A Note From Carole

Carole-AdamsEverything changes. For far too many dogs, living conditions and their health progressively deteriorate. As our story on “Beau” painfully illustrates, neglect becomes abuse when a dog is left totally uncared for and untreated. Beau was kept alive by being fed, but that was the extent of his care. As a result, his 10-lb. body, riddled with intestinal worms, could barely move because of a mountain of overgrown, knotted hair. He was wracked with painful growths, and his vision was allowed to deteriorate to near blindness.

On the other hand, our other story on “Ruby Two Shoes, and our many “Gimme Shelter” stories,  show loving families, desperate to get their beloved dogs the care they need but which they cannot afford.  While all the dogs helped by The Mosby Foundation get the necessary care ultimately, outcomes and longevity vary widely.  If only the people who had Beau had cared enough to seek treatment, he could have been spared many years of wretched misery. Others contacting us as soon as the need a rises, ensure their dogs have the opportunity for as long and healthy a life as possible. What a contrast!

We are always grateful for your support of our work in any amount.  Generous donors make possible the help we are able to extend, both to abused dogs and those who have loving, caring families seeking funding to provide needed care for  their canine family members. Please continue helping us to help them.

In honor of all dogs.