Help for Koda – Catersville, GA

Koda Update: 5/17/16

Koda-5Koda is doing well!  He doesn’t need his vest nearly as much and his wound is healing very well. I still have to do heat compresses to get the excess fluid out. You can see in the pictures Koda is getting his spunk back and were letting him on the couch as long as he uses his doggy stairs lol.

I will continue to send updates and keep in touch. I’m grateful for everything including the support and advice that I’ve received throughout this difficult time. You, everyone at The Mosby Foundation, and all of those wonderful people who donated are a God send to me and my family. I could never thank you enough for all that you’ve done.

Thank you!

Koda Update: 5/3/16


As you can see in the pictures Koda is doing great! His bandage has been off for about a week. He still wears a vest that helps protect him from scratching the incision when I’m not around. I gave in and started letting him on the couch as long as he uses his stairs. He is done with all of his medicine as well.

Koda Update: 4/19/16

We still need to raise $2,297 for his surgery and after care…..

20160414_182324 20160414_181448 20160414_171621Koda had surgery April 12th. Unfortunately the mass had grown and they needed to remove 4 ribs instead of 3. He spent two days in the ICU for pain management. Koda was a big baby. Whenever the vet tech would leave he would whine and as soon as he could see them he would stop. They tried to get him to eat a meatball he took it in his mouth and held it like he was saving it for later. When we pulled in the driveway he perked up knowing he was home. He has been in alot of pain and whines alot looking for attention. He has a 6 week recovery ahead of him! We still need  $2,297! The vet is willing to take payments! This means so much to me and my family all of the help and support you and The Mosby Foundation have given Koda and my family!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


6 Months to 1 Year is all he has without surgery! With surgery he has a good prognosis for a long happy life!

My dog Koda was diagnosed with a malignant Tumor called Chondrosarcoma.

In order to save his life I need to raise money for his surgery. The surgery and his hospitalization is going to cost around $4,500. They need to remove 3 of his ribs and reconstruct with muscle from his abdomen. It is a very serious tumor that will spread if not treated. Koda is my baby and any support will be appreciated!

Koda is a big baby! He lays around with the cats and even gets them to play once in a while. He loves to run and play with other dogs and then when he gets home cuddles on the couch or in the bed. He is spoiled and won’t sleep unless he has his bed. Koda has a long life ahead of him we just need to get him into surgery!

Please help Koda live the life he loves so much.