Dear Mosby,
I just wanted to reach out again and thank you for the grant you gave us last August. It was so incredibly generous and sweet and I will forever be grateful.

Gobi FallI just wanted to let you know that Gobi passed on April 7th…exactly 8 months after diagnosis. We had 8 spectacular months with him doing all the things he loves…hiking, swimming, cuddling, and lots of playing… and I will forever cherish that extra time we had with him.

Thank you again for all that you are doing to help others in need. And most of all, just thank you for listening to me that day when we chatted. He was my very best friend and I am absolutely devastated, but it feels so good knowing that there are caring people like you and the rest of the folks at the Mosby Foundation. I can’t thank you enough.

Forever Grateful,

Lana…Gobi’s mom
Verona, WI