Pluto the Pup needs help!

Help Pluto Now!

Hi Folks!

When Pluto was rescued 7 years ago from a strip mine in West Virginia. It was obvious he had been attacked at some point as he had missing pieces from his ears that were bloody and sore. He was diagnosed with a slipped disk three years ago that was treated with medications and physical therapy. Now, Pluto‚Äôs symptoms have returned and he is only responding to high doses of medication. Each time a lower dose is attempted he loses the function of his hind legs and the pain sets in. It has been medically determined that he cannot safely continue the high doses of medication much longer and will need surgery to give him the best possible chance at a successful recovery. 

Time is of the essence! Would you please help Pluto the Pup regain the use of his hind legs and live pain free? He and his family will fur-ever be grateful to get this sweet guy back on his feet again. 

You may donate via PayPal by clicking here or send donations, marked Pluto to P.O. Box 218 Deerfield, VA 24432.

Thank you for your consideration. Your generosity will help this precious guy continue his life mobile and pain-free!