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Update 11-26-13! TOO CUTE!!!!

Bentley Bentley

Update  11-18-13!! GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!
What a joy to watch! Bentley is post-operative and should be sleeping and resting. I am instructed to keep him calm. He refuses to sleep! He is afraid he will miss something. He just keeps walking, walking from room to room looking, staring at everything. He fell asleep standing up with his head lying sideways in the cone! He wants to stay outside in the rain. After bringing him in, I saw that he was shaking. So I warmed a blanket in the dryer, wrapped him in it in his bed. Thinking I could finally throw the ball for his brother EightBall, Bentley suddenly appeared, went flying by us and intercepted the ball! He's 13! With a new lease on life thanks to The Mosby Foundation and the loving people who cared.

UPDATE! 11-14-13
Bentley's caretaker Julie called me last night and this morning. They have taken the IV  off him. He was a little anxious last night and restless. They gave him a mild sedation. Today he is a little cranky because of the pain he is in. Enjoying his walks outside now. Before he wasn't because he was a bit worried because he couldn't see and was apprehensive about it. Julie is heating his canned dog food, he is loving it!

UPDATE! 11-13-14
Here is the up to the minute news on Bentley and his operation....he came through the operation like a champ! So far, so good. But he has to be closely watched untilFriday when he can hopefully come home. They say it takes a little bit of adjusting to being able to see again. But I suspect he will make that fast! He is a little survivor so he turned on the charm once he thought we abandoned him and was interacting with the folks at the hospital very well.This after I was so worried about him being lost and alone in silence and darkness. I am so blessed and so grateful to have found the Mosby Foundation and all the fine folks who have made this possible. I will bring the next up-date to you. – Barbara

UPDATE 11-12-13 
When we arrived yesterday, they told us Bentley's surgery was re-scheduled for eitherTuesday or Wednesday. They ran a battery of tests that took around 4 hours. Bentley's brother Eightball and I hung out waiting to hear the results. We were told if any one of the tests failed, they would not operate. Thanks to God, he passed all of them. They will operate tomorrow and he should be released on Friday. Eightball and I took an overnight prepared to stay. But we are home now. I worried all night about how confused and scared Bentley would be without hearing and without eyesight. After 2 months, he knew immediately where he was. He would not budge from place to place. They were a little worried about his squinting. But I think he was saying enough with the eye drops and holding his eyes shut. And they wanted to check his liver among other things. Another new worry that came up was scratches on his eyes from bumping into things, which he had been doing a little of.  Before we left home, he was standing at the file cabinet barking thinking it was me. He wanted his ball thrown. He could chase it for maybe 2, 3 feet. When he got it, he was so proud. Tail went up, head back and a little arrogant strut.  He has a lot of heart. Today I spoke with the student intern, she said he was doing ok and would call me again tonight. Eightball is depressed. He thinks we took Bentley to New York and gave him away. It is a 5 hour round trip drive. The doctors and interns kept telling Bentley how lucky and fortunate he is to be able to have this operation. I told them about you and the Mosby Foundation. I tell everyone what a wonderful organization it is! – Barbara

Bentley is scheduled for surgery 11-12-13!  We will update post surgery as soon as we get his results.  Please keep him in your thoughts that day. Thank you all so much for stepping forward to help make this surgery happen!

10-8-13  UPDATE!
We are so very close to raising the badly needed funds for Bentley to get his surgery.  We still need to raise $589.  Any amount is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Bentley is a precious little Jack Russell who does not know what sound is. Over the years he has made adjustments giving him a full and happy life.  Unfortunately Bentley is now facing the fact that he will go completely blind without getting much needed cataract surgery for both eyes. 
He is a little champion, doing his part with quiet acceptance to save his eyesight.............won't you be his champion and help save his sight?  It would be such a tragedy for him to be both deaf and blind......

Bentley Bentley Bentley


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