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UPDATE 12-16-14

Cash & Bailey continue to improve with a very good diagnosis, however their vet bills also continue to rise.   Right now each dog has a vet bill over $10,000.   Please remember this family lost EVERYTHING they owned the night of the fire.  They are staying with relatives and still trying to recover from the horror of the fire and the loss.  And yet they count their blessings that they are ALL together as a WHOLE family.  Please help us help these two dogs and this family recover from this tragic loss by making any size donation possible.  100% of your donation will go towards Cash & Bailey’s tremendous vet care.

Funding Open:  11-18-14
The nightmare for this family began the night of their daughter’s 5th birthday.  The family was out celebrating the little girl’s birthday when they started getting frantic phone calls from their neighbors that their home was on fire. Bernadette screamed “Please get my dogs out of the house!”  The overwhelming fear and sadness they felt when they finally saw their dogs brought them to their knees.  Their home was completely gone and their dogs were barley hanging on with severe 2nd and 3rd degree all over their bodies.

Both dogs have been in the hospital for 7 weeks with Cash having 40% of the skin on his chest removed due to the depth of the burns and Bailey lost about 80% of the skin on her side.

The whole ordeal has been hard on everyone, but especially on their 5-year old daughter who is extremely attached to the dogs. They are their own little pack……..   Bernadette and her husband decided not to let their daughter see the dogs until after the 7th week because it was so upsetting to look at them.  When they brought the dogs into the room the little girl backed into a corner, but when the dogs saw her…………WOW!  She was covered in kisses and love like you wouldn’t believe. After that she was just as happy as them!

Both dogs are on their way to a full recovery, but their vet care is still ongoing and the bills are astronomical.  Please help us help this family have the nicest holiday possible.  They’ve lost everything they owned, but feel “blessed to be a WHOLE family.”

Please help us help them. Every dollar helps. 100% of your donation will go towards these dog’s tremendous vet care.