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  Dogs In Need

Harry Potter


Harry Potter is an adorable 4 16 week old puppy who is very sick and needs surgery.   He needs to be seen at Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine for most likely Porto systemic liver shunt surgery. Harry has “episodes” where he stops eating, becomes disoriented, runs into walls and things in the house.  His heart races, his eyes are open wide and scared, and his mouth won’t fully close. He is completely worn out for days until he has another episode.  His “Mom” is a single Mom who struggles daily with trying to make ends meet. She simply is out of  funds to help any further........ She is doing everything she can, but she and Harry needs our help.

8-12-14  UPDATE!

Harry is doing good. We’ve spent a lot of time napping since he came home, and he’s napping on my lap right now.

I think he’s one of the cutest puppies too.  And he’s so sweet, even when he’s licking my toes!!

He’s been sleeping through the night (wish I could) and has finished two of his meds.  He’ll be on the other three until we go back, and if his bile acid tests come back good, they will wean  him off of them.  I already made a re-check for November 4th, back at KState, so hoping it will be a good outcome.  His 4th year vet student already put it on her calendar so she can come see Harry.  And I made the appointment when his surgeon would be on the schedule too, so she will see how well he is doing.

Love the little guy.  He is such a sweet and loving puppy, and I’m so happy he has been able to get the surgery he needed!! 

Here’s pictures of Harry and his angels … April Haynes, his surgeon and Abbey Lindholm, his 4th year vet student.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

8-5-14  UPDATE
Newest update from Abbey.  She said Harry has perked up and is eating.  They still have him on some IV meds, they're slowly weaning him off them to the oral meds, and they think that was part of the problem with no appetite.  She said his lungs sound really good, and that he is just doing much better overall this evening.  So Yay!!!  Glad he's doing better!!  I asked when she thought he would come home, and she said it is Dr. Haynes decision..........  I’ll let you know!

8-4-14  UPDATE
Just getting a call from KState at 9 pm that Harry is doing better, stabilized, though not out of the woods yet.  They have 3 different meds plus pain meds hooked up to him via tubes in his tiny tummy, and they said he is sleeping some, but wakes up when someone comes to his cage.  He will be in the ICU until at least tomorrow night.  They said he is a fighter and we're all hoping tomorrow morning will be really good news!! It’s been one long day …..

8-4-14  UPDATE
Got a call from Harry's surgeon a little while ago and he has been vomiting up blood .... they have him still on pain meds, nd added antibiotics and antacids.  They also did an ultrasound to make sure the ameroid constrictor was placed right, and they saw no indication that it isn’t where it should be.  They think he may have portal hypertension, but it could just be inflammation from the surgery.  They said they will keep me informed, and that they will have to keep watch and see what Harry does.  Scared Mama here ..... :(    Sherri

8-4-14  UPDATE! 

Great UPDATE on Harry Potter!!  Harry is finally out of surgery and is in recovery!!  They said he did great and there were no complications!!  They neutered him while he was under, and did not find the foreign object in his stomach that the CT scan showed either.   It's been a long day, since he was originally suppose to have surgery this morning.  Harry will be in the ICU tonight and they'll keep monitoring his blood sugars too.  So happy!!!!!!


Great vet visit today!!  The main vet could not believe we brought the same dog in as we had there two weeks ago!!

Sounds like they want us to have him on meds at a minimum of another two weeks before we discuss surgery, so I’ll probably shoot for four weeks. I’ll try to have an appointment with the small animal people we’ve been dealing with then, and see if they will let us have an appointment that day also to talk to the surgical department and get that ball rolling. That will also give time to hopefully come up with all the funds for his surgery.  On the third page she wrote in that it is estimated to be between $2500-$3000. It would also include a 3-5 day stay in the hospital, and she said probably more the 5 days. They again said Harry would be totally spoiled by everyone who works there. That makes a Mom feel a lot better!!

I am so THRILLED with how this visit went, and so happy they were able to see the real Harry!! I’m hoping with the tweak in meds, he’ll continue to improve. They said he gained almost a whole pound, so I was happy about that. Before, there were days I couldn’t get him to eat at all, so this was a nice benefit to better med management.

So, HELP!!! Please help me help Harry!!!


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