Update On Hachi………..this is the little dog that couldn’t hold himself up to even eat!  We thank all of you that helped fund his surgery……….you are simply the BEST!


Hi All, I am sorry I did not send an update last night. We had a lonnnnggg drive there…. what should have taken 2-hrs took us 4. The best part was seeing my little boy, they brought him in laying on his back in the students arms. He flipped his whole body when he heard my voice, the best moment ever-priceless…

Our drive home went much better than the drive there– 2hrs. Hachi did well in the carrier, we got home gave his meds & he fell asleep he was very tired.

This morning he took his medication well with no signs of pain. He ate breakfast, drank lots of water & pottied without paws giving in & falling,. His posture is a little wobbly because he’s still weak from surgery but so HAPPY to finally see this moment.

We will return in 3 wks for follow up, until then he is on STRICT bed rest. They need as much tissue as possible around pins & bone cement for added stability- resting helps.

I wanted to share the xray after surgery. This was taken to make sure they were all in place & aligned. Dr. Winger will send me an xray before surgery on Monday, once received I will share with you.

This is awesome…. These are pix of a custom neck brace made for Hachi so I can put on when he is taken out to potty for support.


Hello, Hatchi was in some pain last night & feeling a little nauseous so no solids. This morning he ate solids, did very well & kept down… Was carried out to potty & then put down, he shook his little body & off he wen,t did his business & NO FALLING… UC Davis is unbelievably AMAZING!!! If he continues to do well today he will be able to come home tomorrow but will be in a neck brace to support his neck until early next week when he returns to see the Dr…

God is great & so are ALL of you we would never had been able to do this without everyone’s help & prayers. Thank You for caring & Loving my little boy…

UPDATE 11-6-14
Hachi’s vet checking on him. So cute!


UPDATE 11-5-14

Hachi is out of surgery & doing well, a little difficult time breathing going to be put in ICU for close observation… They placed bone cement & 8 screws way more than they anticipated. We were not able to see him that the Dr did not want him to get excited especially having some difficulty breathing. She did take this picture for me- to see him awake made me cry of excitement… Thank You All for all the donations, prayers & love for my little boy- my family is forever in debt with The Mosby Foundation… You all have given my baby a 2nd chance at life…

UPDATE 11-4-14

Good Morning… Hachi was admitted yesterday, one of the hardest things to do. I received a call last night all labs look good, his liver is a little large which they believe it due to the Prednisone but functioning great. Dr mentioned from when we left about 15 others have given Hachi tons of kisses & love, they have already fallen in love with him, he has adjusted well.

I am now waiting for the call to let me know MRI has been done & he will be headed into surgery, I am headed over to hospital shortly. Dr said surgery will take several hours due to complexity & area “vertebrae”. Pls pls pls keep Hachi in your prayers & thoughts, I myself have not been able to sleep.

UPDATE 11-3-14
Today is the day we are off to UC Davis with our little boy Hachi. While we sat outside to enjoy a little sun yesterday he decided to pick up his head & just stare at me. It was the most beautiful moment because I honestly can not remember him holding his head on his own. Im sure he was trying to tell me he’s a fighter & everything is going to be ok- he will be in the best of hands… I am still one scared mommy & would like to ask for all your Prayers & to please keep my Hachi in your thoughts… I will keep you posted.

UPDATE 10-27-14
Because we were told my little boy will not be able to sleep with us until completely healed from surgery we decided to pull out our baby’s mini crib, this is where he will sleep after surgery & released from hospital…

UPDATE 10-21-14


My mommy took a pic of me because I personally wanted to say Thank You for helping give me a second chance at what I hear is a pain free doggie life… My groomer has been praying for me, she even came to my home & gave me a free hair cut so after surgery I will not have a heavy coat since mommy & daddy will not be able to brush me. Please THANK all those who donated towards my new journey in life & let them know mommy & daddy will take videos/pix before surgery & after to share with all if you… Woooovvveee for ALL that you have done…

Lucks & Smooches

UPDATE 10-20-14
GREAT NEWS!!!  We have reached the low end of the estimate for surgery thanks to all of our wonderful donors!  We are still keeping the fund drive open because there will be post surgery charges, plus the surgery itself can still cost more depending on how it goes once they begin.
We are so happy for Hachi and will let you know his surgery date once it is set. Again, without your help Hachi would not be getting this surgery at all!