Help for Beau – Eastpoint, FL

Update: 10.13.15

The news for Beau is outstanding and unprecedented!  Last week was a whirlwind!  We arrived in Gainesville on Tuesday for Beau’s pre-op appointment and met with the Cardio team to discuss the procedure, expected outcomes and Beau’s pre-surgery examine.  Wednesday morning the day of Beau’s surgery seemed to come to quickly, as we knew the seriousness of the procedure, but knew it was the only option to reduce Beau’s gradient pressure in his heart and to remove the very small ridge of growth that was causing his Aortic Stenosis and save his life! 

They took Beau back to the Cardio lab, as he was the second in line for surgery that morning.  After a three hour wait the nurse assisting Beau pre and post op care came to get us.  She said that Dr. Estrada wanted to speak with us, but it was not bad news!  When we met with Dr. Estrada she explained to us that the drug therapy treatment that just 3 weeks earlier that they started Beau on to prepare him for surgery had a remarkable effect on Beau’s gradient pressure lowering it a staggering 80 points!  Beau’s gradient pressure in his heart at his first exam was deadly 176!  The gradient pressure should be zero! Dr. Estrada said that never in her practice had she seen a patient where drug therapy treatment had lowered the gradient pressure more than 10-20 points and yet Beau’s came down 80 points! 

Because Beau is responding miraculously to the medication, Dr. Estrada canceled his surgery for now and has marked his case surgery pending!  Dr. Estrada has continued the drug therapy treatment in order to manage his condition for the moment and to see if he will continue to respond with the hope that his pressure will drop even lower.  Beau will revisit the Cardiologist in December for a recheck and I am hoping an praying that his response to drug therapy treatment will continue to be the answer for him.  Thank you for all you and the Mosby Foundation have done for Beau!  I pray that the medication will be a lasting solution for his life threatening disease!

Gabrielle Pine
Eastpoint, FL

I’m truly sorry for two fund drives so close to each other, but the two families and their incredible dogs need serious help.  Beau is a precious 9 month old lab/spaniel/chow mix that lives with his family in Florida.  He has been diagnosed with a very serious heart problem called Severe Sub-Aortic Stenosis which if left untreated will result in heart failure and death. He needs surgery as soon as possible.


Beau loves everyone in his family, but is especially bonded with one of the Pine’s daughters, Grace, who has Down’s Syndrome. He will not leave her side……even when tempted with a treat.  Although not certified, he is definitely her therapy dog.  Grace recently underwent a major surgery and it was during this time that he “adopted” Grace.


Please help us help Beau get the surgery he needs to fix his “broken” heart.  We need to raise $4,500 as quickly as possible.