Gimme Shelter Spring 2015

Ariel Erickson2, Lake Mary, FLAriel – Lake Mary, FL

A 9 year old Labrador retriever mix, Ariel was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer called a spindle cell sarcoma. These tumors are very invasive, so Ariel’s veterinarian advised surgery and follow-up chemotherapy to improve her chances for a cure. The Mosby Foundation used our Canine Cancer Fund to make a contribution toward the cost of Ariel’s cancer treatment.

Billy Erden presurgery 020915Billy – Benson, AZ

A rescue organization contacted The Mosby Foundation for help with one of their rescue pups. Ten year old Chihuahua Billy had been treated for a fracture in his right front leg, but after the leg failed to heal, it was determined that he would need the limb amputated to relieve his pain. The Mosby Foundation contributed to the cost of his surgery, and we are pleased to report that he is happily bouncing around on 3 legs now. Unfortunately, the biopsy showed an aggressive cancer in the bone that might show up again, but for now he is pain-free and enjoying life.

Camo Daum3, Camden, NCCamo – Camden, NC

Camo, a 4 year old Great Dane, tore the cruciate ligament in his knee and needed surgery to stabilize the joint. The Mosby Foundation contributed a portion of his surgery fee and we hope he will be back on all 4 paws soon!

Coco Terry3, Silver Springs, MDCoco – Silver Springs, MD

A 10 year-old Shetland Sheepdog, Coco needed surgery to remove painful bladder stones and to have her teeth cleaned. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward to cost of Coco’s bladder surgery and dental procedure.

Little Man Green, Holly, MILittleMan – Holly, MI

An approximately 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier mix, LittleMan was found wandering the streets as a stray. LittleMan’s rescuer to him to the veterinarian, where he was found to have a severely damaged left eye that would need to be removed, and he also needed to be neutered. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the cost of LittleMan’s surgeries, and we hope he has a long and happy life with his new family.

Willi Karten3Willie – Key Largo, FL

Willie’s human companion contacted The Mosby Foundation for assistance when the 7 year old Miniature Dachshund was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid gland. Willie also had evidence of cancer spread to his lungs, so the specialist advised a combination of chemotherapy and radiation treatments to extend Willie’s life. We used our Canine Cancer Fund to pay for one of Willie’s treatments.

Rosie Davidson, Cooperstown, MYRosie – Cooperstown, NY

A 6 year-old Brittany-Pit Bull Terrier mix, Rosie needed surgery to treat a painful bulging intervertebral disc in her neck. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the cost of her surgery, and we wish Rosie a full and speedy recovery.

Sammy Kramer3, Michigantown, INSammy – Michigantown, IN

Poor Sammy was severely attacked by a wild animal,  probably a coyote. The 8 year old Shiba Inu survived the initial attack, but after 11 days in intensive care, he was still not healed enough to go home. Sammy’s family could no longer afford to keep him in the hospital, yet he was not well enough to go home, so they were faced with making the decision to euthanize him if they could not raise more funds for continued treatment. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward Sammy’s hospital care, and we hope he stays very close to home and away from dangerous wildlife!

Isabella George, Cottageville, SCIsabella – Cottageville, SC

Isabella’s family contacted The Mosby Foundation for assistance when the 6 year old Shepherd mix needed surgery for a ruptured cruciate ligament in her left knee. We made a contribution toward the cost of her surgery, and we wish her a full recovery.

Blitz Crews2, Bridgewater, VABlitz – Bridgewater, VA

At only 6 weeks old, little Blitz vomited every time he tried to eat. An otherwise happy Australian Cattle Dog puppy, Blitz was diagnosed with a birth defect called a Vascular Ring Anomaly – a blood vessel near his heart grew around his esophagus, making it impossible for him to eat solid food. His esophagus was just too narrow, and he would need surgery to free up his esophagus and allow him the chance to grow into a normal puppy. He was referred to the Teaching Hospital at Virginia Tech College of Veterinary Medicine for surgery, and The Mosby Foundation paid a portion of his surgery fee.

Stella Fuller2, Woodstock, GAStella – Woodstock, GA

Stella’s family applied to The Mosby Foundation for assistance when the 3 year-old Hound mix was diagnosed with a benign, but invasive, tumor in her lower jaw. The tumor had already disrupted several teeth, which would need to be extracted when the tumor was removed. We donated a portion of Stella’s surgery fee, and we wish her a speedy recovery and excellent prognosis.

Snoopy Long, Oklahoma City, OKSnoopy – Oklahoma City, OK

Poor Snoopy was suffering from a painful injured hip for several days after the 1.5 year old mixed breed dog was hit by a car. When Snoopy’s owner contacted The Mosby Foundation for help, we agreed to pay a portion of the treatment cost for Snoopy to have the injury diagnosed and treated. Radiographs showed a dislocated hip and after so many days, the only option was to surgically remove the dislocated ball part of the hip joint to relieve Snoopy’s pain and allow her to use her leg normally again.