Cedric – Lancaster, CA

Cedric is a 8 year old male Pit Bull  from Lancaster, CA  who has a very large soft tissue growth under his armpit and it is very uncomfortable because it rubs the torso causing it to become raw.  Cedric was gotten as a puppy by the owner’s son and when he decided to move out he left Cedric with his mom who wasn’t quite sure about taking care of a dog by herself.  However, since she’s had him she has become very attached, says he  makes her unbelievably  happy, and is now her best friend.

“Thank you so very very much for your pledge in helping the love of my life and my only companion my boy…Cedric…He has a good gentle soul and is so  goofy…He loves life……He means so very much to me…You are angels on earth…Thank you….and God Bless… “ says Marie.

 What a loving family indeed.  Nothing better than a woman and her best friend.