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Mosby's Story

The first of the two reversals in fortune that framed Mosby’s life occurred early on a morning in June 1997. At this time a callous and irresponsible person abandoned a puppy by the railroad tracks at a station in Florida. Terrified and confused, the puppy took refuge under a parked car near the tracks. Fortunately, as an Amtrack train groaned to a stop, the puppy fought off the impulse to bolt and run. For fifteen feet away, on the unpredictable hinge of fate, a door opened through which passed Carole Adams. Carole was on her way to Boca Raton to close out the condominium of her parents who had recently passed away. To ease the sadness of her trip, Carole decided to detrain in Dade City, FL to visit some family members. Thus fate, by its incomprehensible manipulation of time and space, put Carole within fifteen feet of the terrified puppy who later would be known as Mosby. At that moment, two souls became instantaneous winners in the lottery called life. Mosby won life-time rights to the greatest home he could ever have asked for and Carole won the love of her life.

On July 4, 1997 Mosby settled into his new home, a simple rustic cabin that was surrounded by the mountains of Marble Valley in western Virginia. His new family consisted of his savior Carole, a handful of canines, a pair of felines, half a dozen equines, dozens of ovine and one old grouch, Carole’s husband.

As dogs are known to do, Mosby was constantly reminded by his new canine brothers and sisters that he defined the bottom of the pecking order. But Mosby didn’t mind simply because, as all who knew him would quickly discover, he was devoid of any sense of social order. He simply loved and respected every creature that he met, be it two legged or four. His creed seemed to be that any mammal blessed with that spark called life is inherently good. What a romantic! He knew he had been given a second chance at life and he was going to make the most of it. Mosby had no time for rivalry, petty jealousies, bickering and the like. Shameless love was his game.

It was quickly obvious to all members of his extended family that Mosby possessed special social skills. Even his ewe sisters did not mind his presence. During lambing season the ewes granted Mosby free access to the lambing pens. They knew the worst they or their lambs could expect from this Malamute/Husky mix was a sloppy wet kiss in the face.

For years deer had been grazing in the back yard of Mosby’s home but would scatter at the hint of a dog in the area. But this was not the case with Mosby. If Mosby happened to be sunning himself where the deer wanted to graze, they simply stepped around him. Again, they knew their biggest threat was a sloppy kiss attack. It was not unusual to see Mosby napping in the back yard and surrounded by a dozen deer. Peaceful co-existence was a way of life with him.

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