Mosby’s Mail Archive

Mosby’s Mail – Fall 2017

 I wanted to thank you for giving me another 2 + years with Coco.  With help from the wonderful Mosby Foundation and her surgeon’s skill she did so well until she succumbed to bloat. She was my therapeutic emotional support dog as I am a Disabled American Veteran suffering from PTSD, severe depression, and suicidal […]

Mosby’s Mail Summer 2017

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the grant for Jarvis’s leg amputation.  Jarvis had his surgery and I’ve been hoping his fur would grow back so we’d have some cute photos to send you soon, hence the delay. It’s still a little bald but he is fully recovered and able […]

Mosby’s Mail Spring 2017

I just want to reach out and once again, thank you and The Mosby Foundation for the wonderful things you do to help animals in need.  Clearly, you and your team get great things done every day. Of all the organizations we donate to, The Mosby Foundation is truly making a difference! (Thank You!) Please […]

Mosby’s Mail Winter 2017

This is the best news! Thank you so much for pledging Zelda this grant. I couldn’t be more grateful and humbled by this! With the warmest thanks, Sarah and Zelda Mae Sacramento, CA     It’s been over a year since we discovered that Trudy needed her eyes removed. You folks were instrumental in helping […]

Mosby’s Mail – Fall 2016

Thank you for your help so very very very very very very very VERYmuch. Today is my lucky day! I just called the dermatologist because I wanted to confirm Kona’s eye ulcer had healed enough for surgery. Thank you for your help so very very very very very very very much. Deanna Devaney Roslindale, MD […]

Mosby’s Mail Summer 2016

I thank you for your help with Oreo’s double eye surgery. He is so content now & no longer suffering. He & my family thank you for making it possible. Thank You, Hope Sewell Lynn, MA Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Aurora‚Äôs surgery went well. She had a huge mass removed. […]