dayton, VA A two-year old red Chow mix, Golda was adopted to be a companion for a disabled man, who had lost his previous canine companion to kidney failure at the age of 14.  After bringing Golda home, the owner and his caregiver discovered that Golda had been severely neglected in her previous home. Under all the matted fur, she was harboring a variety of parasites including heartworms. She also tested positive for Lyme disease.  Unprepared to cover the cost of the heartworm treatment, the caregiver contacted The Mosby Foundation for help. We then made a contribution toward Golda’s heartworm treatment. We wish her well in her new role as a constant companion for a man who needs her love and attention each and every day.


Ellie Mae – Princess Anne, MD After her rescue from a high kill shelter, an examination found that Miss Ellie Mae, a young Bloodhound, would need extensive reconstructive surgery of her eyelids to repair multiple defects.  The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward the cost of her surgery and she has an excellent prognosis for normal vision.


Brittany – Connersville, IN An animal control officer picked up this little Chihuahua on the road where she had been hit by a car.  The local shelter waited for her owners to claim her but they did not turn up.  The shelter staff then asked a local rescue group to take over her care, which they did. Brittany’s fractured leg was casted.  But after seven weeks, there was no healing and it was clear that Brittany would need major orthopedic surgery to repair the fractured leg.  The rescue applied to many groups for funding assistance and with help from The Mosby Foundation and others, little Brittany is healing and awaiting a forever home.


Gypsy – Douglasville, GA We received an urgent plea for help for this Labrador mix who had only a few days before the shelter would euthanize her.  A local rescue group took Gypsy to a veterinarian to have her severe skin infection treated. The Mosby Foundation agreed to pay for Gypsy’s initial veterinary care and we hope this sweet girl finds a loving forever home soon.


Chuck – St. Charles, MO This elderly Dachshund-Beagle mix needed to have several abscessed teeth extracted.  Chuck’s owner turned to The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a contribution toward the cost of his dental procedure.  The veterinarian extracted six teeth, and Chuck’s owner told us he was feeling much better the day she brought him home!


Thumper & Crusher – West Manchester, OH

These two Shih-Tzus used a doggie door to reach their outdoor kennel run. One day the owner came home to find both dogs outside their run with severe injuries, probably both had been hit by a car.  Their owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a donation toward the cost of emergency care for Thumper & Crusher.


Why These Jailhouse Dogs Rock
Johnstown, Colorado
"And they're off!"

That's the traditional chant of racetrack officials…

"You bet. They die." That's the mantra of protestors as greyhounds fly down the track; their slender bodies seem to stretch for miles as they sprint upwards of 45 mph toward another finish line.

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Fifteen Legs...
The Pony Express Of Rescue

It's a Sunday morning like any other. Good people all across the country are going to church, eating lunch with family and friends, and enjoying the one day of the week that symbolizes rest and rejuvenation.

But on this same Sunday morning, animal transporters all over the U. S. arrive at their designated sites. They aren't here for profit or gain but for one purpose only: to ensure that highly adoptable dogs get to have the lives they so richly deserve.

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Rose & Skittles
Cleveland, Ohio

You have to have the heart of a child and the courage of a lion to do rescue work. Rose Marino should know. During her 30 years as a foster mom with Cleveland Ohio Dog Advocates (CODA), she’s had her heart broken over and over.

Rose will watch as a family discovers what she already knows. The dog she’s fostering is wonderful. As the dog’s new family gladly embraces their newest member, Rose wishes them all well.

But she sheds a mountain of tears while doing it. “She’s one of my best foster moms,” Director Denise Franks tells us. “Rose loves these dogs, trains them and then it breaks her heart when she has to let them go.”

But she does anyway. Rose’s love is just that big.  But when her own dog, Skittles, a 9-year old Springer Spaniel mix, started running into furniture, she became frightened. The vet said he was going blind in one eye due to age, but the other eye appeared to have a tumor.

That’s when Rose called us. We had worked with her in the past on a story called “Diamond Dane.” Rose had fostered this dog until he went to his forever home. And yes, it tore her up when he left.

What Rose didn’t tell us was that she had lost her job of 30 years due to a corporate buy out, and that she had been battling breast cancer. Money was extremely tight and her lifeline to sanity was now ill.

We said, “yes” in a minute to her request. The vet removed the tumor but discovered that it was much deeper than the tests revealed. It had grown behind the optic nerve and into Skittles’ brain.

He removed what he could and Skittles is recovering nicely. No one knows if the remaining tumor will keep growing; or, if it will remain dormant. We do know that Rose has her Skittles, a tremendous source of comfort and companionship for her.

“I'm still adjusting to him not seeing,” Rose said. “It's really hard for me because he doesn't run and play outside like he used to but I am so thankful he is here.”

And we’re thankful we could do it for her. “I don't know how to thank you for doing this for Skittles and giving him the chance to live without pain.  I truly did not know what I was going to do.”

The joy for us was helping Rose, a woman with a heart of gold. And of course, Skittles.


Tyson – Culpeper, VA Probably used as a bait dog for a dog-fighting operation, this heavily scarred, middle-aged Pit Bull Terrier ended up in a shelter, where he was scheduled for euthanasia.  He was rescued from the shelter and taken to a veterinarian, who found a large cancerous growth on his front leg.  The rescue group got in touch with The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a contribution toward the surgery fee to amputate Tyson’s affected leg.


Laverne & Shirley – Marion County, SC

These 2 mixed-breed dogs were found chained in a back yard emaciated and filthy.  The dogs were seized by animal control and transferred to a rescue group where they have received lots of TLC, good food, treatment for mange and internal parasites.  Once they are healthy enough, both will receive treatment for heartworm infections.  The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the costs of treatment for these two sweet dogs. Both are still waiting for their forever homes.


Bella Jeni – Hiram, GA This Pit Bull Terrier mix was in deplorable condition when she came to the attention of an animal refuge in Florida.  Bella Jeni was so emaciated, dehydrated and parasitized that she was unable to travel to Florida. Instead, she was taken to a local veterinary hospital where she has been treated for pneumonia, ulcerated eyes and various parasites.  Once she is healthier, she will need to be treated for heartworm infection.  When we heard about Bella Jeni’s extensive hospital costs, The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward her care.



Blue – Hickory, NC This female Blue-Tick Hound was pulled from a crowded shelter and placed in a foster home.  When a cough progressed to severe, life-threatening pneumonia, the foster coordinator contacted The Mosby Foundation for help. We made a donation toward her hospital care. Blue has made a complete recovery and has been adopted! She is now in a home were she's very much loved.


Meeko – Campe Verde, AZ This 11 year old Chihuahua was surrendered to a shelter and scheduled for euthanasia. Fortunately, Arizona Chihuahua Rescue took her in.  This sweet dog needed surgery for two cherry eyes and extensive dental disease.  The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward her surgery fee and she is doing great and has been adopted!


Petey – Greensboro, NC

A 5 year old long-haired Chihuahua, Petey ended up in a shelter, where he was scheduled for euthanasia.  Taken in by a local rescue, the foster family discovered he had a severe limp in a back leg.  He was taken to a veterinarian, who diagnosed a painful degenerative disease of the hip joint.  The rescue group asked us for help, and The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward the cost of surgery to allow Petey a pain-free life.


Ace – Madison, VA We were contacted by Ace’s family for help, when this Retriever became very sluggish and stopped eating.  The Mosby Foundation helped pay for Ace’s laboratory testing and hospital care. But unfortunately, he was found to have a severe immune disorder and he was humanely euthanized.  All of us at The Mosby Foundation wish Ace’s family our deepest sympathy.


China – Luray, VA We were contacted by a rescue group seeking funding help for this white German Shepherd who needed eye surgery and spaying.  The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward her surgery fees and she has now been adopted!


Sasha – Buffalo, NY We were contacted by Sasha’s family for help, when this 13 year old Rottweiler/Shepherd mix developed a tumor on her back.  The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward Sasha’s surgery fee and we wish her a speedy recovery.


Potato – Miami, FL Another suspected bait dog for a dog-fighting ring, Potato, a Bull Terrier, was severely emaciated and weak. Rescued by an animal sanctuary, he was taken to a veterinarian for evaluation. Potato was found to have foreign objects in his stomach.  During surgery, pieces of a tin can, packing tape and other objects were removed.  The Mosby Foundation contributed a portion of this sweet boy’s hospital fee. We wish him a speedy recovery and plenty of proper food!


Augie – Olmsted Falls, OH A 2 year old English Bulldog, Augie was relinquished to a rescue organization when his owners were unable to afford surgical treatment for 2 ruptured cruciate ligaments.  The Mosby Foundation made a donation toward the cost of Augie’s first knee surgery.  He has several months of recovery ahead of him, and he will get the TLC he needs with his new forever home.


In Memory
Of Peke #74
"Going once…twice…#74 SOLD for one penny!"

Margret Nolan, Director of the Humane Society of Inverness in Florida, had driven over 20+ hours to Missouri for this moment. It was her first dog auction and she was not prepared for what she saw.

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101 Spots Of Love
Salt Lake City, Utah

“It’s Pongo!” The little girl shrieked with delight. Immediately, she ran over and threw her arms around the Dalmatian, hugging him and giggling.

Armstrong gets this a lot. Kids always think he’s the Dalmatian from the movie, “101 Dalmatians.” 

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Update Jan. 2011: The Whole Dog Journal, click here


Roxy's Purple Heart Soldier Boy

He almost lost his life just getting the mail. But when you're in Iraq, you can never let your guard down, even for a simple task like getting the mail. American soldiers live for letters from home. And Staff Sergeant Sean Freeman was no different.

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Just One Dog - Please Watch this Video
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Thanks to Camp Cocker for pulling Stanley
and sharing this very special story.......

For Stanley update view http://www.respect-a-bull.com/apps/blog/

Kibble Me Please!
Bend, Oregon

Most seven-year old girls are interested in the latest teen heartthrob, sleepovers and whispered secrets to each other that end in giggles. And I'm sure Mimi Ausland was all of those things at seven.

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The Life She Thought She Lost
Raleigh, North Carolina

Giving birth is usually a time for celebration. But for Lisa Carver, age 25, it was devastating. She was given an epidural during labor and suffered a stroke. The result was permanent blindness and short-term memory loss.

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Nellie – Pulaski County, VA

This beautiful red merle Staffordshire terrier mix was picked up by an Animal Control Officer with many severe fight wounds.  The wounds were badly infected and infested with maggots – one wound actually appeared to be a human bite!  The Humane Society called us for assistance in covering the cost of anesthesia to completely clean out all the infected tissues.  The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the hospital care, and we hope this sweet girl finds a loving forever home soon.

Piper – Camas, WA

At 3 years old, this lovely Catahoula Hound was diagnosed with Addison’s disease.  Now 7 years old, Piper has become incontinent, and the veterinarian wanted to switch her to a more expensive medication that would hopefully resolve the severe incontinence.  Piper’s family wanted to do the best they could for her, but they were not able to afford the initial costs of blood screening and monitoring needed when changing Piper to the new medication.  Piper’s family found The Mosby Foundation, and we agreed to pay a portion of the initial costs of changing Piper to her new medication.  We are all thinking good thoughts for Piper and her family!

Mindy - Waynesboro, VA

At only 8 months old, this energetic Pomeranian mix has already suffered multiple injuries in her short life.  As a very young puppy, she suffered a broken leg after she was left alone with a small child.  She healed well with time but her owners never brought her back for follow-up care, or even basic puppy vaccines.  In June, her owners brought her back to the veterinarian because Mindy had chewed the tips of her toes off.  The Mosby Foundation covered the cost of the x-rays to evaluate her leg and hip. The veterinarian found that Mindy had suffered another injury, this time affecting her hip joint.  Little Mindy will need extensive surgery to correct her hip injury. She also apparently has some nerve damage, which needs to be evaluated by a neurologist.  The owners relinquished the dog to the veterinary clinic, and more funds are needed to cover the cost of further treatment and surgery.Update:  As of going to print Mindy is at Virginia Tech receiving surgery.

Musaka – Seattle, WA

A tiny teacup poodle, Musaka was accidentally stepped on, suffering two broken bones in his front leg.  Musaka’s family rushed him to their veterinarian who confirmed the fractures and advised surgery to relieve his pain.  When Musaka’s family realized that they could not afford the surgery fee, they made the difficult decision to relinquish him to a local rescue organization. They would take care of his surgery and find him a new permanent home.  While all of us at The Mosby Foundation know how hard it must have been for Musaka’s family to make the decision to give him up, we salute them for making a good decision that will be best for Musaka and the lucky family who adopts him.  The Mosby Foundation paid Musaka’s remaining balance from his original emergency visit, so his former family can concentrate on caring for themselves, and start saving for the day they can open their home to another lucky pooch.

Izzy – Crawfordsville, FL This poor mistreated girl was left in an animal control drop box.  Severely emaciated with multiple illnesses and injuries, Izzy has a long recovery ahead of her. The veterinarian treating her is confident that all of Izzy’s problems can be managed, and with that ray of hope, The Mosby Foundation and other groups have donated toward Izzy’s extensive veterinary care.  We agree with the veterinarian that Izzy deserves the chance to have a happy life.


Khya – Faber, VA

Khya’s family contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when this 6-year old Golden Retriever became ill.  We helped to pay for the diagnostic tests which revealed Khya was in kidney failure.  With a poor prognosis and Khya wasting away, her family elected to have her humanely euthanized.  All of us at The Mosby Foundation send our deepest sympathy to Khya’s family.


Kurbi – Leichester, NC This 9-year old Yorkie-Schnauzer mix developed a large tumor on his back leg.  His family contacted The Mosby Foundation for assistance and we made a contribution toward his surgery fee. 



Shane – Roanoke, VA

An elderly Shetland Sheepdog, Shane developed a swollen muzzle and severe sinus congestion.  The veterinarian thought Shane’s problem was badly infected teeth, but there was a possibility it could be a tumor in his nose.  Shane’s owner asked The Mosby Foundation for help. With our financial assistance, Shane was able to have his surgery. The veterinarian removed two badly infected teeth and found no signs of cancer.  Shane is feeling much better now!

Jasper – Fair mount, GA

This 3-year old Miniature Dachshund was hit by a car, and after 5 days of ignoring his injuries, Jasper’s owner finally surrendered him to the local animal control shelter.  A rescue group took over responsibility for Jasper’s care. Their veterinarian found that he had multiple fractures in his pelvis and a broken left rear leg.  The rescue group transported him to the University of Georgia where his broken leg was plated.  The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward his surgery fee, and after 6 weeks of physical therapy, Jasper should be ready to settle into a new forever home.

Demon – Dana Point, CA Demon’s owners contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when this 6-month old Husky puppy needed surgery to remove an intestinal blockage.

We paid a portion of his surgery fee and Demon has an excellent prognosis – as long as he stops eating things he shouldn’t!


Ruthie – Beaverdam, Virginia Ruthie is a small Pit Bull Terrier mix that was rescued from a shelter.  Her adopter thinks she was used for dogfighting, as she is very reactive to other dogs and she has dental injuries typical of fighting dogs.  Her owner asked us for help and we made a contribution toward her veterinary care, including extraction of three damaged teeth.



Dottie – Avon Lake, OH

Blind and deaf, this poor Dalmatian was found in a filthy pen, emaciated and weak, with severe dental infections, skin wounds and a broken toenail.  The animal sanctuary that rescued her called us for help, and The Mosby Foundation contributed toward her emergency care.  After a week of medication and TLC, Dottie was much improved.  She should soon be strong enough to undergo all the surgical care she needs for her long-term health.

The 10-Pound Alpha Dog
Oceanside, California

"You cope and get through it." The voice on the other end of the telephone line sounded a bit tired. It was the third time Christine's husband had been deployed to Iraq.

Coping for Christine means filling her time with meaningful work, volunteering on base, watching her toddler and counting the days until her husband comes home again. It isn't an easy life but love isn't always an easy road.

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How To Love Back
Staunton, Virginia

Ripton wiggles her way to the far end of the therapy table, a happy look on her Husky mix face. The elderly man reaches towards the dog to brush her. His face is pained but it's clear he enjoys the task he's been assigned.

And that's Ripton's job; to get patients doing painful tasks that strengthen their bodies so they can return home.

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Felix – Middleton, GAThis little poodle mix was caught in a live trap and transferred to a rescue facility.  On admission to the rescue group, Felix was suffering from a number of parasitic problems – lice, mange, fleas, ticks, heartworms and a maggot-infested wound.  The Mosby Foundation agreed to pay a portion of his treatment cost, and Felix is now looking like a dog again!  He is still in foster care and waiting for a forever home.

Kaylie – MD
This 15-month old Australian Kelpie spent 10 months of her young life in a shelter.  Before she was taken into the shelter, she was injured in her right elbow, which damaged the growth plate and caused her leg to be deformed and painful.  After adoption, Kaylie’s new owner had her examined and the veterinarian advised corrective surgery to realign the bones in the elbow.  This surgery would be very intensive and there would also be extensive costs for physical therapy after surgery.  Kaylie’s owner sought financial assistance from The Mosby Foundation and we made a donation toward her veterinary care.

Colby – Halethorp, MD
A 6-month old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, Colby became suddenly very ill and weak.  Colby’s owner, who is currently unemployed due to the economy, rushed him to the veterinarian.  There the vet determined he was in severe acute kidney failure, possibly from eating rat poison.  Colby needed hospital care with intravenous fluids for several days to support his kidneys through the crisis.  Colby's Mom exhausted all of her funds and all her family and friends funds then turned to The Mosby Foundation.  We agreed to pay a portion of his hospital costs, and Colby is now back at home with his loving family.

Nibs – Richmond, VA
This 10-year old Terrier mix was abandoned at an animal hospital when his elderly owner was placed in a nursing home.  The hospital staff cared for him for 6 months, but when no one turned up to claim Nibs, they turned him over to a rescue group, where he was placed in a foster home.  After months of living in a cage, Nibs thrived in the loving environment of his foster home.  While enjoying the fenced yard, Nibs played a little too hard and tore the cruciate ligament in his left rear leg. Soon after the injury, Nibs was adopted by a woman who had just lost her elderly canine companion.  The match was perfect, but Nibs still needed that knee fixed.  The rescue organization asked The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a donation toward his initial medical evaluation to make sure he is healthy enough for surgery.

Morgan – Parma, OH
This 3-year old Bulldog/Boxer mix was rescued as a puppy and has become a valued, but high maintenance, member of the family.  At 1 year old she developed allergies that are severe enough to require weekly allergy injections.  At 2 years old, she tore the cranial cruciate ligament in her right knee and needed corrective surgery.  Now, at 3 years old, she tore the cruciate ligament in her left knee and again needed surgery.  With financial assistance from The Mosby Foundation, she had her surgery and is on the long road to recovery.

Pirate – Lexington, VA
A 2-year old Pit Bull stray was taken into a local shelter with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to his eye.  He is such a sweet boy, wagging his tail, adoring the car rides to the vets that he's quickly become a vet and shelter favorite.  The shelter asked us for some assistance with his vet bill which we gladly gave.  Now they need help placing this wonderful boy in a forever home.  If you can help Pirate find his new home, please call the Rockbridge County SPCA.  YOU WON'T BE SORRY!

FionaHanover, VA
This 3-month old Pit Bull Terrier puppy was found with purple string around her paws and a severe case of demodectic mange.  She was transferred to a foster home while she received treatment for the mange.  The rescue group contacted us for help and The Mosby Foundation agreed to pay a portion of her treatment cost.  She has responded well to the medication and now is starting to grow her hair back.  She will soon be looking for a forever home.

UPDATE: FIONA - You will think this is not the same puppy; however I assure you it is.  She is such a smart cookie and loving and wonderful.  And how someone allowed her to get like that I will never understand.  She is just so magical and so loving and so grateful.


Again, thank you for everything, The Mosby Foundation has been amazing,  We are all very grateful in this house for the assistance that was provided for Fiona.



Hanover, Virginia  

Lily – Vista, CA
This 4-year old yellow Labrador Retriever suddenly developed bloody diarrhea and increased drinking and urination.  The veterinarian was initially worried that Lily had developed an infected uterus, but the x-rays looked ok, so they thought she might have a cystic uterus or ovaries.  The veterinarian advised that Lily be spayed as soon as possible, but it was not an immediate emergency.  The owner contacted her local humane society who offered to help offset the surgery cost, and The Mosby Foundation agreed to help with the remaining balance.  Lily has had her surgery and is now back at home and doing well.

Cinnamon – Spencer WV
This 10-year old SharPei has been a beloved member of her family since she was found as a puppy tied to a porch railing by a shoestring.  She was always there to help settle the children and comfort her mom.  When Cinnamon’s owner found a lump in one of her mammary glands, she rushed Cinnamon to the veterinarian, who suspected this was cancer.  Cinnamon needed extensive surgery as soon as possible.  With financial assistance from several organizations, including The Mosby Foundation, Cinnamon was able to have her surgery and is now slowly recovering. 


Just Because......Elberton, Georgia
Shot for no reason.

Don Gilbert heard the familiar pop, then his dog's anguished cry. He took off running. What he found was chilling. A deer hunter climbed down out of his tree post holding a muzzleloader, an out of season weapon, in his hand.

"Did you shoot my dog?" Don asked angrily. The man acknowledged he shot a dog, but said it "was probably wild." Don heard a sound and turned to see what it was. Timber, his six-year old Husky mix, was pulling herself toward him with her front legs, but her hindquarters were limp.


UPDATE: Timber 8-15-09
I took Timber's to Doc's yesterday for a first time fitting but the prosthetic kept slippin away from her foot and it took three of us to try to strap it on.  I called orthopets and let Doc talk to them. 
Doc told them that he believed the prosthetic was not long enouth for Timber's foot to fit comfortably in it and when she tried to stand the foot slipped up and out of the end of artificial leg. 
I 'll take her back first of week probably Tues. or Wed.  Orthopets wants pic of her leg in the prosthetic which is the only way to explain and show them the fit w/o flying her out there.
Sorry, it didn't work out this attempt.
See you Carole first of week.
Kind regards,
Don G.

Spike Lee Was Right
Mount Holly, North Carolina

It's not always easy, but Spike Lee understood how important it is. To drive home the point, he made a whole movie out of it: Do The Right Thing.

Crystal Stalvey believes in doing the right thing, too. "I found this precious dog on the side of the road hit by a car," she told us. The dog, a German Shepherd, was unable to move. He had no choice but to wait. Would someone help? Or would he die a slow and tragic death?


Where's The Light At The End Of The Tunnel?
*The names in this story have been changed to protect the family.

Sharon speaks like someone is holding a gun to her head. Her breath is labored and her sentences short. You can almost feel the fear that has become her life. After seven years with an abusive partner, Sharon made the life-changing decision to leave and take her kids with her.


Jewel – Tucson, AZ
Victims of the current difficult economic climate, Jewel’s family found themselves unable to provide their usual high standard of care for this 10 year old Labrador/Shepherd Mix.  Jewel had developed a tumor at the base of her tail, and while the veterinarian thought the tumor was benign, it needed to be removed.  Jewel’s family had already raised more than half the needed funds by the time they found us. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the remaining balance, so that Jewel could have her surgery.  Her family is thrilled that she has an excellent prognosis, and they even promised to contribute to The Mosby Foundation’s cause when their own circumstances improve.  Thank you Jewel and family!

Ben – Warren, Michigan
An 8 year old Labrador Retriever started throwing up and refusing to eat.  His guardian took him to the vet’s office where Ben was diagnosed with a high temperature and tonsillitis.  After removing his tonsils they put Ben on an IV and pain medication.  When Ben's biopsy came back from Michigan State, it was confirmed that he had cancer and several weeks later the owner decided to humanely euthanize Ben.  Our deepest sympathies go out to Ben and his family.

Cruise - South Carolina

Cruise, a big white Great Pyrenees gentle giant, was abandoned by his family when their home was foreclosed upon. Chained with no access to food or water, Cruise escaped from his chain, but was attacked by neighborhood dogs. A wonderful woman who runs an animal rescue took him to her vet to have his wounds treated. After a full examination, it was discovered Cruise also had heartworms. We were contacted and asked to help this little gentle boy, which we gladly did! Cruise is now starting to heal, learning to trust other dogs and people. You go Cruise!

Jade – Fountain, Colorado
This was such a sad phone call.  A young woman who suffers from depression and anxiety called desperately looking for help for her precious Jade, a 2 year old Min-Pin.  Jade was her certified therapy dog and accompanied her everywhere.  Jade stopped eating and became quite lethargic and her owner tried desperately to find a vet who would see her dog, but because she had no money she couldn't find a vet willing to exam the dog.  After contacting The Mosby Foundation a vet examined Jade and diagnosed her with autoimmune hemolitic anemia.  She took her little dog home from the vet's that night and her precious little Jade died in her arms at home.

Old Red – Hillsboro, Tennessee
A young 2 year old Redbone Coonhound dragged himself up on the porch of a family profusely bleeding from his front and back leg.  Thinking a car had hit him; the woman rushed him to a vet where it was diagnosed as a gunshot wound.  The vet said they could treat the dog, but the family would be responsible for the bill.  They posted flyers, called the local shelters, and posted him on Craigslist but no one ever called to claim him.  Then they contacted The Mosby Foundation and we were more than glad to help pay the vet bill for this poor stray dog.  He has been recovering quite well. The family said if they can't find a good home for him they will gladly keep this sweet, loving boy they now call Red.  We're so happy!

Denali – Blacksburg, VA
A stray 6 year old Labrador Retriever was taken to a veterinary clinic after apparently being hit by a car. As it turned out, it was a 2 year-old injury from being hit by a car and the owners never corrected it.  They decided they did not want the dog back and that's when The Mosby Foundation was contacted.  A technician at the hospital said they would love the dog but needed help with the bill. That's when we helped and now Denali has a wonderful new family who loves and adores him!


Jackson's Lesson:
Living from the Heart

Americus, Georgia

It's hard to say who has more spirit, Melinda or Jackson Beau. When the vet says, "You can take him home. But it's going to be hard. You're probably going to want to put him down." Most people would accept that pronouncement and quit. 


Tucker – Greensboro, NC

Poor little Tucker was rescued from a crowded animal shelter in rural North Carolina.  The rescue group that is fostering this littler Schnauzer-Poodle mix soon found that in addition to heartworms he has a heart murmur, liver disease and a low platelet count.  He is currently receiving treatment for the liver disease and low platelet count, so that he can be healthy enough for heartworm treatment.  The veterinarian generously discounted her fees and The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward his care.  We sincerely hope that Tucker pulls through all his illnesses and gets a chance at finding a forever home.


Major Morgan – Burke, VA

Major Morgan’s owner sought veterinary care when normal every day activity appeared to be painful for this 8 year old Beagle mix and his urine was bloody.  Her veterinarian diagnosed the problem and determined that he needed surgery to remove bladder stones.

The veterinarian generously offered a payment plan but, after recently losing her job, Major Morgan’s owner needed help to make the initial payment.  She contacted us and The Mosby Foundation agreed to make the first payment for Major Morgan’s care, while she begins setting aside funds for future payments.


China – Martinsville, VA

An eight-month old Pit Bull was viciously attacked by a jealous ex-boyfriend who tried to kill China by cutting her throat.  We were contacted for help with her surgery, which we gladly provided. We are pleased to say China miraculously survived her injuries and her surgery.  She is home recovering and the case was turned over to the police.


Luca – Los Angeles, CA

This 4 year old Chuihuhua’s dedicated owner contacted us for help when he found that Luca would need surgery to relieve pressure on his brain from hydrocephalus.  After having spent thousands of dollars trying to find out what was wrong with Luca, a serious brain surgery was another major investment.  The Mosby Foundation agreed to make a contribution toward Luca’s care and he is now back home and slowly improving.


Jenna – Schuyler, VA

A young Black Labrador Retriever, Jenna got into serious trouble trying to go over or through a fence.  Her owner found her unconscious with multiple lacerations of her tongue and throat.  Jenna persevered through numerous surgeries at Virginia Tech Hospital of Veterinary Medicine, but her tongue has remained paralyzed and she is unable to eat normally.  The Mosby Foundation contributed toward her hospital care and Jenna is now happy at home with a permanent feeding tube in place.


Tiny – Bassett, VA

An abusive teenager broke little Tiny’s back.  This two-year old Chihuahua was instantly paralyzed in her back legs and could not urinate.  After a week in ICU, Tiny was sent home. She needed to make daily trips back to the vet’s office to have her bladder expressed until the owner felt comfortable doing it herself. Tiny has recently regained a small amount of response in her legs and the vet is cautiously optimistic.  She is receiving pool therapy and The Mosby Foundation is looking into purchasing a dog cart for Tiny. We also made a contribution towards Tiny's veterinary care.

A Patchwork Of Compassion
Berryville, VA

Patch, a Shepherd/Pitbull mix, was having a tough day. One of his best friends, Beth, Jenn's daughter, had just left for school. That prompted him to lie down on the floor and bawl like a baby. The way Jenn Moye tells it, that's not unusual for Patch. read more...

A Little Bit Of Love Goes A Long Way
Christiansburg, VA

Nobody wanted him. That was the bottom line. Suffering with anxiety and depression most of his life, Lee trusted no one. A misunderstanding with his boss caused him to lose his job. His frustrated family simply did not know what to do with him, or how to deal with him.

Cashing out his savings, Lee got in his car and left his home state of Pennsylvania, drifting toward Radford, Virginia. But he didn't leave by himself. There was only one other he trusted implicitly and loved with all his heart, and that was Little Bit, his dog, a Welsh-Corgi-Pitbull mix.




Golden Gracie Cheats Death
from Georgia with love...

Gas chambers. Even if you're not old enough to remember World War II, you've seen the pictures. The emotions they arouse in all of us are ones of mortal terror. How could anyone mastermind such an evil?


Living In The Lap Of Luxury
Syracuse, NY

Aaahh, the SUV! It's America's symbol for achievement, wealth and prominence. But two neighbors in Syracuse, New York looked at an SUV and saw something entirely different.

A young mixed breed dog about 10-12 weeks old was forced to live in this luxury prison for an undetermined amount of time in cold November weather. Karen found Willi as she was taking a walk. His head suddenly popped up, turning it from side to side in a gesture of curiosity and uncertainty.


Flash – TN
An SPCA in Tennessee needed help to have Flash the Basset Hound’s entropion corrected.  This is a painful condition where the eyelids droop (even more than normal for a Basset Hound), causing the eye to dry out.  We donated towards his surgery so he could be comfortable while waiting for a forever home.

Radford, VA

Poor Mayson suffered a severe trauma – probably hit by or dragged by a vehicle.  He sustained severe damage to his back legs, where all the skin peeled off his feet.  His owner was unable to afford the cost of treating his wounds and contacted The Mosby Foundation for help.  We provided some funds for his initial treatment and he is now slowly improving.

Roaknoke, VA

This 1 year old Boxer needed emergency surgery to correct an intestinal obstruction.  A week later, she needed to have a second surgery after she developed a post-surgical infection.  Sahara’s doctors approached The Mosby foundation for help, and we made a donation toward her care.  Sahara has made a full recovery and is back at home with her family.

Baton Rouge, LA

This girl was rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav.  While looking for a permanent home for her, the rescue group requested assistance to treat her for heartworm infection.  The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward her care and we hope Queenie soon finds a forever home.

22 Alleghany
Valley Hounds

Covington, VA

The Mosby Foundation was contacted by Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue to help with the vetting for 22 rescued dogs found chained and in deplorable condition after their owner passed away. We gladly paid a portion towards their vet care.  Unfortunately, one dog was diagnosed with rabies and the majority of the dogs were destroyed.  Fortunately, several remain in quarantine and so far do not appear to have any symptoms. Not only did everyone involved with handling the dogs need to have rabies shots, the staff at the clinic had fallen in love with these dogs and was emotionally devastated.

Staunton, VA

A year old Labrador mix, Buttercup developed severe lameness in her right rear leg.  Her veterinarian diagnosed her with a torn cruciate ligament in her right knee and dysplasia in her right hip. The vet explained that Buttercup needed to have surgery to stabilize her knee.  Buttercup’s owner contacted the Mosby Foundation for help and we made a contribution toward her care.  Buttercup is back at home with her family while she recovers from her surgery.

Little Terrier
Blacksburg, VA

This little dog was roaming in the road and was hit by a car.  She was taken to a veterinary office by a Good Samaritan and needed surgery for her injuries.  The veterinary office contacted us for assistance and we made a donation toward her care.  She had her surgery and was adopted by a new family several weeks later.

Crozet, VA

Poor little Oreo, an older Jack Russell mix, had severe dental problems with bleeding gums. His owner contacted us and we made a contribution towards his surgery.  He is back home, happy and finally pain free.

Maggie's Incredible Journey Home

It was cold, 15 degrees cold. But it wasn't just the temperature that had Maggie shivering. Two traps, one on her front right paw, and one on her left back paw, were sinking painfully deeper into her paws.

Still, she trudged on. Two days away from the safety of her home, Maggie, an 18-month old Corgi-Lab mix, refused to lie down and die. She not only walked with the traps savagely gnawing into her flesh, Maggie dragged one of the stakes with her, too.


Miracle Molly

So often you'll read in our newsletter tragic stories of abuse and determined survival. But this time it's different. It's the kind of story that catches in your throat. A tragedy, yes, but one only nature can create.

A house fire in Greenville, Virginia destroyed everything Sandy and Eddie Smith owned, including three completely adored cats, Jasper, Gator and Daisy. Firemen found their sweet Pit Bull, Molly, curled up in a heap, singed, smoking and not responding. It was only when she moved a little they realized she was alive.



Brie's owner called us for help when she found that this 8 year old Boxer would need hip surgery. Brianna had been rescued from an abusive home 7 years ago, with a severe injury to one rear leg. While she had managed well over the last 7 years, now her "good" leg was so painful that she could barely walk. Brie's family had saved enough to pay for more than half of surgery cost and The Mosby Foundation contributed toward the remaining balance.

UPDATE: We wanted to thank you for your kindness and support for our family! Brianna had her surgery just over a week ago and is slowly recovering. She spends the majority of her day sleeping but we understand healing will take time. Again, we just wanted to let you know this surgery would not have been possible without some very wonderful people out there. I just can't begin to explain how much it has meant to me and my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Forever Grateful
Michelle, Rick, Ashallee, Richie, Jessalyn, Jan, Brianna, Maggie & Gus


A fantastic pit boy, who escaped euthanasia in a Pulaski Co shelter FOUR times. He was so good they used him as the "test dog" when testing dogs for compatibility with other dogs. He was great with kids and scared of CATS. But his time was up! The Mosby Foundation sent out an urgent e-mail to see if we could help find him a rescue or a foster home. It worked! Butchie is now in a wonderful forever home. You can see by his big ole smile he's now a happy, happy boy. We love you Butchie!

Update - ADOPTED 3/27/2008!

Meet the Basset that became a Beagle - Harley

Beagle, Basset, what’s in a name?

Jll Rinaca, Adoptions Team Leader for the Basset Rescue to Old Dominion (BROOD), called us for some help. It seems a man in Jonesville, Virginia had been feeding a stray Basset. The nephew of the man, who lives in Florida, contacted BROOD to come pick him up.


UPDATE: THANK YOU so much for featuring Harley in your newsletter. You cannot imagine how thrilled I was to see Mr. Harley Jones peeking up on the front page of your newsletter! Fortunately for Harley, he was adopted about two weeks ago. The family who adopted him had previously adopted a dog with an amputated leg. Their other dog is a senior and I think they are finding that Harley has a lot more energy than their senior. I received an inquiry yesterday from a family from Virginia Beach who saw Harley in the newsletter and was interested in possibly adopting him. I have just sent them an e-mail telling them that he was adopted. Thank you and The Mosby Foundation for helping Harley. He is such a great dog.

All my best,
Jill Rinaca
BROOD Rescue


It’s A Dog’s Life
Fishersville, VA

Cardin gets up every morning and goes to work at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center. He works a straight job, 8:15-5:00, five days a week. Highly trained, Cardin works with a wide range of persons with disabilities.

Read the rest of the story here...



A Healing Love
Toro  - Akron, OH

At seven weeks old, Toro, a Rottweiler mix puppy, was given to a family with only darkness in their hearts. What should have been a happy, carefree puppyhood became a nightmare existence.

Read the rest of the story here . . .


It’s Never Too Late For A Happy Ending

Early in May, The Mosby Foundation got an e-mail from an organization in Illinois that wanted to rescue an old lab/hound dog with no teeth. Destined to be euthanized, he was picked up as a stray and placed in an animal shelter in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Read the rest of the story here . . .


The Chipster  -   Cincinnati, OH

“Do you know anyone who would want a special needs dog?” The woman, a visitor, watched as a seven-month-old Maltese dragged himself across the floor, his back legs limp, eager to meet her. Born with a spinal malformation, Chip’s current family did not take the time to work with him. In fact, they had considered putting him down...

Read the rest of the story here . . .

A Chain of Fools

We’ve all seen it. A wide dirt circle measures the freedom of a filthy dog lugging around an oversized chain. You wince as you drive by, thinking, somebody should do something about that.

Tammy Grimes did and the story of Doogie made national news.

Read the rest of the story here . . .

Diamond Dane

A diamond is polished, brilliant in color, and almost sassy with personality. Diamond Dane is no exception. A sweet girl, Diamond loves big old head rubs. She loves to make the nearest person her favorite leaning post. And she loves children and other dogs. A year-old Great Dane, Diamond’s owners surrendered her after receiving the news that she had severe hip dysplasia.

Read the rest of the story here . . .

UPDATE: I wanted to let you all know that Diamond has found her perfect new family.

Rose, her foster Mom, took the adoption pretty hard. She of course fell totally in love with Diamond helping her through the tough recovery and they formed a very close bond, but Diamond has transitioned to her new family fabulously well. She is happy as a lark and Rose is still badly missing Diamond.

I keep telling Rose it's harder on those of us who foster then it is for the dog who just found their perfect family.

Hope, Strength and Courage

At eight months, dogs are goofy, playful, mischievous, and a terror. That’s why we love them. But for three English Setters in Chillicothe , Missouri , just getting to eight months of age has been a grueling ordeal.

Read the rest of the story here . . .

A Native American Christmas

Native Americans hold a deeply respectful view of animals. So, when a Native American mother of six children found a puppy dumped on her doorstep, she took the young dog into her family’s care. Even though the family was struggling financially, she could not allow one of God’s creatures to go unloved.

Read the rest of the story here . . .

The Cooler Babies

Two young girls forgot their pilgrimage to Tastee-Freez on a sweltering hot July afternoon. Instead, they answered a different call. Soft, whimpering cries drew them to a gutter beside the fast food restaurant.

It was there they found a discarded styrofoam cooler: the lid firmly shut. Sweating in the hot summer sun, the girls pried off the lid to discover six newborn puppies, their eyes not yet opened, struggling for life.

Read the rest of the story here . . .

Jackie's Miracle Dog - Staunton, VA

Molly, a 6-year old Bichon, was in trouble. Plagued with recurrent kidney stones since she was a year old, the condition had raised its ugly head again. This time, not once, but twice is a single month. Surgery was required both times.

Read the rest of the story here . . .

UPDATE: I want to share with you that on Feb. 1, 2008 I celebrated my 15th birthday. Yes, Mom & Dad really went crazy. We all thank you again and again for your love and financial help for my brain tumor surgery. On Feb 1, 2008 it was 576 days since surgery and I am still going. Dr. John Rossmeisl is just amazed.

Our love is long lasting, and love you big time Mosby Foundation, Sheila, Ray and Yeller Roeder.

Power of Love
Blacksburg, VA

Once in awhile, the world gets lucky. We may see a planet that won’t pass this way again for another 5,000 years. Or, we can experience something so profound that a planet’s rare occurrence seems to pale in comparison.

Read the rest of the story here . . .

UPDATE: In January 2007, Yeller returned to Virginia Tech (see photo at left) for a follow-up exam. He’s gained weight and is back to his old self. Thank you for your support of The Mosby Foundation! You’ve made another dog and his family so happy!





Pele's Homecoming

It’s so exciting when you adopt a pet from a shelter! All the way home, you’re comforting your new companion, telling him how wonderful his new life is going to be. You can’t wait to share your life with this precious animal friend.

Read the rest of the story here . . .

Melancholy Baby Starts a New Life

Unable to get out of bed, an elderly woman languished for a week before a church member found her. Neither she or her canine companion, a 14 year old black and white spaniel, Baby, had eaten anything. The woman was hospitalized and Baby was taken to the pound.

Read the rest of the story here . . .

Gentle Toby

On her way to work each morning, Sherri would watch a hunting dog foraging for food from nearby garbage cans. The dog appeared to be gaining weight so she thought he must belong to someone. Then she noticed that he was limping. That’s when she learned the truth. Toby belonged to no one.

Read more of the story here . . .

The Passionate Calling Of Dog Rescue

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a dog rescuer? There aren’t any job qualifications, any college degree requirements and certainly no experience needed to be a rescuer. What you’ll find instead is a passion that doesn’t just call out; it becomes the heartbeat of one’s life and identity.

Read more of the story here...

Stud Row
3-4-2006 - Mikko now has a forever home!!

How does your “best stud” end up the victim of an automobile accident? The Mosby Foundation pondered that very thought when Mikko was brought to our attention. Debbie Fahrenholtz, veterinary technician with Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, contacted us about this sweet little dog.

Read the rest of the story here...

Drive-By Shooting--Gary, WV

Walter and Annetta Blankenship have big hearts. With 3 dogs and 2 cats, all of them former strays,
they understand the plight of homeless animals. And, they welcome them with open arms. So, when Suzie, a small Beagle with 3 pups, showed up at their Gary, West Virginia home, the Blankenships made room for all of them.

But arriving home from work one evening last fall, the Blankenships were unable to find their new companions.

Read the rest of the story here...

Elvis Has Left His Owner
3-21-2006 - Elvis has found a forever home!
6-19-2006 - UPDATE!

Christine Sumner’s fiancé, Wade, had gone to a hunt club in Buckingham County, Virginia around
Thanksgiving. There he saw a fairly healthy dog tied to an old truck nicknamed Elvis because of his howl.

Read the rest of the story here...

Daisy’s Spinning World—
Providence, Rhode Island

Flipping…twisting…twitching…spinning. A terrier mix, little Daisy’s body contorted uncontrollably on a stranger’s front porch. Thanks to a very kind animal control officer (ACO) who saw her as he was walking by, Daisy was taken to nearby Ocean State Veterinary Hospital in Rhode Island.

Read the rest of the story here...

A Love Beyond Measure

I got the call, as I do so many others, asking for help for a beloved canine companion. Each call is special but this one clutched at my heart.

Bobby Adkins’ sister-in-law, Judy, was embarrassed when she spoke to me but I assured her that she was talking to an avid animal lover. She took a deep breath and then told me about her brother in-law’s adored canine companion, Tracey. “These two are inseparable, Carole,” she said, “and I mean inseparable. They eat together, walk together, watch TV together and,” she said in a hushed voice, “even sleep together.” I had to laugh and told her I was familiar firsthand with that kind of love.

Read the rest of the story here...

On a hot August day in the summer of 2005, the Louisa County Animal Control Department received an unusual report. A nine month old black Lab/Corgi mix was curled up in the middle of the road next to a dog that appeared dead from being struck by a car. When Animal Control reached the scene, they discovered the young dog left behind was blind and almost entirely deaf. But despite her disabilities, she was remarkably friendly and sweet, smiling broadly whenever she was petted.

-  Aggie now has a wonderful FOREVER HOME! 

Read the rest of the story here...

Crystal’s Gift
Update: 11-06-2006
Crystal no longer needs a loving home!  She has a forever home with her foster Mom, Cheryl.   Thanks Cheryl.

Vicki Walter from Virginia Tech. called us September 12th to ask for help with a very sweet 11 month old Johnson American Bulldog (at least that’s what we were told) named Crystal. Vicki explained that the owner had released her pet to Tech. saying she couldn’t take care of her any more. The dog’s immediate appearance made that abundantly clear. Crystal staggered then collapsed and was barely responsive. Her coat, or what was left of it, was patchy and extremely thin.

Read the rest of the story here...

Spotacus--Brave and Kind

As it happens in life, even those of us who consider ourselves caring and kind towards animals, will sometimes walk by an animal in dire circumstances. We have many reasons for doing so, perhaps the animal is frightened of people and won’t let us get near. Whatever the circumstance, the decision to leave such an animal will often tug hard at our hearts.

Read the rest of the story here...




Came to our attention from several people who could not stand seeing him in his living environment.  He's a 15 pound mix who was chained to a dog house year round.  His owner did not know if he was male or female and had not touched him in 2 years!  Sammy is blind in his left eye from neglect and could not lift his leg to urinate because of his matted condition.  Sammy was treated for worms, ticks, fleas, had his vaccinations, was neutered and groomed.  He is very much appreciated in his new loving home.


a 2 year old Golden Retriever from Staunton, Va. was hit by a car in Oct. 2004.  He fractured his femur and the vet put in a plate and rod.  On March 18, 2005, he fractured his femur again and the plate was broken. They replaced it at that time.  In May, the femur was fractured again and this time both the plate and the rod were broken.  So on June 6, the only alternative was amputation.  The Mosby Foundation contributed toward his extensive surgery and we are happy to report that Rocky is doing great on three legs.  The pain is gone and the whole family is thrilled to see how well he is doing; especially their 13 year old son and Rocky's playmate, Butterball.



Special Thanks to The Mosby Foundation




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