A Note From Carole

Carole-ARCAlbert Schweitzer once said, “Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.” We wish everyone who buys a puppy from a pet store or online could see the conditions puppy mill dogs live in. Our feature story is only one example of that horrible industry. Literally thousands of puppies are born under similar circumstances in this country every year, and the breeding dogs languish in cages, cruelly disposed of when their bodies can no longer sustain yet another delivery.

We at The Mosby Foundation were joyful that those dogs in a nearby puppy mill were rescued. They are now getting the treatment and ongoing care they need and being adopted into loving homes. We are proud to have made a substantial contribution to that life-giving care. You, our donors and supporters, were our silent partners in this effort, silent but absolutely essential. Through your support, you have enabled us to provide life-saving treatment for so many dogs across the country. The letters in this issue from the grateful families of these dogs tell the story of your generosity. As we enter 2015, we ask that you continue to be our partners in the mission of helping dogs in need, by making a contribution of any size. We also request that you help educate your friends, coworkers or anyone who does not know about the evils of puppy mills. We ask all to refrain from buying dogs from these sources that help perpetuate this business and to report any suspected puppy mills. Let’s continue working together to make 2015 a year of love and blessings for our wonderful canine companions!

In honor of all dogs,
Carole Adams
President and Founder