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Donkeys as a rule do not tolerate the presence of dogs. But this was not the case with Mosby and his equine brothers and sisters. They too quickly recognized his benevolent saintly qualities. The donkeys not only tolerated his presence, they welcomed it. Often as Mosby approached the group, each in turn would lower his or her head to receive one of Mosby’s famous kisses. The traditional donkey-dog tension was nonexistent with that combination. Once again Mosby took a behavioral norm and stood it on its head.

When Mosby was about two years old, Carole began to take him to work with her at Sue’s gift shop in downtown Staunton. Mosby now had a new world to conquer with his charm: the world of people. Five days a week, like the Man of LaMancha, he rode into town to pursue his impossible dream, to love and be loved by all he met. It was a rare event indeed when a customer, upon seeing Mosby stretched out on the floor like a fluffy speed bump, could resist the urge to stop and pet him. By now Mosby was a hundred pound fluffy pillow with a multicolored coat of long fine hair comparable only to that of the finest cashmere. To one end of the “pillow” was attached a handsome face accented by a constant impish smile and blue/brown soulful eyes. To the other end of the “pillow” was attached a long, thick luxurious white tail. He was the perfect poster boy for the virtues of hybrid vigor. Mosby would never have won “Best In Class” at Madison Square Garden, but many would argue he was the class of any of the Garden’s best.

Thus physically and emotionally blessed, Mosby began his adventure into the world of people. He showered love and kisses on all he met. From babies to the elderly, from the disadvantaged to the social kingpins, Mosby was shamless in his love for one and all.

Mosby’s home away from home, Staunton, is well known for its picturesque well preserved historic district. Since North-South Interstate 81 and East-West Interstate 64 intersect in Staunton, the town is a natural rest stop for the motoring public. Tourists who happened to stop by Sue’s shop often planned their return trip to include another “Mosby moment.” If the tourists had children, the return for a “Mosby moment” was often mandatory. Many a poor parent had the burden of explaining to their child or children why they couldn’t take Mosby home with them.

Mosby could warm anyone’s heart. This was no less true for the men who happened by. One scene was often repeated over the years. As Mosby greeted the men who came into the shop, most would respond with a manly hug of the big dog. Mosby, of course, would respond like Mount St. Helens, spewing forth love and kisses for his new found best friend. The object of Mosby’s affection would often explain with manly pride to the audience of this performance how he had always had a magical way with dogs. Those in the audience that knew Mosby politely held their smiles until the man left. Shucks, everyone knew Mosby would have done the same for Mephistopheles himself.

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