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  Dogs In Need

If for some reason the surgery for a particular dog doesn't occur within 60 days, the funds donated for that surgery will go back into our general fund to help the next dog in need.  Thank you for helping us help all these dogs in need!


UPDATE:  1-16-13
Thank you for your consideration and generous support of such an excellent cause.  Black Bear is an absolute sweetheart and he's progressing well. The surgery I performed consisted of removing an extensive amount of damaged tissue and bone from the gunshot wound. This included about 75% of his right mandible (lower jaw bone) and a large portion of his lower lip. Fortunately his tongue sustained mild but not permanent damage, and the left mandible and maxilla (upper jaw) were intact.  He will have several weeks of recovery ahead, with all of his food and water being given initially through an esophagostomy tube, which enters the side of his neck. This will help to minimize his tongue and jaw movements while the tissues are healing, and decrease the risk of infection.  Once he has healed from surgery, usually 2-3 weeks, he will be allowed to eat and drink by himself, and he should have minimal to no long term side effects.  Aesthetically this will be noticeable, but it should not affect his function or comfort levels, and he should hopefully live a normal life.  Thank you again for your kind thoughts and assistance with a great cause.
Steven G. Baker, DVM

1-21-13  Update
Black Bear's recovery has been amazing! He looks wonderful. I have some pictures from today, please keep a look out for them, you will be pleasantly surprised! The swelling has gone down considerably. He is up and about and doing very well. I was pleased at how much he has improved. He is still in pain, but not to the degree that he was just a few days ago. He yawned when I was visiting him and he let out a yelp. I felt so bad for him! He is ready to eat some food, but that will have to wait about another 10 or so days. The staff at AETC just adores him. One of the main nurses that has been taking care of him has generously offered to foster him until his feeding tube is out! I am thrilled about this because he is already attached to her. After that time, we will be looking for someone to foster ...or possibly adopt him! He is going to make someone a great pet! Black Bear truly is a WONDERFUL dog!

Below is an update that I got this morning from Marie, "Blackie's" foster mom. Sounds like he is doing wonderful!

"Just a quick update for you about Black Bear. We are calling him Blackie, he is starting to figure out his name.  He is taking the new food in the e- tube great, no issues with that.  He is having to wear the cone of shame a lot more, he is licking at everything including his feet, the floor, Logan's (my son) pant leg, so in order to try and miminize that he has the cone on a majoirty of the day. I have sent some pictures for you. He is sitting with Cooper just hanging out while I am in kitchen doing stuff.  Last night Logan read him and Cooper a book, both dogs had there heads resting on his lap. I will try and get a picture of that for you this weekend. Overall doing great.

UPDATE:  1-29-13
Thank you for the wonderful news! I just can't thank you enough! Bear is healing beautifully. I just saw him yesterday when he was adopted by the sister of a nurse that works at AETC. He has a huge fan club at AETC so I know they all wanted him to get adopted within that group.  I have attached a couple of pictures from yesterday.

Thank you for helping a small not for profit rescue like Placing Paws have the capability to take on these challenging cases. Bear has a new lease on life and he will now get to enjoy the life he deserves!  



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