Bravo Archive

Bravo Fall 2017

Thanks to CRACK THE CODE ESCAPE ROOM, LLC for hosting a special event to raise funds to support our mission of helping dogs in need.  You all ROCK!!

DR. STACY REEDER, YVONNE COFFEY, DAVID FITT, ANDREW MOOMAW, RENEE HERRELL AND CAROLE ADAMS for working so hard at Dayton Days!  A giant THANK YOU to all of you who supported us during this event…..We ALL made a difference for a lot of dogs in need!

Bravo Spring 2017

GREYHOUNDS ROCK! and they truly do!  We cannot thank this organization enough for their very generous donation of $2,000 for our Armani/Schaffer Memorial Cancer Fund.  These funds will help so many dogs fight this number one killing dog disease.  YOU ALL ROCK!!  (can you use their logo?)

Our locally owned DOMINO’S PIZZA is the absolute BEST!!  Thank you all so much for your support for all of these years………….Your team is AWESOME!!  (Marcia, can you use their logo off their website?)

PETCO FOUNDATION is always there for the dogs and for us!  Thank you so much, once again, for your very generous donation to help us help dogs battle cancer.

KENNY CRAIG, for volunteering his time and talent getting us signed up with Virginia Capital Campaign……….THANK YOU KENNY!

(Marcia, We need to make sure we use the Petco Foundation logo and not the regular Petco logo, which is the retail side of Petco)  And in a special box can you thank them as follows:

The Mosby Foundation truly values our partnership with Petco Foundation and Petco Store partners as organizational supporters for our lifesaving purpose to assist in the care of critically sick, injured, abused and neglected dogs.

Bravo Winter 2017

PEYTON MOORE & SUE BERNTSON for setting up a table at both Petco, The Antique Mall, & Jakes in order to collect funds to help us help dogs in need…… two ROCK!!!

BECCI HARMON, for putting together a matching fund drive in honor/memory of TUFFY, Jay and Andi Miner’s “little buddy.”  We also want to thank BIG VALLEY LAW, MARTIN & HAHN, ROBERT HAHN, ALLISON NEAL, ROBERT KEEFER, and KIM MORRIS – ARTIST EXTRORDAINAIRE!

Bravo Fall 2016


BECKY LANE for making a wonderful table cloth with our logo on it for all of our events. It’s so darn cute……….THANK YOU!!

BECCI HARMON for generously volunteering to work an event at Tractor Supply and getting the word out about what we do!

BOXER RESCUE & ADOPTION, INC., RESTON, VA for giving so generously to the flood pet victims of West Virginia. Kudos to these wonderful rescued Boxers……JACKSON, GUNNER, LUNA, CALYPSO,



DR. STACY REEDER, who spent hours baking all the incredible dog treats we sold at Dayton Days. We don’t know how you find the time to do all you do! WOW!!!

CAROL JACKSON & VICKI EDELMANN for working our booth at Pets in the Park. You two ROCK!!

KAUFMAN AND CANOLES employees TONIA MOORE, LAURA RAIT, NORA KOPACKI, LYDIA MUGLER, and WINTHROP SHORT for their wonderful donation to help us help dogs in need. THANK YOU!

GAIL BROWN for making all the adorable dog scarves we sell……… are AWESOME!

DAYTON DAYS volunteers, David Fitt, Andrew Moomaw, Stacy Reeder, Carole Adams, and Gail Brown. This is such a busy and fun event and we could not have done it without each and everyone of you! You all ROCK!!

Bravo Summer 2016

KENNY CRAIG, for volunteering to get us signed up with the Virginia CVC program.

DAVID FITT, for volunteering to speak at the KIWANIS about our foundation, picking up and delivering pet food from Rescue Bank of the Blue Ridge , and attending several Community Foundation workshops.

JENNIFER WOOD MONROE, for volunteering to attend several Community Foundation workshops

CAROLE ADAMS, for volunteering to attend several Community Foundation workshops, attending the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies conference, and working the Petpawlooza dog event.

KARIN MAGNO, for volunteering to attend the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies conference

STACY REEDER, for volunteering to work the Petpawlooza dog event.

BEVERLY FAULKENBERRY, for volunteering to work the Tractor Supply Purina Days event ,attending a Community Foundation workshop, and being our volunteer Spay/Neuter Program Coordinator

RENEE HERELL, for applying for a grant to help fund our spay/neuter assistance program, for volunteering to work the Tractor Supply Purina Days event, and being our volunteer Spay/Neuter Program Administrator

VICKI EDELMANN, for volunteering to work the Petpawlooza dog event and securing our calendar sponsors

ANGELA BROWN & JILL RINACA, for volunteering to handle our wonderful Pet Food program with Rescue Bank and helping so many rescues, shelters and pet food banks in Virginia and West Virginia

GAIL BROWN, for volunteering to be our bookkeeper

MICHAEL SCHAFFER for volunteering to apply for our medical grants

DAN BOWMAN, for volunteering to do all of our IRS, State and financial reports we need

MARCIA BUTLER, for volunteering to do all of our graphic work & this wonderful newsletter!

CONNIE SPITLER, for volunteering to do all the hard work on putting such a great Mosby calendar together

CAROL JACKSON, for volunteering to help rescue dogs, take them to local vets for vetting, collecting and delivering pet supplies and anything else we need!

SUSAN VINCENT, for volunteering to help a local man battling cancer with his two dogs and one cat

ROBIN EASTHAM, for coordinating a pet food drive and then driving all the supplies to Rainelle, West Virginia after the devastating floods in June 2016. Rainelle is a town of 1,500 and 15 of the 23 people who died in these floods all came from this little town

PETCO for helping us with supplies to send to the pet flood victims of West Virginia

VICKI EDELMANN, JILL RINICA, CAROL JACKSON & CAROLE ADAMS for volunteering to work the Petco event to help collect donated items to be taken over to the pet flood victims of Greenbrier County, West Virginia

SAM & DORY GAMBLE for volunteering to pick up all the donations from the Petco event and drive them to Greenbrier County Humane Society in West Virginia. That’s a long haul over the mountains!

To anyone we may have forgotten……….We truly apologize! Please let us know because we don’t want to leave anyone out. We value your time and help! Also, as you can see we are ALWAYS in need of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know what you would like to do and what kind of time you have to volunteer.

Bravo Winter 2016

RENEE HERRELL for setting up our information booth at the Staunton Parks & Recs event in August.  THANKS so much Renee!!

GAIL BROWN, for hosting our appreciation farewell to KATHRYN DOBYNS, who resigned after 9 years on The Mosby Foundation board of directors.  THANK YOU for you wonderful service and friendship Kathryn!

CONNIE SPITLER, for her continued volunteer work as The Mosby Foundation’s calendar graphic artist.  This upcoming year’s 2016 calendar is AWESOME!