Help for Balin – Solana Beach, CA

Balin Update:  1-30-17 

Hi, Carole! Sorry for long reply, I wanted to do good photos and videos of Balin…

thank you so much for your kindness and wariness. Balin is doing pretty well. Every day we going to a Dog’s beach and he makes his muscles stronger. Two days ago he again handled home stairs, so we proud of him!


Balin Update:  1-3-17 

(Unfortunately Balin was in such bad shape he needed to have surgery immediately.  We were not able to raise the $15,000 to have both hips replaced at the same time, so the funds raised paid for an FHO……….please see the note below from Balin’s Mom)

Happy New year!))

Balin had surgery last Thursday at Specialty Hospital in Sorrento Valley, San Diego. In the end, the doctors decided the best option for him was a 2-sided femoral head resection, FHO. He had both sides affected so badly, that with one-side THRs (Total Hip Replacement) he wouldn’t be able to stand. When they did the surgery, they confirmed this, as he had really bad arthritis. In a good case, this surgery will be sufficient. In the bad case, we might have to return to THR option in a year or so. Cases like this are described in vet literature.

Well, he is home now, pretty weak and on three drugs. He is doing ok though, we have 5-minuted walks three times a day, supporting him with a sling. The surgeon said he’ll improve dramatically over the next few days and we’ll probably do physical therapy so he learns to walk again.

Thank you so much again for your support!)


Please meet Balin, a handsome Bernese Mountain Dog puppy rescued from a terrible breeder in Russia.  This puppy isn’t even a year old and is in need of complete hip replacement surgery on both sides.  The surgeon tells us that with this surgery and proper veterinary care Balin will be able to live a long, healthy, normal dog’s life.  Currently, he is in such pain that he is dragging his feet every step he takes and wearing away the nails and causing severe bleeding.  Maria tells us that Balin is fantastic, smart, loyal, and a great companion.  They consider Balin their other “son.” Unfortunately, his condition is getting worse with him growing and gaining weight.  He can barely walk…………

This family has been terrific, adores this dog, and has worked so hard to raise the funds so badly needed for Balin.

Will you please help Balin walk again?   He is so close to having the life he deserves…………No amount is too small. We need your help to make this possible.