Help for Luna – Conway, SC


Update 7.22.16

Unfortunately, when Luna went in for her pre-op for surgery, the University of North Carolina Vet school found that Luna had developed several other heart-related issues.  She is no longer a candidate for surgery, however, they believe they can treat her with medicine for another year or two with a quality of good life.  Knowing this gives Luna’s Dad the time he has left with her to cherish every moment.  We will continue to pay for her vet visits and medicine until the vet feels it is time to let her go.  Thanks to all of you who helped her.  She will be spoiled rotten until the very end.

Update 6.28.16

For all of those who contributed…………a giant WOOOO HOOO!
To date we have raised $2,700 of the $4,000 needed towards Luna’s surgery.  The good news is that North Carolina State Veterinary Hospital said they can go ahead and schedule the surgery with those funds.  Luna’s surgery is presently scheduled for 7-12-16.  If you know anyone who might like to contribute to the balance of her her surgery, Luna and her Dad would greatly appreciate it.  In the meantime please keep this sweet young dog in your thoughts and prayers.

Luna needs specialized surgery to repair a genetic heart valve problem. She is only 3 years old, her dad is currently unemployed, and they desperately need our help. We would like to raise $4000 to assist this sweet bond. Anything you can donate, would be greatly appreciated.