Past Dogs in Need


PLEASE HELP US HELP COPPER UPDATE: 2-24-15 Copper is doing wonderfully, thank you! The hardest part of his recovery is getting him to rest! He wants to run and play tug and fetch all the time! lol  He is going in on Monday to have his stitches removed. The incision site is healing well with […]

Bailey & Cassius

                                              PLEASE HELP US HELP BAILEY & CASSIUS (CASH) UPDATE 12-16-14 Cash & Bailey continue to improve with a very good diagnosis, however their vet bills also continue to rise.   Right now each […]


PLEASE HELP HACHI ANOTHER SWEET HACHI VIDEO Update On Hachi………..this is the little dog that couldn’t hold himself up to even eat!  We thank all of you that helped fund his surgery……….you are simply the BEST! HACHI IS HOME! UPDATE 11-10-14 Hi All, I am sorry I did not send an update last night. We […]

Pumpkin Pi

PLEASE HELP PUMPKIN PI UPDATE 10-21-14 LOOK AT HOW HAPPY PUMPKIN PI IS NOW! Pumpkin Pi is doing great and healing nicely.  Was pretty painful the first few days (and still a little bit).  But she never stopped wagging her tail and has remained at my side at all times despite everything.  This has been such […]