Thank you for helping Logan!!


Thanks to many generous donors, Logan was able to receive his surgery to correct his broken jaw and is at home recovering well!!  We are so very grateful to all of our amazing supporters who came together for Logan in his time of need! Thank you all! 

Here is a note from his mom:

Thank you so much. I couldn’t have saved Logan’s life without the generous help of your foundation and the donors who contributed to his care. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to The Mosby Foundation. 


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Total Needed: $5000.00
Raised: $500.00
Surgery: Plating Procedure to repair a bilateral mandibular fracture (Broken Jaw)

After years of rescue work, one special little boy would come along into Tara’s life, and his name is Logan. Tara is a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor who has lost both parents to cancer and most recently a best friend. Feeling all alone in the world she came across Logan, a mini dachshund that needed to be rehomed after he too lost his mom.  Logan needed Tara as much as she needed him, kindred spirits drawn together by loss and the need to be loved.

Imagine the horror of returning home after a short trip to the store to find that your sweet furbaby is in distress and has a broken jaw! That is what happened to Tara, Logan’s mom.  With no known cause for this freak accident, other than chewing on the door frame after a recent dental extraction, Logan was rushed to his regular vet who immediately referred them to a specialist at Virginia Tech due to the severity of his injury. Two specialists at Tech have determined that Logan’s prognosis is good however it will require a very expensive $5000.00 surgery that his mom simply cannot afford.  At this time Logan is in desperate immediate need of the surgery to allow him the ability to eat and drink normally. 

“Logan has given me a purpose, a reason not to give up despite constant pain and loneliness. Without him, my reason for fighting on would be gone. He’s my lifeline.” 

Will you please help Logan get the help he needs so that he can continue enjoying a happy and healthy life?

Send your donations, marked Logan, to:
The Mosby Foundation
P.O. Box 218
Deerfield, VA 24432

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