Cancer Survivor: Ping

Louisville, Ky


A successful marketing executive, Kim became disabled when two tractor trailers totaled her car and smashed her spine. Through it all, Ping, a black Shih Tzu, was right by her side. Now on disability, Ping saw her through three painful spinal surgeries, nudging her along toward recovery. “He’s a gem,” she said simply.


Ping Meyer4, Louisville, KYPing was also there for her very young niece, Allyia, who had a chronic illness. Unable to use her arms, her thin hands were placed on his fur and she would squeal with excitement. Ping was also her official bodyguard. All of the healthcare workers had to pass his inspection before he would let anyone near her. To the end of Allyia’s short life at the age of nine, Ping was her steadfast companion.


It was also Ping who lay at the feet of Kim’s friend, who was dying of stage four lung cancer. The man looked to Ping for comfort and joy until he passed away.


Yes, in the 11 years that Kim and Ping had been together, they had witnessed a lot of sorrow. But what made her life a joy through it all was Ping. He adored her and neither liked to be separated from the other. As part of their time together, the two took a daily walk. That’s when Kim noticed that Ping was urinating more than usual and his stools were loose.


Thinking he had a urinary tract infection, she took Ping to the vet. It would take many more tests at the expense of wiping out Kim’s small savings account, to learn the horrible truth. Ping had retroperitoneal spindle cell sarcoma, a slow growing tumor.


The shock of the diagnosis and Kim’s inability to pay for the surgery was paralyzing. The dog that had been the source of joy in heart wrenching times was now in desperate need. Kim would not let him die without trying to do everything she could to help him.


Her life became a blur as she applied for financial aid for her beloved companion. When she heard from The Mosby Foundation, she was overjoyed. Kim told us frankly, “I could not have had the surgery without The Mosby Foundation’s help.”


And we could not have helped her without a grant from Blue Buffalo and the Petco Foundation. We were delighted to be part of the team that offered Ping the financial support he needed!


Ping1Ping’s surgery removed the mass, but the finger-like projections that wrapped around the portal vein, the main vein that allows dogs to eliminate waste, could not be removed without significant risk to Ping.


Although, it wasn’t the news that Kim wanted to hear, it still meant that she and Ping have significant more time together. “What you have given us is so far beyond financial support. You have given us more time together and there is not enough money in the world to equal that!”


We love hearing that.