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  Dogs In Need

If for some reason the surgery for a particular dog doesn't occur within 60 days, the funds donated for that surgery will go back into our general fund to help the next dog in need.  Thank you for helping us help all these dogs in need!

Click on the following dog's name for updates.
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CopperUPDATE: 2-24-15
Copper is doing wonderfully, thank you! The hardest part of his recovery is getting him to rest! He wants to run and play tug and fetch all the time! lol  He is going in on Monday to have his stitches removed. The incision site is healing well with no signs of infection, so that's great! He is having problems with very dry, itchy skin, especially where they had to shave him. The vet did take a skin scraping as well as a stool sample to check for parasites, thankfully they both came back negative. He was prescribed some medication for his dry skin and that seems to be helping. I'm looking forward to this spring when he can get out and run and play fetch without any pain!!  He jumped up on Phoenix's bed to sleep by him the same night he came home after having surgery! I had made a bed for him on the floor and Phoenix tucked him in with a pillow and blanket, but Copper wasn't having any of it. After Phoenix went to bed, Copper hopped over to his bed, jumped up, and cuddled with Phoenix and stayed there all night. We can't thank The Mosby Foundation enough for all you have done for Copper and our family!! Thank you!

UPDATE: 01-14-15

CopperCopper is home now from his surgery. The surgery went well. He's resting now. Thank you again for all of your kindness, generosity, and help!!!! I will keep you updated on his recovery. Thank you!!!!
Sincerely, Rachel & family

UPDATE: 12-30-14

We  can’t thank all of you enough for coming through for this sweet dog and wonderful family!   This has given Copper and his family the beginning of a great new start.  We simply couldn’t do any of this without your help!

THANK YOU and we all hope you have a safe, happy and wonderful New Year!

UPDATE: 12-26-14

We are so close to raising all of the money so Copper can get his surgery..............we are still $580.00 short.  If you haven’t helped Copper and his family and can afford anything, please help, every dollar helps!  We are at $1520 raised to date...........

12-18-14  FUNDING OPEN

This incredible family has had many years of struggles and challenges.  Without support from their father, their Mom is now raising 4 children by herself. She is also recovering from her own battle with thyroid cancer.  The one constant has been their loving therapy dog, a German Short-Haired Pointer named Copper, who is struggling with his own very painful challenge.  He is suffering from Osteochondritis Dissecans or OCD.  OCD is an abnormal development of the cartilage on the end of a bone in the joint. The diseased cartilage separates from the underlying bone and as you can imagine is extremely painful.  Having lost their home to foreclosure, plus all of Rachel’s hospital expenses, they simply can not afford sweet Copper’s surgery.  They have raised $750 by selling what few things they have left, but are still in need of raising $1,350.  Please help us help this courageous family keep their lovable pup healthy, happy and in their home where he belongs.

*The term osteochondrosis  is an abnormal development of the cartilage on the end of a bone in the joint. Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD or OD) is an inflammatory condition that occurs when the diseased cartilage separates from the underlying bone. It most commonly affects the shoulder joint but the elbow, hip, or knee (stifle) may also be involved.

Bailey & Cash


UPDATE 12-16-14
Cash & Bailey continue to improve with a very good diagnosis, however their vet bills also continue to rise.   Right now each dog has a vet bill over $10,000.   Please remember this family lost EVERYTHING they owned the night of the fire.  They are staying with relatives and still trying to recover from the horror of the fire and the loss.  And yet they count their blessings that they are ALL together as a WHOLE family.  Please help us help these two dogs and this family recover from this tragic loss by making any size donation possible.  100% of your donation will go towards Cash & Bailey’s tremendous vet care.

Funding Open:  11-18-14
The nightmare for this family began the night of their daughter’s 5th birthday.  The family was out celebrating the little girl’s birthday when they started getting frantic phone calls from their neighbors that their home was on fire. Bernadette screamed “Please get my dogs out of the house!”  The overwhelming fear and sadness they felt when they finally saw their dogs brought them to their knees.  Their home was completely gone and their dogs were barley hanging on with severe 2nd and 3rd degree all over their bodies.

Both dogs have been in the hospital for 7 weeks with Cash having 40% of the skin on his chest removed due to the depth of the burns and Bailey lost about 80% of the skin on her side.

The whole ordeal has been hard on everyone, but especially on their 5-year old daughter who is extremely attached to the dogs. They are their own little pack........   Bernadette and her husband decided not to let their daughter see the dogs until after the 7th week because it was so upsetting to look at them.  When they brought the dogs into the room the little girl backed into a corner, but when the dogs saw her............WOW!  She was covered in kisses and love like you wouldn’t believe. After that she was just as happy as them!

Both dogs are on their way to a full recovery, but their vet care is still ongoing and the bills are astronomical.  Please help us help this family have the nicest holiday possible.  They’ve lost everything they owned, but feel “blessed to be a WHOLE family.”

Please help us help them. Every dollar helps. 100% of your donation will go towards these dog’s tremendous vet care. 




Update On Hachi...........this is the little dog that couldn't hold himself up to even eat!  We thank all of you that helped fund his are simply the BEST!




Hi All, I am sorry I did not send an update last night. We had a lonnnnggg drive there.... what should have taken 2-hrs took us 4. The best part was seeing my little boy, they brought him in laying on his back in the students arms. He flipped his whole body when he heard my voice, the best moment ever-priceless...

Our drive home went much better than the drive there-- 2hrs. Hachi did well in the carrier, we got home gave his meds & he fell asleep he was very tired.

HachiThis morning he took his medication well with no signs of pain. He ate breakfast, drank lots of water & pottied without paws giving in & falling,. His posture is a little wobbly because he's still weak from surgery but so HAPPY to finally see this moment.

We will return in 3 wks for follow up, until then he is on STRICT bed rest. They need as much tissue as possible around pins & bone cement for added stability- resting helps.

I wanted to share the xray after surgery. This was taken to make sure they were all in place & aligned. Dr. Winger will send me an xray before surgery on Monday, once received I will share with you.

This is awesome.... These are pix of a custom neck brace made for Hachi so I can put on when he is taken out to potty for support.


Hello, Hatchi was in some pain last night & feeling a little nauseous so no solids. This morning he ate solids, did very well & kept down... Was carried out to potty & then put down, he shook his little body & off he wen,t did his business & NO FALLING... UC Davis is unbelievably AMAZING!!! If he continues to do well today he will be able to come home tomorrow but will be in a neck brace to support his neck until early next week when he returns to see the Dr...

God is great & so are ALL of you we would never had been able to do this without everyone's help & prayers. Thank You for caring & Loving my little boy...

UPDATE 11-6-14

Hachi's vet checking on him. So cute!



UPDATE 11-5-14

Hachi is out of surgery & doing well, a little difficult time breathing going to be put in ICU for close observation... They placed bone cement & 8 screws way more than they anticipated. We were not able to see him that the Dr did not want him to get excited especially having some difficulty breathing. She did take this picture for me- to see him awake made me cry of excitement... Thank You All for all the donations, prayers & love for my little boy- my family is forever in debt with The Mosby Foundation... You all have given my baby a 2nd chance at life...Hachi

UPDATE 11-4-14

Good Morning... Hachi was admitted yesterday, one of the hardest things to do. I received a call last night all labs look good, his liver is a little large which they believe it due to the Prednisone but functioning great. Dr mentioned from when we left about 15 others have given Hachi tons of kisses & love, they have already fallen in love with him, he has adjusted well.

I am now waiting for the call to let me know MRI has been done & he will be headed into surgery, I am headed over to hospital shortly. Dr said surgery will take several hours due to complexity & area "vertebrae". Pls pls pls keep Hachi in your prayers & thoughts, I myself have not been able to sleep.

UPDATE 11-3-14
HachiToday is the day we are off to UC Davis with our little boy Hachi. While we sat outside to enjoy a little sun yesterday he decided to pick up his head & just stare at me. It was the most beautiful moment because I honestly can not remember him holding his head on his own. Im sure he was trying to tell me he's a fighter & everything is going to be ok- he will be in the best of hands... I am still one scared mommy & would like to ask for all your Prayers & to please keep my Hachi in your thoughts... I will keep you posted.

HachiUPDATE 10-27-14
Because we were told my little boy will not be able to sleep with us until completely healed from surgery we decided to pull out our baby's mini crib, this is where he will sleep after surgery & released from hospital...

UPDATE 10-21-14



My mommy took a pic of me because I personally wanted to say Thank You for helping give me a second chance at what I hear is a pain free doggie life... My groomer has been praying for me, she even came to my home & gave Hachime a free hair cut so after surgery I will not have a heavy coat since mommy & daddy will not be able to brush me. Please THANK all those who donated towards my new journey in life & let them know mommy & daddy will take videos/pix before surgery & after to share with all if you... Woooovvveee for ALL that you have done...

Lucks & Smooches

UPDATE 10-20-14
GREAT NEWS!!!  We have reached the low end of the estimate for surgery thanks to all of our wonderful donors!  We are still keeping the fund drive open because there will be post surgery charges, plus the surgery itself can still cost more depending on how it goes once they begin.
We are so happy for Hachi and will let you know his surgery date once it is set. Again, without your help Hachi would not be getting this surgery at all!



UPDATE 10-21-14

Pumpkin PiPumpkin Pi is doing great and healing nicely.  Was pretty painful the first few days (and still a little bit).  But she never stopped wagging her tail and has remained at my side at all times despite everything.  This has been such a long, difficult road and so many folks have come together to help her, I am so deeply appreciative.  This surgery that Mosby Foundation helped make possible will have a life-changing effect on Pumpkin Pi - she will be free from those chronic ear infections/pain for the first time in her life - now, and for the rest of her life (just thinking about that, alone, is stunning).  She was a "throw-away" dog who had little chance of adoption to begin with and so much stacked against her, then to find so many people stepping up and rally to her aide in her new life is a powerful affirmation what what the human spirit is truly capable of.  Humans were the root cause of all her miseries, and, later, humans were her saviors.  Even through our current tough times, how much more wonderful can life get? 

Thank you, again, for your help and support.  Once back on my feet, I will continue to support your kind and generous organization and encourage others to do so.


Mary Long and Pumpkin Pi

Our sincerest thanks to all of you who helped Pumpkin Pi get her surgery!  She is scheduled for surgery on 10-14-14.  We will post updates on her as we get them............again thank you all so much!



LibbyUpdate:  12-8-14

Here's a new photo of Libby to let all who donated know how much good their generous hearts are doing our previous Libby! We are SO THANKFUL!

Update:  10-6-14

I brought Libby's file which is quite large to a new vet. He took the time to read through ALL of it
before seeing her. He feels we should treat her for the fungus aspergillosis. Even though she has tested negative for it in the past, she is not responding to any antibiotics anymore, and the steroids aren't helping much either.He feels it's her last option. The good news is, there is a drug out to treat it now, so she wouldn't have to go through the surgery of having a hole drilled through her nose and the fungal wash. He is going to confer with a Dr. that is very familiar with the drugs that are available for it and they are going to come up with a plan for

Libby Libby

Libby this week. He said it will not be cheap, but is is available at any pharmacy and it will take at least a month before we notice any changes in her and it could take up to 3-4 months of the drug to kill the fungus.

As you can probably imagine, I am very hopeful that this is the answer for our dear sweet Libby.

Dr.Zender said there is no reason for me to return to his office, he said there is no reason to pay for an office call when he has already checked Libby over and all he needs is an observation from me  and we will keep in  contact by phone while she is on the drug. He said, "I don't know how you found me, or what led you to me, but I'm glad it did and I hope I can help Libby"

So, let me know how we can proceed with the money left over for her from here. He will be calling Monday or Tuesday to get her started. I'd like to have some idea of how we will work it to tell him. Thank you so much, and all your wonderful generous donors!!!!

I took her to the Blessing of the animals on Saturday. That's where the pics are from! She was so good! All the dogs were barking like crazy and she just sat there like a lady! LOL!

Update:  10-8-14
WOW!  This has to be the most dedicated owner of a dog that I’ve encountered!  I just got off the phone with Sandra, and she said that the brand name of the medicine this vet wants to try for her is $1000.00!!!   The pharmacist called her to tell her this, and looked up the generic, which is $400, BUT, this pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy, so the pharmacist was able to compound it there in the store for $200.00, which was her cost!  


UPDATE 6-16-14
The surgery is on hold for at least 11 more weeks, but we are still raising funds to get Libby into surgery.  Below is an update from her owner...

I have raised $175.00 so far. I have one (I am hoping) large donation, pending. I talked to both Dr. Carey and Dr. Ward, two weeks ago and they wanted me to try Libby on the inhaler first before doing such an invasive surgery on her sinus'. So.... The Canine Aerosol Chamber cost $60.00 and the inhaler meds to put in it are $174.00, which she needs 2x daily (this is at cost). This will last 2 months.  So, once again, we are forging ahead and hoping for the best.

So far she is doing very well on the inhaler, but we can't lower her dosage of steroids until we have had her on it for 2 weeks. Tomorrow it will be one week. She leaks urine CONSTANTLY so I am very anxious to get this dosage down to 5mg. They hope this side effect of the steroid will stop once we hit that mark.

I don't know it if I told you or not, but we almost lost her a few weeks ago when we tried to take her down to 5mg of the steroid, she had a very bad reaction. She became very ill for about four days but rallied and looks and acts like a miillion bucks right now. This dog amazes me every day! She takes the inhaler like a champ, goes and gets a toy, wagging her tail, showing off the toy, smiling like, hey look at me, I did it! Then of course, she gets a cookie!

Thanks for checking in, and as always, thank you for caring.
Sandy and Libby


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