Update on Pluto!

We wanted to update everyone about Pluto from Summersville, WV. We are happy to report that Pluto’s family was able to provide him with laser treatment therapy. He responded well and we are all excited about his recovery and bright future ahead!

In the meantime, we have another dog that requires a much needed surgery. Storm is a sweet 11-month-old Dogo Argentino that lives in Sunrise, FL. She is in need of bilateral angular limb deformity surgery. As an emotional support dog for her disabled mom, it is so important that she stay active and pain-free not only for her sake but also for her mom’s day-to-day well-being. Several family members and friends have rallied to contribute what they could to ensure that Storm receives the best care possible. Her aunt has established fundraisers throughout the community to help Storm receive her much needed procedure.

Because of your contributions, Storm will receive her first of two surgeries on the leg that is in need of immediate attention. As we learn more about her surgery and post-surgical recovery, we will keep you posted on her progress. 

Thank you so very much for your assistance in assuring pups like Storm and Pluto receive a second chance at a happy and pain-free life!