Gimme Shelter – Fall 2016

annie-hager2-frederick-mdAnnie, Frederick, MD

Annie, an 8 year old German Shepherd, had an anal sac infection with a possible tumor behind the anal gland. Surgery removed the gland and went very well. Thankfully, there was no tumor. Her grateful family says, “Thank you to The Mosby Foundation for making this possible for us. Annie and I are both greatly relieved and very happy.”

tessa-b-kraynak2-mableton-gaTessa, Mableton, GA

Tessa, an 11 year old Basset Hound, had a mass on her torso requiring surgery. The surgery went great, and it was a relief that she had so much extra skin since the mass was so big! Tessa is home and doing very well.

siren-chamness2-oklahoma-city-okSiren, Oklahoma City, OK

Siren, a German Shepherd puppy, had a congenital patent ductus arteriosus,(PDA) meaning that an embryonic hole between the upper chambers of his heart had never closed. This causes shortness of breath and can lead to congestive heart failure. Fortunately, surgery to close this hole is relatively simple, and we were happy to donate to this effort. Following her procedure, Siren acts just like a normal puppy. Adopted by a loving family, she is dearly treasured.

jackson-moyers-norfolk-vaJackson, Norfolk, VA

A former service dog until hit by a car, this 12 year old Beagle/Lab mix, was diagnosed with spindle cell tumor on his thigh. A common tumor, most spindle cells are slow-growing, but do not respond to chemo, so Jackson needed surgery. With financial assistance from us, Jackson had successful surgery removing the entire mass. Jackson is now running and playing like nothing ever happened.

lucy-goethe-padgett-waltersboro-scLucy, Walterboro, SC

This 8 year old hound mix had a mass on her leg that was not shrinking with chemotherapy. The decision to amputate was made and Lucy’s quality of life has improved greatly.


brady-lockhart-garland-txBrady, Garland, TX

A Cocker Spaniel, Brady had a left eye luxation as a result of glaucoma. Enucleation, removal of the eye, was required to stop his pain. His family had underestimated the pain he had been in. Now he is a changed boy, acting like a puppy again!

betty-white-sigmon3-winston-salem-ncBetty White, Winston Salem, NC

A Bulldog, Betty White had squamous cell carcinoma in her lymph nodes. Following surgery to remove the tumor, Betty White is doing very well.

Roxie Valentine McGrath2, Franklinton, LA
Roxie – Franklinton, LA

Roxie is a 1 yr old Boxer who had luxating patellas, a condition where the kneecaps slip out of place, preventing normal knee movement and causing a lot of pain. After her surgery, Roxie did very well, and is on her way to being her normal bouncy, wiggly, energetic Boxer self, with no more limping or pain.

bellarue-stumpf-washington-paBellarue, Washington, PA

Bella Rue is a 12 year old Miniature Schnauzer who needed surgery to remove a tumor on her lung. After surgery, Bella Rue did well and is living the good life in a family with two other dogs, eight cats and a duck! Follow-up testing results are due soon, and everyone hopes that she will prove to be cancer free.

orson-bratly2-reseda-caOrson, Reseda, CA

A retired seeing-eye dog, Orson the German Shepherd has lymphoma, a type of cancer that is not curable but can be treated to allow him to live a longer life with his new family. The treatment is very expensive. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Orson is receiving treatment and making his family happy. He is giving and receiving lots of love and living a wonderful life.

savannah-shipman3-middletown-nySavannah, Middletown, NY

Toy Poodle, Savannah, had rectal polyps that needed to be removed. After being rejected by several other foundations, her person contacted The Mosby Foundation and was ecstatic to receive word that we would help! Now free of the polyps, Savannah is doing very well and is just about back to her old self.

madge-shorter-new-york-nyMadge, New York, NY

Madge, a Cocker Spaniel had several mammary tumors. Because her person is in a nursing home temporarily, Madge is being fostered by friends who care a lot about both of them. Although Madge needed two surgeries to remove all the tumors, she is now doing great and is just waiting to be reunited with her person. Madge and her foster family say, “Thank you to The Mosby Foundation and all your donors for all of your help.”

sally-folkers-cedar-falls-iaSally, Cedar Falls, IA

This 11 years old Golden Retriever had a cancerous mass on her shoulder. During surgery, the vet got good clear margins and feels very good about the prognosis. Hugs and doggie kisses to The Mosby Foundation from Sally and her grateful family.

willow-bentley2-tacoma-waWillow, Tacoma, WA

Foxtails, a grass-like weed, were plaguing Willow, a young Pit Bull/Border Collie mix. Embedded foxtails can burrow into the lungs, brain or spine and lead to death in a dog. Obviously the foxtails needed to be removed and we were happy to be able to contribute to this procedure. Willow is now doing very well, and watching out for foxtails!

sam-engels-huntington-beach-caSam, Huntington Beach, CA

A Rat Terrier mix, Sam is 6 years old and had bilateral cherry eye, which is actually a prolapse of the third eyelid. While it results in the eye protruding and is unsightly, it can also become very uncomfortable, and can lead to scratching of the eyes and then infection or bleeding. After surgery to repair the cherry eyes, Sam is back to his feisty self. His family says, “Thank you to The Mosby Foundation and your donors. Our boy is back.”

rocky-nelson-newport-ncRocky, NewPort, NC

Rocky, a 1 year old Plott Hound, was found abandoned by the side of the road, apparently hit by a car and left to die. He had a fractured knee. The local SPCA waited for him to be claimed, but no one seemed to be looking for Rocky. After 5 days, they released him for adoption. The man who had found him on the road looked into Rocky’s eyes and immediately adopted him. With our help, Rocky’s knee was repaired and now Rocky and his dad are inseparable.

haven-morris-sulphur-laHaven, Sulphur, LA

The five year old mixed breed, needed ACL surgery. An active girl, Haven is once again running and playing after her corrective surgery. Her dad thanks The Mosby Foundation and the kind vet for helping him get his girl back to being active without pain.

marley-roney2-lebanon-tnMarley, Hermitage, TN

This two year old Yorkiepoo was diagnosed with blastomycosis and histoplasmosis, both caused by inhaling fungus spores commonly found in the soil around lakes and rivers. Fortunately, they were treatable with medications. The Mosby Foundation contributed and now Marley is doing much better. His proud mama is very excited about his recovery progress.

mitz-avery-cleveland-ohMitz, Cleveland, OH

Mitz is a very excitable Chihuahua/Min Pin mix who leapt from her person’s arms and fractured her forelimb. The Mosby Foundation helped with the surgery. Now healed, Mitz is back to running and playing and being her old self. Her person has learned to hold her tighter so she can’t jump down!