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UPDATE  6-4-14
DiamondI've had to take Diamond in a few times for enemas because she wasn't pooping because her stool was too soft to feel anything and I didn't even see her try.  Now they said lay off the Lactulose and she has been struggling for the last couple days so I have to bring her in again.  About to head to the vet now to discuss everything.

DiamondI just got back from the vet and the vet said Diamond’s colon is abnormally big and it allows her stool to pile up too big to where it cannot be pushed through. So I guess hopefully if I just make sure she's cleaned out every couple days the pattern will continue and she will do so on her own...


UPDATE  5-7-14

From Diamond’s owner....
Diamond started to throw up a little bit last night. I immediately called the vets and told them I didn't want to give her her last set of meds because it's too much compared to the amount of food she's actually consuming. Then I remembered it was yellow which I had looked up before which was the lining of her stomach. She use to throw up rarely in the middle of the night when she wouldn't eat so. So they told me to feed her chicken. She ate that. I made some more in about an hour and she ate some of it. She was trying to poop all night. A little whimper of frustration but not as far as pain. I just dropped her off at the vet. They said they will sedate and try to fix I guess. They had stretched the tubing farther back which perhaps made the hole smaller. So they will try to make it bigger. Just needed time to heal. Poor Diamond. Looks like this will be a long process.  

UPDATE:  5-5-14
I have been visiting Diamond. Unfortunately a few days ago she had  and opening that was infected. They had to sedate and close it up again followed by antibiotics. I thought I was taking her home today. The vet just called and said some tiny part of the tissue didn't look healthy so they had to sedate and try to cover it or something again. Still hasn't really pooped yet. She's still on softeners. But she said we will see and I can take her home tomorrow

Update:  April 30, 2014 —FUNDING CLOSED!

This precious little dog has had surgery thanks to so many caring people!  She is currently doing quite well, but will be at the vet hospital until Wednesday. Everyone at the hospital loves this happy little dog and her owner. It was a joy to help them...... We will post some post -surgery photos as soon as we get them. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and cared so deeply about this young all made this possible!Help Diamond

Diamond's Recovery Diamond's Recovery Diamond's Recovery


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