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Louie12-6-13 UPDATE

Louie is resting comfortably.
Lou had this plastic cone around his head so he won't get at his stitches.
David at the vet told me they have inflatable ones at pet stores.  It was rough watching Lou not be able to move too much, let alone walk so I invested in one for $30.00. It attaches right to the collar and is very comfortable.

12-5-13  UPDATE
I would like to start by saying once again and never enough, thank you! Lou's liver was abnormally small and the blood vessels surrounding it were too fragile to perform the shunt surgery.  The positive we took from this is the fact that Lou can take meds and remain on a low protein diet and continue to have a happy life!  I am grateful that the surgeon made the decision to not move forward if doing so would have put Lou's survival rate under 50%. Dr. Kochin explained that even though Lou was a wonderful candidate for the surgery, he did need to get in there and see exactly what he was dealing with before making any decision.  He also said Lou had many many bladder stones and fabric in his stomach that needed to be removed.  The surgery was a success in many ways.  They're loving him there.  He's up and around and doing great today, and will come home hopefully tomorrow. He's such an awesome pet! The best ever! Once again,  we are so grateful to you and Mosby.

UPDATE  11-14-13
Louie's surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, December 4th!  We are still raising funds for it, so we are leaving the fund drive open....

....from Louie's family.....
I wanted to send you this picture of my daughter and Louie.
I'm so happy this is about to happen. We got the earliest possible surgery date. They wanted a Wednesdayand not a Friday (the days the surgeon does surgeries) because of the risk involved. They are also telling me what the preparations are we have to do. I think Lou may have to take meds for 1 weeks prior.
I'll find out within the next couple days.
Thank you for caring.
I will absolutely keep you posted. — Marilynn

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