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  Dogs In Need

If for some reason the surgery for a particular dog doesn't occur within 60 days, the funds donated for that surgery will go back into our general fund to help the next dog in need.  Thank you for helping us help all these dogs in need!

UPDATE:  4-15-13
Thank you so much for your immense generosity toward Chance and me. Chance is recovering exceptionally well from his procedure in New York City. I truly cannot thank you enough for sticking with us through the lengthy journey to correct Chance's liver shunt. Neither of us would have been able to make it through this adventure without your help and assistance.
All the Best, Christine & Chance

UPDATE   3-28-13
Chance is doing great!!  I was able to take him this morning and we began our trek from New York to Nashville. He still has some healing to do, but he's definitely on the path to being a healthy dog!! I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and assistance. WE DID IT!!!!! All the best, Christine and Chance

UPDATE:  MARCH 26, 2013
Chance was able to be seen a day early and have his procedure done today. I spoke with the vet performing his procedure and his blood work was stable prior to undergoing anesthesia, he had no complications under anesthesia or with the procedure, and he woke up very well. He is going to be in ICU until tomorrow under close monitoring, and hopefully will move to the general ward soon.

The vets have told me to assume that no news is good news and they plan to update me on his progress in the morning. I haven't heard anything since around 5:30 eastern, so I am hoping for the best.

I won't be able to pick Chance up until Wednesday at the earliest. I truly cannot thank you for all of your help and assistance. 
Best, Christine (and snuggly Chance in the ICU)

UPDATE: MARCH 22, 2013
Chance is doing very well. He's grown a lot and has become an excellent snuggler!
Chance and I are leaving for New York on Saturday (2-23-13), his consultation with the doctor is on Monday morning, and his procedure should take place on Tuesday.  He will be in the vet hospital until at least Thursday or Friday recovering. 
Thank you so much,  
Christine Douthwaite (and Chance)

Thanks to a very generous donor Chance will finally be getting his badly needed surgery on March 25!  Please keep Chance in your thoughts and prayers for a succesful surgery.


I spoke with the staff at the Animal Medical Center and they are able to accept donations.
We have scheduled an appointment on Monday, March 25 at the Animal Medical Center in New York with Dr. Chick Weisse.  This is the earliest date that worked both for my work schedule and the Animal Medical Center's schedule.  Per Dr. Weisse's recommendation, we have added an additional medication to Chance's regimen to ensure further success with the procedure.  We have been quoted $5,800 for Chance's procedure from start-to-finish, assuming there are not additional complications with the procedure.  We are thinking we still need an extra $1,000. Alyssa, the technician for Dr. Weisse may be able to answer more specifics about the procedure if needed.

I truly cannot thank you enough for all of your help.  Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Christine Douthwaite (and Chance)

We'll be sure to keep you updated.........Merry Christmas!

UPDATE 1-7-13
Poor little Chance is going into surgery for his Intrahepatic Shunt with veterinary specialists at the University of Tennessee on Wed January 10th.  Please say a prayer for this little man.

UPDATE 1-12-13
Chance was admitted to University of Tennessee Teaching Hospital 1-10-13 for his surgery.  They kept him overnight and did a CT scan Friday morning prior to surgery.  While under anesthesia for the CT scan his blood pressure dropped and the surgeon decided to postpone his liver shunt surgery due to the complications. The anesthesiologist is studying and monitoring Chance's vital signs and figuring out the best procedure for surgery.  They have given him a protein infusion (because of his liver shunt) and are hoping to do the surgery next Friday 1-18-13.  Chance is doing very well today but please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he can have successful surgery next Friday.

UPDATE 1-29-13
Thank you so much for your concern.  Unfortunately, the clinic we have been working with had to close on Thursday and Friday of this past week due to an ice storm, so Chance's operation has been postponed (again), this time until March.

At this point in time, we are holding an appointment in Knoxville for the end of March.  However, because we've been rescheduled on three different occasions in Knoxville, we are also considering another option, and planning to set up an appointment for an alternative procedure for Chance.  Each of the veterinarians we have worked with have recommended a non-invasive coil placement procedure as the best, safest method to correct Chance's condition - however, there are increased costs to this procedure.  While the surgical occlusion that we had planned for is the second-most-recommended option, and the vets in Knoxville are the best at performing it, there is still a 20-25% mortality rate, as compared to a 2-3% mortality rate with the coil placement procedure.  Because we are forced to wait until March for Chance's surgery, we are stepping up our fundraising efforts in the hope we can raise the funds for the slightly more expensive procedure in New York, while still holding our appointment open in Knoxville.

I sincerely appreciate your immense gratitude, as well as your thoughts for Chance.  He's doing well on his multiple medications, and we are hoping that this long-winded process comes to a close in the near future.  This has been an immensely long and trying process, many difficult decisions to make, and you have truly helped both Chance and myself get through this.

Thank you so much,
Christine Douthwaite (and Chance)

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