Dear Mosby Foundation,

We’d like to thank-you for your donation to Donnie & Dora Fisher, toward Ginger’s surgery. I can’t express all of our gratitude enough. She had her surgery yesterday evening, and is back at home recovering, & doing well. I helped them with a few names and numbers for helping, and you guys were the only ones to come through. I got the shock of seeing what was inside that poor little 15 lb. dog today, and I’m still in shock! I don’t know how she survived, and the vet said she was down to only a few days left, but thanks to you all, she’ll be hereGinger Fisher, Stones, Waynesboro, VA another 8 years to give my disabled parent joy and companionship! You all rock, I can’t express enough what this meant or how grateful we are. Your foundation is a true blessing and in a time where its sometimes difficult to see the good in the world, the Mosby foundation shined!!! You certainly saved this dogs life, and years of grieving by my parents. I’d like to know what people can do to help you all keep helping others like this, and I’m certainly gonna spread the word for other to donate to y’all, as you all are certain as deserving of an organization as any and a real class act.

I attached 2 pictures with this message, 1 of ginger a couple days before her surgery, and 1 of the “boulders” or stones that was inside of her. I know you’ve probably seen things like this before, but I was, and am still in shock by the size, and amount of stones inside this little dog! It’s amazing to me she survived. I’ll end this by just saying again, thank-you all so much, it means more than you could imagine!