Gigi — The GREAT Dane

GiGi is doing very well after her eye surgery. I’m also doing well in the “worry” department about paying for her surgery, thanks to the ‘over the top’ generosity of The Mosby Foundation. The words to describe my relief and deep appreciation for your help don’t seem to exist; I can only hope you know and understand. You gave me the freedom to concentrate on my precious girl without the cloud of worry about how I was going to pay for her surgery – a priceless gift!

040Any surgery requiring anesthesia for a 10 (11?) year old Great Dane is risky, as you no doubt know, and it took 12 hours for her to wake up enough to be somewhat mobile again, but she’s done really well today. I wish the attached photos were better. She has just enough vision to see peripheral shadows, and the flash of a camera totally terrifies her, so I took only the two photos. It must be a huge relief for her that the adenomas are no longer rubbing on her cornea every time she moves her eyelids, and also a huge relief for me to know she will no longer be in constant pain when her eyelid has healed.

“Thank you” doesn’t begin to cover my thoughts and feelings, and wish I could reach through this monitor screen to hug each and every Mosby Angel and your sponsors,

Doris Huneycutt