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The heartwarming public response to Mosby’s death came in so many special ways. A neighbor’s children sent Carole their crayon tribute to Mosby. A business man from North Carolina took time from his hectic schedule to write a poetic tribute to Mosby. A most wonderful gentleman from Paris, France sent many letters of condolence, including one on the first anniversary of Mosby’s death. Who can forget the stranger from the Washington, DC area who was so enraged by the Mosby story in the Washington Post he immediately drove the 150 miles to Staunton and contributed $500 to The Mosby Fund. To help in the healing process, a dog breeder from Waynesboro offered Carole the pick of any of the several litters the breeder was expecting.

Many kindhearted people sent money as well as cards and letters. The money has been used to assist in the medical treatment of rescued dogs. So far this Fund has saved several dogs from certain euthanasia. Each of them is now in loving and permanent homes. The Charlottesville SPCA alerted Carole to a wonderful mixed breed dog who tested positive for heartworm. The Mosby Fund paid for the treatment and the dog is now healthy and placed with Central Virginia All Breed Rescue.

In February 2004 the man who shot Mosby was tried and convicted by a jury of his peers of Felony Animal Cruelty. He was fined $1,500 but received no jail time. With respect to Virginia Law, the felony conviction was precedent setting. Within hours of the conviction, Fox News and MS-NBC News ran the story of the conviction nationally. There is some comfort in knowing that Mosby’s death and the resultant public outcry demonstrated that most people have zero tolerance for anyone who acts with cruelty and malice towards companion animals.

To insure that Mosby’s legacy of kindness and compassion to all he met endures, Carole and friends have established “The Mosby Foundation”. The purpose of The Foundation is to raise money by contributions from like-minded souls for the purpose of giving rescued, sick, injured, neglected or abused dogs the second chance in life that Mosby was given. Mosby’s second chance life touched so many people in such a positive way. Surely there are other such angels out there in need of a helping hand.

-The Old Grouch

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