Coco- Annandale, VA

Virginia Tech has assigned a student to update me twice daily on Coco’s status and progress. As of today, she is able to support herself on her front legs with the assistance of hospital staff supporting her rear legs with a harness.  Yesterday morning she could not support her front legs. This morning she improved on a test the staff does by pinching the nerves along her spine to determine her ability to feel superficial pain.

Without the funds you provided through the Mosby Foundation and your assistance in securing additional funds via the Sergei Foundation, Coco would not be alive today.  Even with four pain medications, Coco was still in a substantial amount of pain.  I was filled with sadness as I was prepared to put her to sleep this past Friday if I was not able to secure emergency funds.   Miss Coco and I will be forever grateful.

Attached is a photo I took of Coco just before she was wheeled away to be prepped for surgery.  I look forward to sending you a picture of her standing on her own and emailing you a link to a video on Youtube of her finally walking again.  Her recovery is expected to take six to eight weeks.

With much gratitude,
Maria and Coco
Annandale, VA