Gimme Shelter Winter 2016

Zeke Willing Martin, Portland, ORZeke – Portland, OR

Zeke is a 10 year old Golden Retriever who had a mass on his right front paw. We are happy to report that Zeke had surgery, thanks to The Mosby Foundation, and the mass was not malignant. He did have a toe removed, but he is recovering well and is already walking better than expected. He’s really doing great, but he HATES the E-collar!

Koda Vongphrachanh2, Memphis, TNKodaMemphis, TN

A 2 year old Siberian Husky, Koda was running loose for two months before his new family decided that he needed to live with them. During his first vet visit they discovered that Koda was heartworm positive. He received the first of two heartworm treatments but his owners could not afford the second injection. With help from The Mosby Foundation, Koda will receive his next treatment right before Christmas.

Miley Strakey, Waynesboro, VAMileyWaynesboro, VA

Miley is a seven year old Lab mix who is the service dog for an autistic boy. When Miley was diagnosed with a tumor on her leg, getting her surgery was a top priority, but the family could not afford it. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, not only did Miley get her tumor removed, but she also had a split tooth removed. She came through her surgery with flying colors, and is now on her way to recovery.

Mr. Biggs Ivery, Riverdale, GAMr. BiggsGrayson, GA

Mr. Biggs, a 2 year old American Bulldog, was put out of his family’s home to run loose. Picked up as a stray, his microchip was read and his family contacted. Sadly, his former mom said that she set Mr. Biggs loose rather than see him continue in their current abusive home situation. Mr. Biggs was quickly adopted but then found to have heartworms. He is currently undergoing treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.

Ginger Fisher WAynesboroGingerWaynesboro, VA

Ginger is an 8 year old Dachshund whose dad said that her adoption fee was “the best $50 he ever spent.” When Ginger was diagnosed with gallstones, her family couldn’t afford the needed surgery, so they turned to The Mosby Foundation. On admission to the hospital, Ginger was so ill that the the vet said she only had a few days left to live. Ginger’s surgery was a success, and she will be able to give her disabled parents many more years of love and companionship.

Angel Prince3, Fairmont, WVAngel – Fairmont, WV

Angel is a 9 year old Maltese who had several growing mammary tumors, causing difficulty with urination and bowel movements. In addition, neither Angel nor her sisters were spayed. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Angel had surgery to remove her tumors, and she and her two sisters were spayed.

Fiasco Baldwin2, Georgetown, TXFiasco – Georgetown, TX

Fiasco is a 7 year old Mastiff/Pit Bull mix diagnosed with a tumor of the right mandible (lower jaw). Fiasco’s dad was able to afford the surgery, but needed help with chemotherapy. We were happy to be able to help, and  Fiasco received his first chemo treatment in early November. He tolerated the treatment well with minimal side effects, and we wish him total remission of the cancer.

Kizzy NagelKizzy – New Orleans, LA

Kizzy was born to a fighting-dog breeder, but didn’t have the temperament to fight, so she was dumped at a cafe. She was  then taken home by a young man who loved her, but never cared for her properly. Kizzy ran away and was hit by a car, which broke her leg at the hip. Untreated, her leg withered, and she developed a severe limp. In September, Kizzy was rehomed and finally given vet care. The Mosby Foundation helped pay for a surgical procedure, and soon she will be pain free and able to use her back right leg again!

Troublez Carr, Beaverton, ORTroublez – Beaverton, OR

Troublez is a 12 year old Mini Schnauzer who is genetically predisposed to periodontal disease. She only had eight teeth, but four needed to be removed. The infected teeth, besides impacting Troublez’ quality of life, could be dangerous to her heart because she has a murmur. Troublez‘ mom is disabled and depends on Troublez to be her comfort dog. As soon she got the good  news that our  Foundation would help  with the extractions, she scheduled the surgery.

Max Btonx NYMax – Bronx, NY

Max was diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma and needed chemo. His mom couldn’t afford the treatments and feared that the only alternative was euthanasia, but decided that there was no way she was going to let her companion, her friend and a member of her family go without a fight. She found a temporary solution to pay for a few treatments while she looked for other funding. She then  turned to The Mosby Foundation for help.  Thanks to the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo providing us with a canine cancer treatment grant,  Max is now undergoing chemo and expected to make a full recovery.

Tara Salemi, Bradenton, FLTaraBradenton, FL

Tara was diagnosed with a cardiac chemodectoma, which is a rare benign tumor that can grow large enough to stop the heart from beating. Her dad, who is blind, researched and found that this type of tumor responds well to a form of radiation that is very precise. Tara only needed three treatments, but this type of radiation was only available in NC. Tara and her Dad traveled from FL to NC where she received the treatment she needed.

Digame Jones Phoenix AZDigamePhoenix, AZ

Digame is an 11 year old SharPei mix diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on his inner left thigh. Although first it was thought that amputation would be necessary, after treatment which helped to reduce the swelling, the mass was surgically removed safely without the need to amputate the leg. Surgery was performed three days before Christmas and Digame is recovering at home with his grateful family.

Lulu Jorgensen4, Jacksonville, ORLuluJacksonville, OR

Lulu was adopted from the Southern Oregon Humane Society and was recently diagnosed with a corneal dermoid cyst, which is a mass in the eye which causes irritation and which left untreated can cause blindness. The treatment for this condition is a keratectomy to remove the abnormal corneal tissue. Lulu received her treatment in early December and is seeing the world clearly through eyes that are no longer irritated.

Hook Slater, Las Vegas, NVHookLas Vegas, Nevada

Hook is a four year old Chihuahua that was adopted from the Animal Foundation of Las Vegas.  Hook’s mom was able to afford the $30 adoption fee but the other requirement for adoption was that Hook must have his teeth cleaned within 30 days of adoption.  Thanks to our generous donors, Hook will be flashing his pearly whites during the holiday season.

Autumn Forbing, Bay City, MIAutumnBay City, MI

Autumn is a ten year old Golden Retriever diagnosed with cellulitis of the tail and initially treated with medication. Unfortunately, the tail became necrotic and amputation was recommended. Autumn was in considerable pain after surgery but is responding well, soaking up a lot of love and attention as she makes full recovery.

Obie Nease Woodbridge VAObieWoodbridge, VA

Obie was adopted by his forever mom during a “clear the shelter day” at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.  Obie’s mom noticed that Obie had a limp from the time she adopted him, but one day Obie got up to follow her to the kitchen and he screamed out and fell down.  He was diagnosed with a luxating patella , which means that his “knee” got stuck out of place. 

Obie’s mom has rheumatoid arthritis and epilepsy and was unable to cover the costs of this expensive orthopedic surgery.  While the original estimate was $3000, the staff at The Mosby Foundation directed her to a low cost clinic in Richmond which routinely performs this surgery for $995. 

With help from our donors Obie was able to get the surgery he needed to be able to walk alongside his mom for many years to come.

Simba Miller Palmdale CASimbaPalmdale, CA

Simba is a 3 year old male shiba inu mix who was found as a stray three years ago.  Simba had a broken tooth that was causing her pain and discomfort.  Simba’s family had a fire that destroyed their home and they were living in a hotel, unable to afford the care that Simba needed.  The Mosby Foundation and Red Rover combined forces and were able to finance his tooth removal. 

cora nacman webster ncCoraWebster NC

In early 2006 Cora’s forever mom visited the Athens-Clarke County Animal Control dog shelter with the intent to just visit with the dogs. During her visit she met Cora.  Her mom says Cora “was adorable…really adorable. Like overwhelming puppy cuteness that is almost too hard to handle”.    However, Cora’s mom didn’t want to fall just for a puppy…she wanted to be a “responsible rescuer” that gave the older dogs a chance too. However, when they brought Cora into a big play area her mom “saw something in Cora that I see in myself;  a young and beautiful being with great fierceness on the outside yet love and fear on the inside. I still see so many characteristics in her that I see in myself, most notably her fierce loyalty and love of nature. “

Cora’s mom calls Cora her copilot because she is always by her side.  She has been with her mom through many life events and different phases, from Athens, Georgia to Rochester, New York and now Western NC, with different people, places, and preferences along the way, Cora has been her mom’s constant. Her mom has struggled with mental and emotional wellbeing throughout her life and Cora has helped her immensely. More recently Cora’s mom has been battling health issues that gradually left her unable to work, and unfortunately Cora’s health came under attack around the same time. The fear and panic that her guardian could not financially care for Cora was profound. Luckily, Cora’s mom was told about The Mosby Foundation and we agreed to help pay for Cora’s surgery.

Cora’s surgery went very well. Her surgeon said that the mass was well encapsulated and was removed quite easily, but he emphasized the importance of removing such a large growth in such a spatially sensitive area (especially at the rate it had been growing). Cora felt great after coming home from her short hospital stay and it was tough to keep her calm – especially because her mom was thrilled to see her feeling so well! The next week her surgeon called to report the pathology results were in and they were good: the mass was only a lipoma – nothing malignant.

Cora continues to thrive and she and her forever mom continue to enjoy their days together.

anna chamberlain dale city vaAnna – Dale City, VA

Anna is a 4 year old Boxer that had been brought to a local park by her previous owner and left there tied to a bench.  She ended up at a shelter in Northern Virginia.  She was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in her stomach.  Although her Vet says that she is “the poster dog for good chemotherapy results” her owner was struggling with the overwhelming cost of her chemotherapy and contacted The Mosby Foundation for help.  Anna had lost a lot of weight but is now slowly regaining her strength and is able to run around a little and play catch with her grateful owner.

maggie Thompson frederick mdMaggieFrederick, MD

Maggie is a 19 month old Labrador Retriever whose mom is a disabled Air Force veteran.  Maggie was diagnosed with Lymphoma and needed the 22 week CHOP Protocol.  When told of The Mosby Foundation grant to help Maggie, her mom broke down in tears in the grocery store.  Thanks to our generous partners at Petco and Blue Buffalo, Maggie is currently getting the treatment she needs in order to go into remission.

Dollar An Los Angeles CADollarLos Angeles, CA

Dollar is a 4 year old mixed breed purchased from a Breeder.  Dollar was diagnosed with Lymphoma stage III-IVa with enlargement of multiple lymph nodes on both sides of his diaphragm with possible liver and spleen involvement.  His prognosis was poor without treatment and his guardian was unable to afford the chemotherapy regimen needed to keep him alive.  Because of generous grants from  Blue Buffalo and Petco Dollar is currently undergoing Prednisone and Cyclophosphamide chemotherapy.