Gimme Shelter Winter 2015

Brownie Davenport06, Clarkston, GABrownie – Clarkston, GA

A 9 year-old Hound mix, Brownie developed a rapidly growing mass on his right ear. The mass ruptured open and became secondarily infected. Brownie’s veterinarian advised immediate surgery for the best chance of a complete cure. With funding from The Mosby Foundation’s Canine Cancer Fund, Brownie had his surgery and we wish him a full recovery.

Emma Bradshaw2, Valley Village, CAEmma – Valley Village, CA

Emma’s human contacted the Mosby Foundation for assistance when the 12 year old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She had been evaluated at a specialty practice, where the veterinarian advised an intensive chemotherapy regimen to treat Emma’s cancer. With financial assistance from The Mosby Foundation’s Canine Cancer Fund and other organizations, Emma began her chemotherapy treatments, and we wish her a long and happy remission.

Liv Rice, Costa Mesa, CALiv – Costa Mesa, CA

Little Liv, a 5 year old Shih Tzu, tore the cruciate ligament in her knee, and she also suffered from a luxating patella (dislocating kneecap). Liv’s human companion sought assistance from The Mosby Foundation and others, so that Liv could have her painful knee stabilized surgically. We wish her a speedy and complete recovery.

Pumpkin Pi, Concord, CAPumpkin Pi – Concord, CA

Rescued from a shelter at the age of 2 years, Pumpkin Pi’s early life experiences are unknown, but she surely had some kind of severe injury to her ears, which her veterinarian suspects is an old dog-fighting injury. The resulting scar tissue closed up her ear canal and left her susceptible to repeated ear infections. After a year of trying to manage her ear problems with medications, it was clear to Pumpkin Pi’s human that this was not working, and her veterinarian advised ear canal ablation to remove all the damaged tissue and allow the 3 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier to live the rest of her life without the pain of persistent ear infections. The Mosby Foundation sponsored a special fund drive for Pumpkin Pi and thanks to many generous donors, she has had her surgery and is recovering well.

Libby Grisdale, Cheboygen, MILibby – Cheboygen, MI

Shortly after adopting Libby, her new family realized the 5 year old mixed breed had a serious sinus problem. She was very congested all the time and she was sneezing bloody discharge with increasing frequency. After extensive evaluations, Libby was diagnosed with Nasal Aspergillosis – a serious fungal infection in her nose and sinuses. Libby’s new family sought fiinancial assistance to treat her infection, and the Mosby Foundation sponsored a special fund drive for her treatment. Thanks to many generous donors, we were able to help Libby receive treatment, and her family is thrilled that she has responded well to anti-fungal medication, so she did not need surgery. Libby is doing great!

Jenna Brooks, Richmond, VAJenna – Richmond, VA

At only 7 years old, Jenna, an Australian Shepherd, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She needed intensive chemotherapy to get her cancer into remission, which meant a visit to the specialist almost every week for 5 months. Jenna’s human contacted The Mosby Foundation for assistance, and we were able to tap into our Canine Cancer Fund to assist with the cost of Jenna’s chemotherapy treatments. We wish her a successful course of treatment and a long and happy remission.

Bailey Gambini, Manassas, VABailey – Manassas, VA

A small Pit Bull Terrier mix, Bailey’s short life has been full of traumas. She was adopted from a shelter in Florida by a man who turned out to be a drug dealer and dog fighter. Bailey was no fighter, and she ended up back at the shelter with serious injuries from an alleged “wildlife attack”, which placed her in rabies quarantine for 45 days. Fortunately, while Bailey was in quarantine, the previous owner ended up in jail, and he missed his opportunity to appeal to get her back. After her quarantine ended, Bailey was transferred to a foster home in Virginia. Bailey’s new foster mom soon discovered that Bailey was infected with heartworms, so now the not quite 2 year old dog needed more veterinary care. Unprepared for the medical costs of treating heartworm infection, Bailey’s new foster mom reached out to The Mosby Foundation for assistance. We made a contribution toward her treatment, and we wish this poor sweet girl finds a loving forever home – and a monthly dose of heartworm preventive – very soon.

Isabel Kilgore, Hope Mills, NCIsabel – Hope Mills, NC

Isabel’s human contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when the 6 year old Chihuahua mix developed Lymphoma. Once again, we tapped into our Canine Cancer Fund to help a sweet pooch receive the necessary chemotherapy to put her cancer into remission. We wish her a successful treatment and long remission.

Kismet Guida, Mineola, NYKismet – Mineola, NY

A 5 year old Labrador Retriever mix, Kismet had a mass removed from her left ear, which appeared to be benign and completely removed. Three months later, though, the mass had recurred and a specialist diagnosed Kismet with a much more aggressive and potentially malignant kind of cancer. The treatment plan included several doses of radiation, and when Kismet’s human asked us for help, The Mosby Foundation used our Canine Cancer Funds to pay for a portion of Kismet’s radiation therapy. As of mid-December, Kismet was responding well to treatment and feeling great!

Oscar Patterson3, Ridgefield, WAOscar – Ridgefield, WA

A 5 year old Boxer, Oscar developed a nasty growth that his veterinarian diagnosed as a Mast Cell Tumor. This is a common skin cancer in young dogs and it can often be successfully cured with aggressive surgery. When Oscar’s human approached The Mosby Foundation for assistance, we were able to use our Canine Cancer Fund to contribute toward Oscar’s surgery fee. We wish Oscar a speedy recovery and we hope he has an excellent prognosis.

Angel Jones3, Evansville, INAngel – Evansville, IN

Angel’s human appealed to The Mosby Foundation for help when the 9 year old American Eskimo Dog was diagnosed with a mass on his liver. Angel had 3 episodes of extreme lethargy, suspected to be due to the liver mass bleeding. Angel needed an abdominal exploratory for definitive diagnosis and hopefully removal of the mass. We used our Canine Cancer Fund to pay for a portion of Angel’s surgery fee. We are happy to report that Angel had the liver mass removed and is doing well, even though the mass was diagnosed as potentially malignant. We hope that the clean surgical margins means that Angel is truly cancer-free.

 Koosman Moss, Phoenix, AZKoosman – Phoenix, AZ

Poor Koosman needed surgery to remove painful bladder stones. His human applied to The Mosby Foundation for help, and we made a contribution toward the cost of surgery for the 6 year old Cockapoo.

Barkley Rodriguez2, Wawkesha, WIBarkley – Waukesha, WI

A 16 month old American Bulldog, Barkley developed painful entropion – a condition where the eyelids roll in and eyelashes and hairs can touch the eye surface causing severe irritation. Barkley’s veterinarian was hopeful that a temporary eyelid tacking procedure would allow his eyes to heal, and a more extensive eyelid revision surgery might not be needed. The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward Barkley’s surgery fee, and we hope he has long-lasting relief without more surgery!

Mikey Rubino, Antioch, TNMikey – Antioch, TN

When Mikey had emergency surgery to remove chicken bones, the veterinary surgeon found mass lesions on his spleen and liver. Mikey’s veterinarian advised additional surgery to remove the 13 year old Labrador Retriever mix’s spleen and the liver mass. The Mosby Foundation contributed a portion of the surgery fee, and we wish Mikey a speedy recovery and favorable biopsy reports!

Scout Craven3, Kelseyville, CAScout – Kelseyville, CA

Scout’s human contacted The Mosby Foundation for help when the 8 year old Beagle was diagnosed with a mass on his spleen. We tapped into our Canine Cancer Fund to help with the cost of Scout’s surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery and a favorable prognosis.

Kodi Bear Bossow3, Volo, ILKodi Bear – Volo, IL

Poor Kodi Bear, a 1 year-old miniature Australian Shepherd, was suffering from a painful condition called ectopic cilia, where abnormal eyelashes and hairs form on the eyelids and tissues around the eye. These hairs can cause conjunctivitis and severe ulcers when they rub on the cornea. Kodi Bear needed to be evaluated by an ophthalmologist and these hairs would need to be surgically removed to relieve his discomfort and preserve normal vision. With assistance from The Mosby Foundation, Kodi was able to have his surgery – we wish him a full recovery and normal pain-free sight!