ADDIE’S HOPE – Addison, AL

Funding Closed.
Update:December 15, 2017

Addie has been having so much fun! She has been doing great! She’s such a sweet happy girl! I don’t know what we would have done without Mosby and all the kindhearted souls that donated to Addie in her time of need. Thank you so very much everyone!

Sue Themann
Addison, AL

Need: $1500 to $2,000

Surgery:  Distal Physeal Fracture of the Femur & Contra lateral proximal tibual fractures

On Sunday October 8th I got a call from our local police department. A dog had been found trapped in a culvert pipe.  The poor thing was trapped in the debris that had been washed into the pipe. She was exhausted barely able to keep her head above the water. When they finally got the dog out she was hurt and unable to stand. They tried to call several rescues to take her with no luck. Their only other option would have been the county “shelter”. Once the shelter saw that she couldn’t stand she would have been euthanized. Knowing I am in rescue our local police department called me.

All I could see in the back seat of the cruiser was a bundle of blankets with a little black nose sticking out. As I pealed back the layers I could feel her shaking. She was very cold and obviously in shock. Her back legs were very swollen. When I ran my hands over them I could feel some broken bones. I know I had to be causing her pain, but all she did was whimper and lick my hand. I wrapped the blankets back around her and gently placed her in my truck.

I named her Addie’s Hope. A tribute to the guys who worked so hard to rescue her. In the morning we went to the local vets office. When Addie’s x-rays were hung up my heart sank. Not only did she have multiple hairline fractures in her hip but also in the head of both femur bones. Addie had a break in the left leg below the knee that wasn’t too bad. It was her right leg that was the worst. It was broken completely through just a hair above the knee joint right above the growth plate. It was clear we were going to need a vet with osteopathic expertise. I took her to Cullman, AL where the surgeon assured me that he could fix her legs with surgery and she should be fine.

The next afternoon Addie’s Hope was ready to come home. She was very tired from her whole ordeal but still she wiggled her stumpy little tail when she saw me.  Thankfully I have a quad wheelchair. Addie wasn’t crazy about it at first. Then she figured out how to move it and off she went! The next week she was pulling herself up on her own. Addie was walking mainly on her front legs and using her hind legs for balance. 

I run a small rescue and pick up a lot of animals on my mail route in rural Tennessee.  The bill for Addie’s surgery is $1,500 and we are looking at rehab and more surgeries down the road. Thankfully the men at the police department were so moved by this little girl that they have even contributed towards her surgeries.  Unfortunately another person who made a sizable pledge has never come through with it.

Please help me help this sweet little girl who is such an inspiration to our town.  If you would like to see this precious girl get out of her wheelchair please help us help Addie.