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With the help and support of fellow committed dog lovers, we are making small steps towards successfully funding the medical treatment of dogs in need.  However, we urgently need donations on a scheduled basis.

Can you spare .34 cents a day to save a dog’s life….or more?
Now you can help dogs in need everyday of the month!  With a scheduled donatin of just $10.00 (or more)  per month, you can help us provide loving care all year round.  And we desperately need your love of dogs to continue our work.

We are thrilled that private citizens and respected organizations are asking us for help.  That’s why we are here!  We want to help.  But as our reputation grows for helping those in need, our funds become more critical. Your generosity is a vital part in The Mosby Foundation.  The more you give, the more dogs we can help. Remember we are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization and financial donations may be tax deductible under sections 170, 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Please consult with your tax advisor for futher clarification regarding the deductibility of your donation.

If you work for a company that matches its employee’s gifts, please obtain a matching gift form from your Human Resources department and enclose it with your contribution.

Your continued support makes our work possible, and for that the dogs simply can’t thank you enough.

We need you!  Please give today!

To make a monthly or quarterly donation, please follow the steps below……

This is incredibly easy, and usually free, at any modern bank, because they want you to bank on-line.   Every bank has its own system, but in general it works like this:

  1. From your home or other computer, go to your bank’s on-line banking site and log in.
  2. Go to its “make payments” section.
  3. Enter The Mosby Foundation  and our address as a Payee.  (PO Box 218, Deerfield, VA 24432)
  4. Select us as payee.
  5. Enter amount to give.
  6. Select options for a recurring transactions, sometimes called “autopay” (i.e., pick the frequency you want a check sent, such as monthly, and whether you want payments to go out automatically or only after you have ok’ed each one on a scheduled basis).
  7. Bank pays us per the schedule the donor has selected, by EFT if their bank is the same or networks with ours, or by mailing a paper check if it doesn’t.  Bank shows the transaction on customer’s statement.

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Our Our CVC code # is: 3032