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UPDATE!  11-4-13
ChicoI wanted to give you great news about Chico. I took him to the vet today to get the pins removed. After two months, they're finally out!

Chico is doing incredibly well. His parents have done an excellent job at taking care of him and the bone healed nicely. Chico's leg is skinnier than the rest because the muscle atrophied a bit since he couldn't put weight on it. But I'm sure as you know, his leg muscles will be strong  soon enough :)

Once again, THANK YOU and your foundation's wonderful donors so much for helping Chico. You made the surgery possible and now, two months later, he's healed and back to normal :)

I'm attaching a photo and a video of Chico and his mom Angel. I took them when we picked him at the vet today. He was so happy...he definitely knew the pins were out :)

Take care,

UPDATE 9-5-13

Chico's back with his family! That puppy is the sweetest dog.  He was beyond excited when Angel and I went to pick him up at the vet.  He was so happy to see his mom. Anthony wasn't able to go with us.  But when we got back to the motel, Anthony was there, and boy, was Chico sooo happy! I'm so glad that the motel situation worked out and that Chico will be able to heal and recover indoors.  Not to mention that he'll be with his family while healing and that will do so much good to his recovery.  He'll be in so much better spirits. 

I'm attaching the pics that I took in the room. Including one of me. I guess it was finally time that you knew what I look like. :-)  It's not my best photo, but who cares! Chico was so happy and as soon as I sat down on the floor, he sat next to me. He knows how much I care about him and I know he's thankful in his own puppy way! 

The dog food that shows up In the background of this photo was generously donated by a woman who works on domestic violence issues. It's not only dogfood for Chico, but also for his kitten brother Bugaloo. She's a colleague of one of my colleagues, someone who I've never met before. I have been communicating with this woman through e-mail and phone, and I met her for the first time in person yesterday after work. I took her to where Angel was staying and she's going to help Angel, as in let her know about resources that will help. This woman works at a shelter that's very far from downtown Los Angeles, but she knows of places in the downtown area that can help Angel. This woman is also a dog owner. Her two dogs are her babies, so she understands the importance of the human-animal bond just like you and I do.  :-)

UPDATE  9-3-13
 Chico has had surgery and is doing really well!  He was so happy and excited to see his mom and kitten brother.  He was wagging his tail so hard! I'm attaching many photos, including ones of the x-rays before the surgery, and of the pins after the surgery.
Now the hard part starts, his recovery and aftercare.  Plus he WILL be neutered when the pins are removed! 

UPDATE  9-1-13
I wanted to give you an update on Chico.  A few hours ago I gave the motel owner the donation money and Chico and his family will be indoors for a month!  She's getting the room ready right now. A kind woman is letting them borrow her dog crate and she'll be dropping it off in a few hours.  Everything is finally falling into place. 

I got $87 in donations, and I'm saving that up towards the 3 extra weeks in the motel room that Chico will need. I really hope that the vet will give us the pain meds for free and I won't have to use these donations. I got these donations from two other women, who also helped pay for the motel room. My colleague donated the $500, but a month's rent in the motel is $575.  Their donations helped pay for the extra $75. I'm keeping the rest of their donations for Chico's aftercare, as I mentioned above, which includes more time in the motel.  Angel and Anthony are going to do everything they can to come up with the extra money themselves, but I'm sure they'll need extra help. Angel has already gone to one appointment with the disability office and has another one next Tuesday, but it'll be a while before she gets her benefits. Anthony is also looking for a job, and with this economy, that could take a while. 
The Mosby Foundation and your donor's have been this puppy's lifesaver.

Once Chico is in the room and situated, I'll take photos and I'll send them your way.


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