Gimme Shelter Fall 2015

Daisy Torres New Orleans LADaisy – New Orleans, LA

Newly rescued and adopted Daisy was diagnosed with severe glaucoma causing constant pain that the vet described as as “having a daily migraine.” Daisy needed major surgery to remove both of her eyes, and her new mom needed help. They turned to The Mosby Foundation as well as other organizations, and Daisy got her surgery. Now a different dog from the pain-wracked girl adopted a few weeks earlier, Daisy happy and healthy, and loves to sit next to her mom on the couch, being told she’s a great dog, and that she’s loved more and more every day.

Jojo Brzytwa Lake OHJojo “Butter eater” – Lakewood, OH

JoJo is a Lab who was dumped on a street in San Francisco, probably because he had multicentric lymphoma which had spread to his lymph nodes and hind legs. His rescuer adopted him, but he was unemployed and could not afford the chemotherapy JoJo needed. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, JoJo is receiving the needed chemo and is responding very well; his lymph nodes are stable and he has more energy to enjoy his life with his new dad.

Vienna Crain Liberty Hill TXVienna – Liberty Hill, TX

Vienna the Dachshund was found on her new family’s ranch, abandoned with a bb in her back. She recovered quickly and has been a great addition to her family for the last 6 years. A mischievous girl, Vienna gets into trouble constantly! Her latest adventure included climbing two chairs to get to a bottle of Vitamin D, ingesting 18 times the lethal dose. Thankfully, her family got her to the emergency vet in time. With the help of The Mosby Foundation, Vienna was able to get the long treatment necessary to get healthy.

Coconut Shippe St Augustine FLCoconut – St. Augustine, FL

Coconut is an 8 year old Goldendoodle who was diagnosed with lymphoma. Because of our canine cancer treatment grant from the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo, we were able to contribute to Coconut’s treatment. Chemo wasn’t easy for Coconut during her first treatment, but after some adjustment with the meds, she has gained back the weight she lost, and is enjoying days at the beach with her mom and Labradoodle sister, Breeze.

Bear Pierce Villa Ridge ILBear Pierce – Villa Ridge, IL

Bear was found running loose with a broken chain. Despite repeated pleas, no one claimed this handsome boy, so the woman who rescued him decided that he would make the perfect playmate for her three young sons. Bear was taken to the vet for a check-up, and was diagnosed as heartworm positive. The Mosby Foundation was able to help his family with his heartworm treatment so that he can run and play with his three best friends in his new forever home.

Dipsie Chaves Knoxville TNDipsie – Knoxville, TN

Dipsie had been with her loving family for 12 years when she developed an ear mass that caused chronic ear infections. The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine donated some of her medications and cytology, but she needed to have the mass removed and biopsied. The Mosby Foundation used funds from our Canine Cancer fund to help her grateful family get Dipsie the help she needed, and she has made a full recovery.

Jillian Lizana Baton Rouge LAJillian – Baton Rouge, LA

Jillian was found in a mud puddle with gunshot wounds to her face, feet and abdomen. She was also heartworm positive and full of intestinal parasites, and The Pit Stop Rescue of Baton Rouge asked The Mosby Foundation for help. Jillian is currently in a foster home with other dogs and children to play with, and she is in heaven! Once she finishes her HW treatment, she will be spayed and be ready for adoption.

Ellie Bone Meier Nunnelly TNEllie – Nunnelly, TN

Ellie was rescued from a breeder who called her “worthless” because of a small pink spot on her nose. Ellie found a wonderful new home, but then had an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting. By the time she got to the vet, Ellie’s temperature was very high, her throat was swollen, and she was disoriented and panting. She was treated immediately, but her mom couldn’t pay the vet bill. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Ellie is back with her forever family and has made a full recovery.

Morgan Dresser Rockford MNMorgan, Rockford, MN

Morgan is a 9 year old Golden Retriever who, with a contribution from The Mosby Foundation, recently had surgery to remove some lipomas (benign fatty tumors) that were affecting his mobility. He was pretty sore and wobbly after the surgery, but is doing well now. Morgan and his very relieved mom are taking it easy as his recovery continues.

Onyx Powell2, Yucca Valley, CAOnyx – Yucca Valley, CA

Onyx is a 12 year old Newfie/Lab mix, and is the BIG brother in a household that also has two Pomeranians and a MinPin. Onyx developed a lipoma (benign fatty tumor) that was affecting his walk. His mom asked The Mosby Foundation for help paying for the surgery to remove the lipoma, and thanks to our generous donors, Onyx is now on his way to feeling better and walking with ease.

Duke Runge Carmel INDuke – Carmel, IN

Duke was rescued just hours before he was due to be euthanized, and has grown to be his mom’s best friend. But in April 2015 Duke was diagnosed with two bone dissolving tumors in his face. His mom, a student, contacted The Mosby Foundation for help, and in July Duke had surgery to remove the bulk of the tumors. The surgery went well, and Duke recovered nicely. He began radiation treatment, finishing just in time to move with his mom to the Chicago area.

Snickers Manisco Key Largo FLSnickers – Key Largo, FL

The Mosby Foundation sponsored a Special Fund Drive to help Snickers, who had been suffering from a painful enlarged eye for quite a while. Because of his own medical issues, Snickers’ dad couldn’t afford to pay for the surgery needed to remove the eye. Snickers came through the surgery well, and is on the road to recovery. He and his dad want to thank everyone who donated to make this happen.

Ginger Nicol Mesa AZGinger – Mesa, AZ

Ginger the Beagle’s family got her 10 years ago as a wedding gift. Ginger was so cute and lovable, and quickly became their spoiled little baby. She was a healthy and a happy dog until she developed a tumor on her foot. With help from The Mosby Foundation, she was able to have the tumor removed so that she can run as fast as possible to cuddle with her owners.

Gunner Carlson Charleston SCGunner – Charleston, SC

Gunner, a German Shepherd, was rescued along with another dog after being abandoned in Charleston, SC. Because he was heartworm positive, Gunner’s chances of adoption were slim, so his rescuer, a police officer, decided to adopt him. Now free of heartworms thanks to funds from The Mosby Foundation, Gunner’s tail never stops wagging! He patiently waits at the door for his family to come home and is a loyal companion to the kids. The family sleeps well knowing that Gunner is on watch.

Jacob Hull, Toms Brook, VAJacob – Tom’s Brook, VA

Jacob, a 3 year old Pug/Pomeranian mix, was so tiny when he was found that he could be held in one hand. Jacob needed surgery to remove cysts on both sides of his jaw, and possible reconstruction caused by incomplete bone formation due to the cysts. He also had luxating patellas which needed to be fixed to prevent severe pain and crippling. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Jacob had his surgeries, and with the love and support of his forever family is on his way to recovery.

Quincey Trusssler Williams Bay WIQuincey – Williams Bay, WI

Quincey was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His family took him to the UW Veterinary teaching hospital in Madison, Wisconsin and were told that there was no cure, but it could be treated and Quincey’s life prolonged. Unfortunately, his mom could not afford the cost of treatment, so she asked The Mosby Foundation for help. Now Quincey has more time to spend being spoiled by his loving family.

Nannook Outenreath, Sierra Vista, AZNanook – Sierra Vista, AZ

Nanook is a 10 year old Siberian husky who was part of a litter that had been turned loose behind a fast food restaurant. Nanook had two tumors: one on a back leg and a smaller one on a front paw. Nanook’s mom contacted The Mosby Foundation because she was homeless and unable to afford the veterinary care necessary to treat the tumors. Because of the generosity of our partners at Blue Buffalo and the Petco Foundation, she was able to get Nanook the veterinary care she needed.

Gemma Huff San Antonio TXGemma – San Antonio, TX

Gemma, a 10 year old Sheltie, was diagnosed with oral papillary squamous cell carcinoma, a form of cancer that required surgery. Gemma did quite well after the surgery, and thanks to The Mosby Foundation, she will soon be frolicking with her Sheltie siblings Charm and Clay!

Rose – Roanoke, VA

Pretty little Rose was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur causing congestive heart failure. Her mom was unable to afford the $1500 estimate from the vet for her treatment, so she reached out to The Mosby Foundation for help. Because of our generous donors, we were able to help Rose’s family afford the veterinary care that Rose needed to continue to live a long and healthy life.