Gimme Shelter – Summer 2016

Rocky Osbahr, Barnegat, NJ
Rocky – Barnegat, NJ

Rocky is an 8 yr old Chihuahua from NJ. Because his surgery was done at a hospital two hours’ drive from his family, they stayed with him throughout the surgery, which went very well. His family is so grateful to The Mosby Foundation for helping their boy.

Millie Poling, Fort Lauderdale, FLMillie – Fort Lauderdale, FL

A 5 yr old German Shepherd from Ft Lauderdale, FL, Millie has only three legs and uses a cart sometimes, but she is very active. Now, however, she needs ACL surgery. The Mosby Foundation has contributed toward Millie’s surgery, and her mom is now working to get the rest of the funding.

Maggie Booker2, Taylorsville, IL
Maggie – Taylorsville, IL

Maggie, a 2 year old Pit Bull from Taylorsville, IL, had chronic ear infections that made her miserable. In May she underwent a lateral ear resection, and is now able to live a much happier life. Fortunately for Maggie’s family, the vet also trimmed her nails, which normally requires five people to do!

Hershey Noble, Grand Rapids, MI
Hershey – Grand Rapids, MI

Hershey is a 13 yr old Pointer/Lab mix from Grand Rapids, MI who had a malignant melanoma behind his eye. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, he received surgery, which successfully removed the tumor. Hershey had lost some weight, but his grateful mom is fattening him up again, and says she and the vet are very happy with the outcome.

Cedric Tello2, Lancaster, CA
Cedric – Lancaster, CA

Cedric, an 8 yr old Pit Bull, was an unexpected addition to his mom’s life when her son moved out and left Cedric. Initially uncertain about taking care of him herself, Cedric’s mom now calls him the love of her life and her only companion. When this gentle boy developed a large growth in his armpit that was very uncomfortable, his mom turned to The Mosby Foundation for help paying for surgery to remove the growth.

Tinks Dunn, Levittown, PA2
Tinks – Levitown, PA

Little Tinks, an 11 year old Toy Fox Terrier, had a mass on her paw causing her a lot of discomfort and pain. Thanks to our donors, surgery to remove the mass was performed on 4-13-16. Tinks is feeling so much better now and is able to romp and play with her “sister” without any pain. Her owner was extremely appreciative of the help we were able to offer.

Buggie St. Laurent,
Buggie – Candia, NH

A 12 yr old Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix) from NH, little Buggie had tumors in his mouth and two legs. The Mosby Foundation helped with the cost of his successful surgery, and Buggie and his mom are back to their normal lives again.

Roxie Valentine McGrath2, Franklinton, LA
Roxie – Franklinton, LA

Roxie is a 1 yr old Boxer who had luxating patellas, a condition where the kneecaps slip out of place, preventing normal knee movement and causing a lot of pain. After her surgery, Roxie did very well, and is on her way to being her normal bouncy, wiggly, energetic Boxer self, with no more limping or pain.

Rocky Manderson2, East Point, GA
Rocky Manderson – East Point, GA

A 4 yr old Pit Bull, Rocky had bilateral entropion, meaning that his eyelids turned inward, making his eyelashes scrape on his corneas, causing constant discomfort. The irritation can also lead to loss of vision. The Mosby Foundation helped pay for his surgery, and his family is so grateful for his relief.

Otto Bragg, Fort Lee, VA
Otto – Fort Lee, VA

Otto is a 2 yr old Malinois/Shepherd mix. Neglected and abused in his previous home, Otto was adopted from a shelter and then found to have heartworms. His new mom and dad, both Army MPs, are stationed in two different states, and Otto lives with his mom in Fort Lee, VA. With our help, he received treatment for the heartworms, and his dad is eager to see how well his boy is doing.

Gambit Moynihan4, Charlottesville, VA
Gambit – Charlottesville, VA

Gambit is a young Jack Russell Terrier mix who was diagnosed with a rare, potentially fatal blood condition caused by a reaction to medication given for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Treatment consists of six months of blood transfusions and steroids. Gambit has begun the therapy and is doing well, although he has a long road ahead. His mom is so happy, and so thankful that The Mosby Foundation was able to help her boy!

Dezzie Kramer, Denver, CODezzie – Denver, CO

Dezzie is a young 8 month old German Shepherd from Denver who was born with two heart malformations that would have severely restricted her activity and could shorten her life. After surgery to correct the issues, Dezzie’s family reports that she is doing beautifully. “My son and I could not bear the thought of losing her. She is an integral member of the family.”

Bella Craver, Shenandoah, VABella – Shenandoah, VA

Bella, a 9 yr old German Shepherd/Whippet mix, has hemangiosarcoma, a type of cancer more common in German Shepherds. Although Bella’s vet has said he cannot help her, the family has not given up on her, and they are exploring treatment options with canine oncologists. Her mom said she will “host the biggest yard sale I’ve ever had” to help with costs if she finds someone who can help her Bella.

Cooper Brinker, North St. Paul, MNCooper – St. Paul, MN

Cooper is a 6 yr old Lab who had aspergillosis, a fungal infection often associated with exposure to hay, grass and dust. After a very rocky post-operative course that lasted almost two weeks, Cooper’s mom reports that he is finally back to his old self, and is full of energy. While it will be a while before the infection is completely gone, the vet says the worst is over and it’s all uphill from here.

Tasha Eggebroten, Grand Rapids, MITasha – Grand Rapids, MI

Tasha, a 9 yr old Goldendoodle, is a service dog. When Tasha developed a mass on her shoulder, the family turned to The Mosby Foundation for help with surgical costs. They say that she is doing great now, and they truly appreciate the assistance.