Buddy Update!

So many generous donors rallied around Buddy and we are so happy to announce that he will receive his Total Hip Replacement Surgery on July 2, 2018!  Thank you to all that donated to his cause!  His family is over the moon with excitement knowing that he will be on the road to recovery soon!  Please join us in wishing Buddy a successful surgery an a swift recovery!  We will keep you all posted as we learn more! 


Buddy was diagnosed on April 27, 2018 with hip dysplasia in both hips. Unfortunately, his left hip is in terrible condition and he is in need of a total hip replacement very soon. The veterinarian believes without surgery he will be completely unable to walk within the next 24 months. Buddy was rescued from the county animal shelter when he was just 11 weeks old and has become a very special part of his forever family. He loves to take car rides any chance he gets and playing with all of his siblings, both two and four legged, when his body allows.  His family wants nothing more than for Buddy to be able to run and play, pain-free!  Will you help this little guy get the surgery he needs so he can play like all puppies should?