Annie – Frederick, MD

Annie is an 8 year old German Shepherd from Frederick, MD with Anal Sac problems and needed it removed.  Annie had her surgery on 6/10/16.  She was having her pre-surgery tests and the  the vet found she had a bit of infection.  Dr. Gauthier stated all was well for surgery, but felt like it was necessary to go ahead and do the surgery right away since there was a possibility of a very big tumor behind the anal gland.  Update:  The surgery went very well and Annie is up and moving around with the much hated cone, which she is not crazy about; doing great and feeling much better as you can see in her eyes.  Thank you  for making this possible for us, Annie and I are both greatly relieved and very happy.

 Update: 6/30/16

Annie is improving but did have a bit of setback when an infection developed in the incision area . She is now on antibiotics and doing much better has a follow up at Vet office 7/6/16.