Gimme Shelter Spring 2016

Henry Green, North Charleston, SCHenry – North Charleston, SC

Henry’s mom went looking for the smallest puppy at the local animal shelter, but she came home with Henry! A Mastiff mix, Henry was diagnosed with mast cell tumors, but thanks to our great partners at Blue Buffalo and Petco, Henry will soon be able to have his tumors removed.

Sky Flipping, Galloway, NJSky – Tinton Falls, NJ

Sky is a beautiful 9 year old Siberian Husky who is a much-loved service dog for her guardian, Angelia. Sky had bilateral cataracts when Angelia came to us for assistance with the cost of surgery. With the help of The Mosby Foundation’s donors, Sky got her surgery, and her vet has given her a 90% chance of restoring her sight. We all hope Sky is back at work very soon!

Obie Nease, Woodbridge, VAObie – Woodbridge, VA

When Obie was adopted, he had a limp, and one day he just screamed and fell down. He was diagnosed with a luxating patella, which means that his kneecap slipped out of place. Obie’s mom has medical problems herself, and could not afford Obie’s expensive surgery. The Mosby Foundation referred her to a low cost clinic, and with help from our donors, Obie was able to get the surgery he needed to be able to walk alongside his mom for many years to come.

Buster Palcsik2, Middlefield, OHBuster Brown – Middlefield, OH

Buster Brown is an 11 month old Great Pyrenees diagnosed with osteochondritis in both shoulders. A cartilage problem primarily seen in young male large or giant breed dogs, without surgery, Buster would surely become lame. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Buster Brown’s surgery is scheduled for this spring.

Simba Van Zyl4, Plam Harbor, FLSimba – Palmdale, CA

Simba is a 3 year old male Shiba Inu mix who was found as a stray three years ago. A broken tooth was causing him pain and discomfort, but his family’s home had been destroyed in a fire, and they were living in a motel and unable to afford the care that Simba needed. The Mosby Foundation and Red Rover combined forces and were able to finance his tooth removal.

Trudy Langlois4, Woodstock, CTTrudy – Woodstock, CT

Trudy is a 10 year old Shih Tzu whose fur was so matted when she was rescued that she was unable to walk properly. Trudy also had glaucoma that was so severe that it could only be compared to a constant migraine. Once her eye is removed, our hope is for a spring filled with joyful walks and long naps.

Bear Selimos2, Gainesville, FLBear – Gainesville, FL

Bear’s dad is a part-time student who got Bear from a friend. At his first vet visit, Bear was found to have severe gingivitis, a mass on his eyelid and heartworms. Bear’s dad sold his own blood plasma to help pay for some of the vet care that Bear needed, but reached out to us for help with the heartworm treatment. Bear will be started on a course of antibiotics followed by two injections of Melarsomine, which will kill the adult heartworms.

Zoey Hale5, Fuquay Varina, NCZoey – Varina, NC

When Zoey’s mom went to the shelter 5 years ago she was looking for anything but a Pit Bull mix, but then she saw Zoey. A Pit Bull mix, Zoey was baking in a cage with three other dogs, and was clearly sick. Despite her initial misgivings, Zoey’s mom felt that Zoey was “the one.” When Zoey developed a mass on her foot, her mom reached out to The Mosby Foundation for help. Thanks to Petco and Blue Buffalo, the love affair between Zoey and her mom can continue.

Rudy Crews3, Richmond, VARudy – Richmond, VA

Rudy, a 10 year old Chihuahua mix, was a rescue dog who had been confined to a crate for most of his life, because his previous family said he barked too much. His new mom adopted Rudy 1 1/2 years ago, and he has become her beloved companion and “a real blessing” in her life. Rudy had severe bladder stones when his mom, who is disabled and mostly bedridden, asked us for help to pay for surgery. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Rudy is happy and healthy once again.

Swamper Allgood, Mocksville, NCSwamper – Mocksville, NC

Swamper is a 2 year old Lab mix who had a large ranula (a cyst-type growth) under his tongue. Because of the size and location of the ranula, Swampers was referred to a specialty clinic; however, his mom decided to have the surgery at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, because the vet school is less expensive. We wish Swamper a speedy recovery.

Bear Pierce2, Villa Ridge, ILBear – Villa Ridge, Illinois

Bear was found running loose with a broken chain. Despite repeated pleas, no one claimed this handsome boy, so the woman who rescued him decided that he would make the perfect playmate for her three young sons. Bear was taken to the vet for a check-up, and was diagnosed as heartworm positive. The Mosby Foundation was able to help his family with treatment so that he can run and play with his three best friends in his new forever home.