Help for Dunkin – Clarksville, MD

Little Dunkin is a precious beloved member of a wonderful family and is in dire need of surgery.  Dunkin was born a pseudo hermaphrodite, meaning he has both female and male reproductive organs despite being born a boy.  Because of this he suffers from recurrent life-threatening urinary tract infections.  Dunkin has been through 3 surgeries and numerous rounds of antibiotics. Unfortunately, these approaches have proved to be only a Band-Aid.  His doctors recommend a pre-pubic urethrostomy and are optimistic that this surgery has a 75% chance of success.  Without this surgery Dunkin’s infections will become more and more resistant to antibiotics until they take his life.

Unfortunately Dunkin’s family simply can’t afford this life-saving surgery.  As Aimee tells us, “Dunkin is the happiest and most loving little dog, and we can’t stand the thought of losing him. We are running out of time to save his life, and we really need your help!”