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  Dogs In Need

If for some reason the surgery for a particular dog doesn't occur within 60 days, the funds donated for that surgery will go back into our general fund to help the next dog in need.  Thank you for helping us help all these dogs in need!


Chappie had his second surgery today and all went very well. 
Thank you for your support!
As soon as we have some photos/video of Chappie walking normally again I will send them to you. Best regards,
Jack Novoselski
SouthEast Beagle Rescue

UPDATE: 2-26-13
Here is a link to a short video on Chappie after his first surgery.  He has a vet check on March 7th to see if he has improved enough to schedule the surgery to repair his dislocated hip.

Chappie UPDATE 03/08/2013
 It has been just after 3 weeks since Chappie’s surgery to repair his broken left front leg.  Yesterday the sutures and staples were removed and Dr. Corona was very happy with Chappie’s progress.  The “plan” is now to wait two more weeks to give the bone in the left front leg time to get stronger and then perform the surgery to repair his dislocated hip.  Once Chappie has recovered from the hip surgery, Dr. Corona will probably remove the pin holding the front leg bone together so it does not migrate and interfere with the joint in that leg. Due to the complications the revise cost for Chappie’s medical expense is now $3650 against which we have $2610 collected/pledged.   I wish you could meet Chappie and see what a happy and loving boy he is even with all he has gone through. Thank you for helping us help Chappie!

Here is a video I took of Chappie today!

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