Bravo Spring 2017

GREYHOUNDS ROCK! and they truly do!  We cannot thank this organization enough for their very generous donation of $2,000 for our Armani/Schaffer Memorial Cancer Fund.  These funds will help so many dogs fight this number one killing dog disease.  YOU ALL ROCK!!  (can you use their logo?)

Our locally owned DOMINO’S PIZZA is the absolute BEST!!  Thank you all so much for your support for all of these years………….Your team is AWESOME!!  (Marcia, can you use their logo off their website?)

PETCO FOUNDATION is always there for the dogs and for us!  Thank you so much, once again, for your very generous donation to help us help dogs battle cancer.

KENNY CRAIG, for volunteering his time and talent getting us signed up with Virginia Capital Campaign……….THANK YOU KENNY!

(Marcia, We need to make sure we use the Petco Foundation logo and not the regular Petco logo, which is the retail side of Petco)  And in a special box can you thank them as follows:

The Mosby Foundation truly values our partnership with Petco Foundation and Petco Store partners as organizational supporters for our lifesaving purpose to assist in the care of critically sick, injured, abused and neglected dogs.