Help for George – Mansfield, TX

Update: 9-30-15

I just wanted to give you an update on George. He is feeling a lot better after his surgery. He still is not back to normal but I think he will be with in a few days. He actually ran outside today and didn’t fall over. We are all so excited to have our George back.
Once again, thank you!

George Landes & family, Manfield, TX

Funding Closed: 9-24-15

This is an amazing story of a family who adopted 10 foster children!  The dad works at a printing company and Mom stays home to home school the children and take care of everything.  They rescued little George, a Chihuahua, after he lost his original home and family in a tornado in Oklahoma.  We love this family as does the vet who cares for their animals.  But George’s ears are a real problem.  So much so that he is staggering and running into everything and this is getting really scary for all the children, not to mention how George feels. 
With surgery he can live a long happy life, but the family simply can’t afford this surgery. 


Please help us help George and his family.  They have helped everyone for so long, and now they need help!


Please share and cross-post. We need to raise $1,060 for George’s surgery