18 August 2003


News Virginian
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Dear Sir or Madame

“There Are Angels Among Us” are words from a beautiful and famous old song.  I don’t know all the words to the song, but those five have stuck with me for a long, long time..........Those five words have often caused me to wonder...........

I had the opportunity to meet Mosby for the first time two Fridays ago.  Actually it was the last Friday of his brief innocent life.

I had heard of Mosby for quite some time from the folks who saw him on a regular basis in downtown Staunton.  They had told me of how they would meet him on the street or how he would visit with them in their offices or how they would go by to see him at his owners place of business.  They all said that Mosby made a difference in their lives by the way he always made them feel better, no matter how good or how bad they already felt.  Each one would say that Mosby communicated with them in his own special way.  I had asked several of them if he had been named for the Confederate leader in the American civil war who was known as “The Gray Ghost”, but no one seemed to know.

On the day that I met Mosby, I was harried, hurried and hustling as I stopped by another office in downtown Staunton to complete a business transaction.  While I was there, Mosby stopped by for a visit with the person I was seeing.

Instantly, I was aware that I was in the presence of something magical, mystical and special.  It is virtually indescribable what happened in the office.  The person who was walking Mosby was all smiles and happy.  The atmosphere in the office instantly changed.  From a pleasant working business environment, the office changed immediately to a happy place.

After giving the person he was visiting a lick on the chin and a friendly, “Woo Woo!”greeting,  Mosby turned his attention to me, a complete stranger, and I got my own lick on the chin and my own “Woo Woo!” greeting.  He sat down on the floor next to me and leaned on my leg, allowing me to pet his head while his penetrating eyes looked deep inside of me.  Those eyes took away all of my cares for the moment as I took the time to “smell the roses”.

In that brief time, I knew that what others from downtown had been telling me was true.  Mosby did make a difference and now he had done it for me.  I felt better all day afterwards and I was looking forward to seeing him again.  Maybe I would stop by “his” store.

Unfortunately, that cannot now happen.  Mosby died a tragic death the following Thursday.

However, Mosby, wherever you are now, please know that to all of us who met you, even for the briefest of times as I did, you made a difference.  May we meet again.  This time will you be the hungry kitten along the street or the stray little dog on a back country road needing a home or the...........We will remember!

There is one other thing that you emphatically did.  You very easily proved a point, “There Are Angels Among Us!!!"

Kenny C. Craig
Middlebrook, Virginia