Financial Aid


We simply DO NOT have the funds to help pay for diagnostics, general and/or routine veterinary care, or dental cleanings.  

We are not equipped to respond to emergency situations.

It is our requirement that all dogs we help be spayed/neutered prior to our providing financial assistance. In rare cases when physically possible, this can be done at the same time as the needed medical treatment IF the treating veterinarian will perform the sterilization at the same price as a low cost spay/neuter clinic.

If your dog has an emergency, consider searching on line for agencies that can help by searching, “Canine Emergency Veterinary Assistance.” In some areas, this may pull up The Mosby Foundation. We regret that we cannot respond immediately to emergencies and urge you to search elsewhere if you find yourself in a life/death situation requiring immediate attention.

Please be advised that we also do not pay for treatment that has already been performed. If your dog has already had surgery, been treated, etc., we do not help with those incurred vet bills. If applicants qualify, we may provide assistance with treatment that is needed but has not yet been performed.It is our requirement that all dogs in the family must have been sterilized or are scheduled to be spayed or neutered in the near future.

We regret that funding limits us from helping all that apply. It also limits us to helping one individual, family, or rescue to one time only.

The Mosby Foundation would like to help everyone who asks for aid. However, this is simply not possible. Due to the overwhelming number of applications we receive daily and the limited funds we have to work with, we simply cannot help everyone. Our priority for accepting an application for funding will continue to be a critical situation confirmed by a licensed veterinarian either by fax or phone.

Funds pledged will be available for 60 days after the date they were originally pledged.  After that time they will not be available.

The pre-application MUST be filled out entirely before we can consider you for any financial aid assistance.  Please do not send us a separate e-mail instead of filling out the pre-application because it only delays hearing back from us.  We will simply ask you to fill this out before we can proceed.  It saves everyone a LOT of time!

Click here for pre-application

Our Mission Statement:

The Mosby Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, to assist in the care of critically sick, injured, abused and neglected dogs through financial support and public education.

The Mosby Foundation is totally funded by donations and run by a committed group of volunteers.

The Mosby Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization specializing in paying medical expenses for sick, abused and neglected dogs. Many of these dogs have been abandoned with  no one to speak on their behalf, or to help them live the lives all dogs are meant to live. Others have owners with limited means for providing adequate medical attention for their pets. Completion of an application requesting financial assistance is required.  Verification of medical need and medical services is made with the attending veterinary hospital.  Each request is reviewed individually to determine the amount of funding the applicant could receive. Payment is made directly to the attending hospital.  The Mosby Foundation also offers the following programs for assistance:  Spay/Neuter fund and Humane Education for elementary schools.