Help for Ellie – Aransas Pass, TX

Funding Closed.

Ellie is a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer that was diagnosed with MMM and quickly developed lock-jaw. The primary treatment was steroids and at the beginning of September she began to show signs of remission. Unfortunately, the medication that helped cure one disorder has caused another to develop. Ellie now has a hyperactive salivary gland that forms a mucus filled sac on the affected side of her face and is in need of surgery to drain the sac and adequately remove the affected salivary glands.

Ellie’s family is from Aransas Pass, TX and they have exhausted all of their financial resources to fix their home and family business which was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. They simply don’t have any funds left to pay for this very expensive surgery to help their beloved 2 year old Ellie.

Ellie’s prognosis after surgery is excellent for a happy and healthy life that she so desperately deserves!

Please send your donations, marked Ellie, to The Mosby Foundation, PO Box 218, Deerfield, VA 24432, or use the PayPal button below.

Any donation is greatly appreciated by us, this family, and especially sweet Ellie!

Carole Adams
Executive Director/Founder

The Mosby Foundation
PO Box 218
Deerfield, VA 24432